Trade Show Booth Flooring Solution

The presentation of your booth is dramatically affected by its flooring. If you want to have a stunning booth, you can’t just have it on an expo carpet or concrete floor, you need flooring that is on-brand with your company and represents your sophistication and professionalism. We, at Aplus Expo, understand that the trade show flooring needs to not only be attractive but also portable and easy-to-install. 

We offer all kinds of flooring options that are inexpensive and durable, including trade show flooring wood, trade show floor tiles, portable trade show flooring, led flooring, and trade show carpets. All of our flooring options are very easy to install and quick to remove. You don’t have to worry about doing that yourself though, our construction crew will lay down the flooring for you. 

We strive to provide you with the highest quality products that you need to have an eye-catching booth, contact us now and we will give you a free consultation along with a free CAD generated model of your booth.

Advantage of Aplus Exhibit Flooring Solutions

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    Free Design

    When you consult us, we generate the design of your booth for free. The 3D model will give you a clear idea of what the booth and its floor will look like after construction.

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    Idea Exchange

    Upon seeing the model, you will be welcome to tell us your ideas and request modifications.

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    Accurate Demand Identification

    Our experience allows us to quickly understand what you actually want, and then we work hard to turn the demands into reality.

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    On-Site All-Round Support

    Our construction team will be by your side the whole time, they will provide support in case anything malfunctions.

Custom Booth to Present Your Products Perfectly at the Show!

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