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Small Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

There are so many ways to make the world know about your business and the services you offer. From online marketing to activities, the list is endless. However, expos and exhibitions have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to prospect clients in the business world. These exhibitions give you the opportunity to meet not only prospective clients but also other business people from whom you can learn new business ideas and even create alliances that might be of benefit to your business.

However, you cannot achieve your objectives at an expo if you are not well prepared for this event. Most expos take place annually, and this should give you ample time to get ready. We all know that you tend to be more productive when you are well prepared. You cannot pass a test if you don’t study for it.

How to Prepare for an Exhibition

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This is an event where different people are going to huge your business in different aspects. You don’t want to appear like someone who has no clue of what you are doing. The secret is to prepare; trust me, there is no such thing as over-preparation when it comes to events like these. This will help you with even your confidence and how you address the different individuals you will meet. Here are some tips that will help you in your process.

  • Budget: Create your budget for this event. It is important to note down all the items you will require for an expo which include things that speak for your brands. Make sure you give this a big priority and try to go all out to enable you to stand out. This is not to say that you should overstretch; your business still needs to survive after this.
  • Thorough research: Before deciding on which expo to attend, do maximum research on the top trade shows and choose one that best suits your business. Don’t go to a real estate expo if you are a farmer. However, you can attend expos that don’t relate to your brand if you are planning on venturing to different fields too.
  • Book early: Exhibitions are usually open to each and every individual who has something to showcase. You don’t want to miss out on a slot by waiting for the last-minute rush to make your booking. Book early to allow you ample time to focus on other things.
  • Choose your team wisely: Your team represents you. When clients talk to your team, they are basically talking to you. You might even be required to attend to other important things on an expo day and having an excellent team allows you to be away without having to worry much. Ensure maximum training for them.
  • Marketing: Ensure your current client base knows about your plans and the venue of the event. Your existing clients play a great role in growing your business. They will definitely attend and bring their acquaintances who might be interested in your services too. 
  • Choose your stand design idea: If you ask me, this is the most important element of an expo. A stand is you. It should be able to speak for you even before you speak yourself. Your stand should be able to carry your brand entirely on its own. Worry not; there are companies that work magic when it comes to custom-made both designs.
  • Mark the date: This is a very important day for you and your business. Make sure to keep track of everything and pay keen attention to every detail.
  • Make a to-do list: Ensure you make a list of everything that you plan to do during the exhibition. This will help you check out every single activity on your to-do list.
  • Prepare marketing material: This includes things like company profiles, flirts, and brochures. You will be required to hand these to your guests at your stand.

Different Booth Designs

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You have done your preparation for your exhibition and have even booked your slot, and now you are looking for creative trade show booth ideas. Choosing a design for your booth should be supported by so many factors which relate both to your business and your budget (How to set up a High-Return Trade Show Table design). If this is your first-ever trade show, then you need to make it one to remember. Your booth will determine the number of visitors you receive at your stand. Remember, your booth doesn’t have to be huge for it to stand out. There are different ways to make a small booth the center of attraction. To be honest, it is almost impossible to find a very big space in an exhibition hall since there are usually so many bookings for these events. A small space is also way easier to decorate compared to a big space. Here are some ways in which a booth design will work for you.

  • It represents you as an individual: It is important to choose a design that you are comfortable with as a person. Other than your brand, there are other factors that directly relate to your personality. Prospective clients want to see that side of you too.
  • Attracts attention: Human beings are visual creatures. Our eyes are attracted by certain things, and your booth design will achieve this for you.
  • It makes an impression: A booth design will either create a positive or negative impression. Luckily there are excellent exhibition booth builders who will work the magic for you.
  • Lead generation: The goal is to generate as many leads as possible. With creative trade show booths, you will definitely be able to achieve this.

Small Exhibition Booth Size


There are different sizes of booths in an exhibition. There are large booths and small size booths used in trade shows. The small size booths are usually 10*10 in measurement. The choice is mostly yours, but it also depends on the type of business you are exhibiting. If you don’t have a wide variety of products to showcase, then there is no need for a big booth that will cost you so much and not really serve its maximum potential.

Small size booths are more common in trade shows as they are easier to acquire and are also way easier to manage. These small-sized booths are capable of achieving all that they have intended for at way lower prices. The most important aspect of being a successful business person is knowing how to balance your budget to fit your needs. Other than the financial factor, there are also creative benefits of a small booth at a trade show. You can make your booth look so distinct and fabulous. Trade show booth builders have been known to do so much with a tiny space as compared to a big space. You are probably wondering, won’t the space look way too busy and squished? Just leave that to the experts. Here are some benefits of a small booth in a trade show.

  • Maximizes creativity: It is easier to be creative with a small space than a big space. You don’t need much for a start and the amount of time you spend is also less. 
  • Maximizes uniqueness: As you can expect, there will be large booths around you, so you can be sure that your small exhibition booth will definitely stand out as long as you have unique and spectacular designs.
  • Easily approachable: A small booth size makes you appear more friendly and easy compared to other huge booths around that some shy clients can be hesitant to visit. 
  • Cost-friendly: We cannot stress this factor enough. The goal is to achieve way more for a way lower price. This enables you to attend to other issues that will require finances too. 
  • Easy to install: Small stands are easier to install and also easy to dismantle after the event. The amount of workforce needed is also way less compared to larger booths.

