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U.S.-Based Exhibition Stand Designer and Manufacturer

Ever since 2008, Aplus Expo has been facilitating numerous exhibitors for the trade show booth design, manufacture, build, and delivery around the US.

As a professional exhibition booth contractor, manufacturer, builder,
and expo service company based in Las Vegas, we provide global clients specialized solutions for custom booths, modular displays, portable exhibits, 3D designs, graphics printing, exhibits storage, transportation, and logistics.

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The Aplus Value

  • business handshake one mind same goal for successful show

    One Mind, Same Goal

    Aplus Expo will work as your extended team sharing the same objective of effective brand display and product promotion, and ultimately a higher return on investment.

  • typing project solution in the computer

    Brand Resonance, Product Focus

    We don't make a booth that just looks stunning, but a design that echoes with your brand tone. The booth is not built to distract focus but arouse attention on your products.

  • discussing project to support tradeshow service

    Specialized Service, Carefree Exhibition

    We believe that it's better to leave the specialized work to the professionals. As the trade show service expert, we are committed to your next worry-free exhibitions.

  • business discussion to ensure correct information capture for perfect results

    Accurate Grasp, Optimal Effects

    Precise and efficient communication with clients is an essential principle for us. With this, we can thoroughly understand your needs and completely actualize your ideas.

In-House Workshops of Expo Stand Design and Build

We own a scaled factory of 12500 sq. ft specializing in rapidly making and building your dream booth.

  • exhibits warehouse icon

    For exhibits, material storage.

  • tradeshow booth production gear icon

    To fabricate booth components.

  • booth frame painting icon

    To paint wood or aluminum.

  • exhibit graphics printing icon

    For exhibit graphics printing.

  • trial build of exhibition booth icon

    To confirm the booth structure.

exhibition service business meeting

The Authentic Teams of Exhibit Services

Based in Las Vegas, serving the entire US. We not only own a large factory in Las Vegas, with additional warehouses in Chicago and Orlando, but also maintain multiple professional teams with extensive trade show experience. Our teams are your teams, and they are ready for your turnkey exhibition services:

  • Marketing Team
  • Design Team
  • Manufacture Team
  • Printing Team
  • Transportation Team
  • Install and Dismantle Team

Custom Booth to Present Your Products Perfectly at the Show!

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