Quality Build and Efficient Remove

The installation and dismantle service is a rigid demand at all shows and exhibitions. Although it is an auxiliary service, it is no less important than other major services, because the quality of the pre-show install will definitely influence the exhibit display stability, customer experience, and even your brand image. And likely the efficiency of post-show dismantle will make an impact on the cost control of time and labor.

We believe details reflect quality and reputation, and we try our best to output satisfactory services down to every detail.

  • Timely Action
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Carefree All the Way

Why Choose Aplus Expo

  • Union Certified

    Our construction services are approved by the union regulations and local laws, and maintain the recognized qualifications.

  • Highly Experienced

    With decades of trade show construction experience through the US, our in-house workers will provide extraordinary services.

  • Exceedingly Skilled

    Our engineers and technicians are fully armed with leading construction skills in the industry, committed to offer best solutions.

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Examples of On-Site Install & Dismantle

  • Install Dismantle 1

    Install & Dismantle 1

  • trade show booth install & dismantle

    Install & Dismantle 2

  • Install Dismantle 3

    Install & Dismantle 3

  • Install Dismantle 4

    Install & Dismantle 4

  • Install Dismantle 5

    Install & Dismantle 5

  • Install Dismantle 6

    Install & Dismantle 6

  • Install Dismantle 7

    Install & Dismantle 7

  • Install Dismantle 8

    Install & Dismantle 8

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