Protective Screens and Social Distancing Products for Trade Show Booths

Health safety is an extremely important issue during this Coronavirus pandemic. Even more so in public spaces like a trade show where there is a higher risk of being infected. Installing our social distancing trade show products would assure your customers and staff of safety thereby making it more likely that people would stop at your booth. 


At APLUS Expo, we understand the challenges of the pandemic and all the social distancing requirements that come with it. This is why we have taken steps to ensure that we have social distancing products in our inventory. These products are effective in keeping attendants and exhibition guests at your booth safe from Covid-19 cross-infection as they interact. 

Advantages of Aplus Trade Show Social Distancing Products

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    We have a team of highly qualified staff and maintain a high standard of professionalism when handling trade show projects for clients.

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    Solution-driven Products

    Our social distancing products are carefully curated to offer your staff and exhibition guests reliable protection. We combine aesthetics and great functionality.

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    Social distancing equipment has been in short supply thereby driving up prices. We have, however, maintained customer-friendly rates.

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    Rapid Response

    Because of our local factory and experienced service team, we can help you find the supplier or produce in-house for the social distancing products you want in time.

Custom Booth to Present Your Products Perfectly at the Show!

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