FAQs about Our Tradeshow Service | Aplus Expo
11. How do I ship my materials after the close of the show?
Each shipment must have a completed Bill of Lading in order to ship materials from the show. All pieces must be labeled individually.

After materials are packed, labeled, and ready to be shipped, the completed Bill of Lading must be turned in at the general service center.

Make arrangements with your designated carrier to pick up your shipment at the address of the facility where the event is taking place. In the event your selected carrier fails to show, the shipment will be rerouted to the preferred carrier at the exhibitor’s expense.You must notify your carrier of the date and times of pick up.
22. What happens to my empty containers during the show?
You can pick up “Empty Labels” at the Service Center. Place a label on each container. Labeled containers will be picked up periodically and stored during the show. At the close of the show, the empty containers will be returned to the booth in random order. Depending on the size of the show, this process may take several hours.
33. What is drayage?
“Drayage” is an industry term for Material Handling; the service charge of handling products and booth properties from the freight trucks to the exhibit space.
44. When should I expect to receive items shipped to general contractor's advanced warehouse?
All items shipped to Advanced Warehouse will be transported to your booth by the time you arrive on the first day of move in. If these items are not in your booth space by then, please contact general contractor immediately.
55. What should I bring with me to show site?
Please bring all paperwork and documentation such as show forms, labor orders, electrical forms, logistic forms and any other paperwork that would better help us assist you if there are any issues.
66. What if my shipped items are not in my booth?
All items should arrive to your booth by first day of move-in. If they do not, please take your shipping and tracking information to the onsite Exhibitor Service Desk. Customer Service staff will notify you if the shipment has been received and help you track shipments not received if needed.
77. When will my carpet and furnishings arrive in my booth?
All ordered carpet should be installed at your booth by first day of move-in. If you ordered electrical services such as electrical floor work, please make a note on your carpet order form.We will ensure the electrical is installed before any carpet installation is made.

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