How to Rent Furniture for Your Trade Show in Las Vegas

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Renting is part of the trade show culture, one that has made it easier for people to participate in trade shows around the world even when they don’t have the funds to pull it off in the first place. Attending a trade show does a lot of good to a business, and there are a number of rental companies that are making that possible for everyone. One of the most important things to have when taking part in a trade show is furniture. The chairs that your staff and the people who come into your booth will sit on.

We are going to explore the ways through which you can rent furniture for your trade show, explore other rental services and benefits they bring to the table. On top of that, we will look at some of the factors you have to keep in mind when renting trade show furniture. If you have been planning to attend a trade show sometime soon, this could help you get ready for it.

Why Is It Easy to Rent Trade Show Furniture in Las Vegas

Trade Show Furniture
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There’s a reason why Las Vegas stands apart from other cities around the world when it comes to trade shows. It has hosted a number of big events in the past, and this has given it a huge reputation among people. The following are reasons why it is easy to rent trade show furniture in Las Vegas.

  • A lot of the companies that deal with renting furniture are located in Las Vegas. Being based in a city that hosts thousands of trade shows in a year gives people easy access to the furniture.
  • It is more affordable to rent furniture for trade shows in Las Vegas because there are many companies that offer the service. This competition has helped bring down the prices, and this is an advantage to the consumer.
  • There’s also a lot of variety when it comes to renting furniture in Las Vegas. Every rental company has more than several options to choose from, and this makes renting easy since you are not confined to a few choices that could curtail your freedom and chances of success.
  • Most of the rental companies also offer other services alongside the renting of the furniture. They cover the security, the shipping, and the insurance, and this relieves the burden from your shoulders, giving you room to properly focus on the things that matter.

Benefits of Trade Show Furniture Rentals

Simple Trade Show Furniture
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There’s a reason why renting furniture is recommended compared to buying. Taking part in trade shows and exhibits can be energy-sapping, and the last thing you would want is to worry about where the people who come to your booth will sit. The following are some of the benefits of renting trade show furniture.

Considerations of Event Furniture Rentals

When it comes to renting furniture, there are some pertinent issues that have to guide your decision in order for you to make the right selection that will help you in attaining your trade show goals for your business. The following are the factors you have to keep in mind.


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Renting may be a cheaper option compared to buying furniture, but it is still going to cost you something. The type of furniture you chose to go with will depend on how deep your pockets are. Each rental company categorises their furniture into packages based on the design and size. Only get furniture that the surveyor needs without putting you into a financial hole. The bottom line here is that you should go for something that is comfortable and functional.

Booth Design

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You can only fit furniture that is small enough to be accommodated in the booth. The design of the booth determines a lot of things, and the type and size of the furniture are one of them; before settling down on the type of furniture for your trade show, first access the size of your booth. Decide where the products will be displayed and try to work with the space that’s leftover. This is the only way you will avoid a situation where the booth becomes too crowded for people to even move with ease.


Trade Show
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The distance from your business to the venue of the trade show should help you to find furniture that will not cause you trouble. For instance, you can rent from local companies if the event is being held within your locality. This will, however, change if the event is being held in another country; you will be forced to work with companies from those countries as it is cheaper to rent from someone who is nearby compared to shipping in whole sets of furniture from another place.

Reputation of the Company

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The last thing you would want is to end up renting furniture from a rental company that has a ,,an bad reputation. This is how you end up with worn-out furniture with a lot of issues. This could negatively impact your trade show experience since everyone that comes to your booth will be left with a bad impression of your business. Do proper vetting before choosing to rent furniture from anyone to avoid a situation like this.


Trade Show Security
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Renting goes beyond the simple act of being offered furniture for your trade show. A proper rental company goes all out for their clients by providing security, setting the trade show booth up and shipping the furniture to the venue. When it comes to selecting a rental company, you will be best served by one that includes all these services in their packages compared to the ones that dump the furniture at your door, leaving the rest to you.

Quality of the Furniture

Trade Show Couch
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You don’t want to be stuck with furniture that is faded in color, chipped in most parts or gives off odor. That is a sure way of destroying your reputation. The furniture you are renting has to be clean, well maintained, and looking new. Image matters a lot in trade shows, ais and the impression you leave on the people that walk into your booth is what will determine whether they call you back or not. Therefore, do not compromise on the quality of the furniture.


Renting furniture for your trade show comes highly recommended. Considering the cost that goes into planning for a trade show, the ability to rent makes things a little easier on participants, and it is a chance that everyone, especially first-timers, should take. For more information on trade shows and how to rent furniture and booths, check out our website.

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