10*10 Booth Size Design Ideas


You have finally been able to acquire your stand at an expo. There are different ways in which you can get a stand at an exhibition. It is now time to design and decorate your booth to fit everything that represents you and your business. You are lucky, especially if you are in Las Vegas, because there are some excellent trade show booth builders in this city. There are different ways to design a 10*10 booth size.

A Themed Design

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A theme doesn’t necessarily mean a brand. It is more of trying to connect everything in your space. Having a themed design for a small size booth makes everything fit together, and this reduces the movement of a client during a presentation. Let’s face it; you don’t have enough space for a client to go back and forth. So why not just put everything together to make your work easier.

A theme should represent something that is current in your company. If you are running an environmental campaign, it is best to make that your theme.

It is also advisable to let the color designs match your theme so as to create a particular visual look rather than using colors that will cause confusion. No person wants to strain their eyes trying to understand a concept that isn’t clear.

Think 3D Virtual booths


A 3D booth design basically works on creating a focus on features that attract your audience’s attention. It creates an illusion that something is bigger than it actually is. This design creates a nice visual appeal by making a small space look neat and organized. Some of the advantages of a 3D booth design include;

  • Cost-effectiveness: This design is very budget-friendly as you can get all popular features customized to your brand with very little to spend.
  • Zero-logistics: 3D booths are basically virtual booths, so you avoid the costs of transporting equipment which can be very hectic and also eat on your budget.
  • Time-saving: Organising a 3D virtual booth is way easier and consumes very little time. As long as you are using the best of the best booth builders in the market.
  • It is unique: We can both agree that uniqueness is a strength when it comes to attracting an audience for the business. People want to see new inventions and ideas and not just the same old stuff. This way, they know that if they invest, they are bound to be wowed every now and then.
  • Safe and secure: Due to the virtual aspect, there is no contact between people, and this promotes safety. Especially in these times when we are experiencing a pandemic.

Have a Small Cafe

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Your space might be tiny but believe me, if you have some refreshments, then you will attract a great audience. Trade shows are usually very hectic and tiresome, and if you have a tiny area where your visitor can get some refreshments, then you are at a great advantage. You can sell these refreshments at a small fee or give them out for free. However, make sure you don’t use bulk furniture for this area. There is a wide range of simple and light furniture you can rent for this purpose. This provides your guests with a small resting place where they can catch a breath.

Use Wide Backdrops and Banners

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Banners are a must-have in a trade show. They call out your audience with the wordings on them. Having large hanging banners for a small booth attracts a large crowd as opposed to a small one that is barely visible. Incorporate the use of bold letters and colors on these banners to enhance their visual effect on the audience.

One benefit of a good banner is that you can re-use it at the next event as long as you promote the same business and services. Banners are therefore very cost-friendly and serve you greatly.

Use the Right Lighting

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The type of lighting you use for your small size exhibition booth will determine the level of attraction you create. There are different kinds of lighting used for trade show booths which have different effects on a booth. The best type of lighting to use for a small size booth is display light. This creates focus on the main products and information you want to showcase.

The use of LED backlights can also be used to illuminate a message, such as a brand slogan or logo. Your exhibition booth builder will advise you on the right kind of lighting for your booth.

Use the Right Flooring


The kind of floor you use should also represent your message. Keep in mind that you have very limited space, and you need to maximize each and every inch of it. A vocal floor is more beneficial to a small size exhibition booth. It should combine the colors associated with your brand and, if possible, have some of the information about your brand written on it. You can add lighting to your floor to create that wow effect on prospective visitors. Your expo stand builder will help you decide the best flooring that suits your booth.

Use of Pop Up Tents


Exhibition tents are branded with your company logo, slogans, and your brand colors. These tents are available in different sizes and are perfect for any expo space. You just have to go for one that fits your space. A tent is very effective, especially if you did not manage to find space inside the exhibition hall.

You can set up in an open field and still be safe from weather elements such as rain or strong scorching sun. Pop-up tents are unique and help you to stand out from the crowd. Try these tents, and you will not regret it. They are also very cost-friendly and will help cut your budget.

Finding the Best Exhibition Booth Builders


You need a good booth builder to be able to achieve all your desired design ideas. It is impossible to do it on your own considering all the other duties you have to attend to as an exhibitor. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a professional booth builder.

