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At Aplus Expo, we dedicate ourselves to being one of the best trade show booth designers in las vegas. We feature different booth display options designed to cater to the needs of a variety of our clients. Our 20x40’ booth displays are designed to come in handy when in an application and offer great advantages to our customers.  They are designed to cover a greater span and area communicating your brand’s message which in turn results in better client attractions. We work to produce quality on our booth displays to ensure they offer the best presentation and achieve a great impact. Contact us to know more.

  • Greater Span, Bigger Attraction
  • Within Budget, Cost Beneficial
  • Striking Presentation, High Impact

Custom 20x40’ Booth and Display Ideas



  • EBIN 2


  • EBIN






  • LeadSolar




  • Rouseco


  • SICK


  • SwanLeap


Why Choose Aplus Expo

Various Options

Besides custom purchase booths, our company also maintains a wide array of custom exhibit rentals for your selection

Accessible Creativity

Our quality exhibition booth rentals retain their creative channels for your brand to add custom graphics on your exhibit.

Fast Delivery

With our in-house workshops, warehouses, and in-house labor, we can control our own efficiency for your prompt booth delivery.

20x40’ Trade Show Booth Rental Services

We have become well known for our high-quality Las Vegas exhibit rentals designed to give our clients the best options. 

These 20×40′ booth display rentals come in handy and offer great flexibility and convenience. They are designed to come in a variety of designs and services depending on your specific requirements. The best part is that we also offer installation and dismantling services. Additionally, you get to choose the perfect booth option suited for your brand and save a lot on the cost incurred. 

If you’re planning to exhibit at a trade show, our displays rental services will offer great relief. Reach out and let’s get you set up.

VMI 20x40 booth design

How to Design Your 20x40’ Booth Layout

Designing your desired 20×40′ booth display will feature our 3D rendering services. These services come in handy to ensure that we bring your desired designs to life. We work on concept development to help us better understand your specific desires. Given the fact that you both design should achieve a certain goal, communication is key. 

Our design team is well equipped to handle your 20×40′ booth designs and deliver the best quality for your business.

20x40 booth design

Custom Booth to Present Your Products Perfectly at the Show!

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