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Trade Show Tower Displays Design and Rentals

Trade show towers are high structures that have advertising details of the company they represent. They can be wrapped in banners or have lighting structures to highlight such branding. Trade show pop-up towers stand out and could be very effective in drawing traffic to your exhibition booth. 


At APLUS Expo, we offer innovative trade show towers in a variety of shapes and sizes based on your needs and design preferences. Our team would work with you to brand your APLUS tower or set it to display images such as your products or company logo. We also offer custom trade show towers that are designed specifically for your company. 


Simply tell us what your vision is for the project and we will get you just the right tower.

Advantages of Aplus Trade Show Booth Towers

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    Customer-oriented Service

    Our team will support you at every stage to ensure that you have your custom trade show towers to display your brand well.

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    We are a one-stop shop on trade show equipment. By working with us, you can get trade show towers and other displays you need from one source.

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    High Quality Standards

    All our trade show backdrops are top-of-the-line units with the latest technology. They are carefully maintained and present your brand at its best.

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    On-site All-round Support

    Our support team will be on site to follow up the installation, progress, and demolition of your booth to provide the most responsive service.

Custom Booth to Present Your Products Perfectly at the Show!

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