  • Check reviews and references: Do thorough online research on them before engaging them. Visit their websites and read online reviews from previous clients to get a glimpse of how they are. Look for references and engage them to hear what they have to say about the services they were offered.
  • Check their experience: Experience is usually used to measure the level of skills one possesses. Choose a designer that has been in the business for a good number of years. This is not to dis-credit upcoming booth builders.
  • Check their location: Ensure you settle on an exhibition booth builder who is located near you to make your meetings easier.
  • Check their flexibility: Are they willing to make a custom-made booth for you, or do they just offer kitted solutions. A flexible booth designer is easier to deal with since they are able to incorporate any last-minute changes you may want to be made.
  • Check the quality of their material: You don’t want your booth falling over during an expo due to poor choice of material. There are standard materials used for booth building.
  • Check their availability: Make sure your booth builder is not over-booked on the day that you need them to build your booth. This can cause a lot of inconvenience for you since finding a last-minute builder is close to impossible.
  • Check their fees: You have to cut your coat according to your cloth. Compare different fees while also factoring in other important aspects like expertise and experience. Weigh every detail before making a decision.

How to Attract Visitors to Your Booth in an Exhibition

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In a trade show exhibition, there are so many activities involving different people, and it might be difficult to attract the kind of attention and traffic you want for your business. We have figured that preparing for an expo is a very hectic procedure involving a lot of finances, and everyone wants to come out of one with a solid client base to grow their business.

You might have a perfect booth with the perfect design, perfect team, and literally everything required for an exhibition, but there are some fun activities that you can incorporate into your schedule to ensure that you are actually getting visitors to your stand. Remember why we were going to a small exhibition booth? Mainly because of the cost factor to allow us a separate budget for these other activities.

In a trade show, you will spend money for sure, but if you do everything right, you will definitely get value for your money in the end. You will be able to get the clients you need, the alliances to strengthen your business and the right kind of ideas that can help you acquire more wealth. Some of these extra activities include;

  • Promote it on social media: Create social media awareness about your booth and your exhibit. Social media has taken over the modern world, and almost everyone has a social media handle, be it Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These platforms will help you spread the word about your event, and interested parties will get to know about you and make it a point to visit your exhibition stand.
  • Host a booth event: After a long day of moving around and engaging different exhibitors, expo attendees tend to get bored of the same old presentations. Be creative; come up with an activity like a game that can help your guest cut the edge off. You will notice huge traffic of both those who want to participate and those who want to watch and get entertained.
  • Have Giveaways: Everyone likes a little token of appreciation every now and then. You can decide to give out a t-shirt, or a diary, just something that carries your brand. You can be sure they will go around telling others about you. More and more guests will be interested in seeing what you have to offer.
  • Have a Slide-show: At times, expo attendees will get tired of talking and just want somewhere they can sit and watch something. Ensure your message on video is not so dense, but it has to be elaborate so they can get all the information there is about your services. Ensure you have the best kind of technology for a slideshow.
  • Give Refreshments: We discussed how you could set up a small cafe area inside your small exhibition booth. You don’t have to have a lot of refreshments that might cut deep into your pockets. After a long day, your guests will appreciate even just a bottle of water. Make it a point to brand everything you give to a potential client. This will help pass the message about your brand.
  • Reward Your Team: In some instances, you will find that actual sales are closed during an expo. It is important to reward such acts. Give them targets before an exhibition. These targets don’t have to be just closing sales. You can reward based on the most number of visitors served, the ones who have received the most praise from guests, and many other factors. Try to do this during the expo to portray a good image of your company and also enhance your teams’ motivation.
  • Dress Like a Team: Wearing a uniform makes your team stand out and easily accessible. It gives your prospective clients a sense of unity and teamwork in your organization.
  • Use of Mascots: Have one of you dress into a mascot. This will definitely be funny and entertaining and will definitely attract a huge crowd. Believe me, when I tell this, nothing attracts a crowd more than a crowd.

Post- Exhibition Check-List

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Everything with a beginning must end. You have had your expo and now it’s over and you need to go back to the drawing board to see what you actually achieved from the event. It is important to immediately follow up with this step to avoid bad post-event habits like procrastination. You and your team might be tired, and it is okay to take a short break, maybe a weekend to rest and get back to work on Monday, all rejuvenated and ready to get back to work.

 Ensure to compile everything in order to avoid losing any contacts acquired during a trade show. The following steps will help you realize the goals you set before the exhibition.

  • Review Financial Performance: Compare what you used and what you had actually budgeted to use. Don’t stress too much if you went a bit over your budget, as long as you are happy with the results achieved.
  • Review Your Potential Client List: Compile your list of clients, including their contacts. Create a spreadsheet with all this information and make sure to save it. This is very important since it was your main goal for attending the expo.
  • Analyze Your Stand Performance: This should be done in comparison to your competitors. Analyzing your performance also helps you gauge your team, looking at their strengths and weaknesses and advising them accordingly.
  • Fulfill on Promises: So many commitments are made during trade shows. However, some are just done by word of mouth and not actually fulfilled. If you promised to send an email to a client, please ensure you do so because they will be waiting on you.


We have determined that big is not always the best. There is absolutely no reason for you to go for a large size exhibition booth if you don’t actually need all that space. You’d rather use a small booth and maximize your space while saving on your costs. The secret is to have an excellent booth builder who will make your small space just perfect for you. If you need tips and more information on trade shows and exhibition booth builders, check out our website.

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