Eco-Friendly Booth Design Ideas For All Kinds of Events

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An eco-friendly design is a way of representing different things in a manner that does not bring harm to a living organism and the environment. Several words are being used to describe eco-friendly and can sometimes be used interchangeably like green and sustainable. It has very many advantages:

  • Low production and labour cost.
  • Reduced material and resources cost.
  • Minimised waste disposal.
  • Improved production of quality goods.
  • Enhanced functionality and efficiency.

The development of green designs in booths has risen and this can be attributed to the growing number of a conscious population that is unlearning the social norms that are now being deemed as outdated and harmful. Many people are going green and this has influenced several companies into incorporating sustainability into their day to day activities and thus most of them go a notch higher by designing eco-friendly booths to lure potential customers.

How To Design Your Eco-Friendly Booth.

Designing booths may seem an easy task but if you want to go green several issues must be considered in choosing the materials.


Aluminium Booth
Source: Pinterest

Aluminium is usually referred to as the green metal because of its properties like;

Recyclable: aluminium can be recycled over and over again without losing its quality and saves up to 95% of energy.

Low weight: aluminium has a low density of about 2.6-2.8g/cm3 which means it is easily handled and hence can be used in several ways.

Durability: it is among the toughest metal on earth and can be used to make items that will be used for a long period minimising wastage.

Highly malleable: can be hammered or pressed permanently without breaking into very thin sheets used for packaging (aluminium foil) and making other items that require thin pieces of metal.

Non-corrosive: aluminium forms a layer of oxide that prevents it from corroding and this comes in handy especially in designing booths since it will last longer without the need for replacement.


Wood Booth
Source: Pinterest

Types of wood used in eco-friendly booth designs include bamboo; a fast-growing crop that is 100% natural and its decomposition has no negative effects on the environment. Bamboo is regarded as a green building material since it is renewable. Secondly; reclaimed wood is wood that has been used before, meaning there will be no cutting down of trees as the wood is already existent. Lastly, salvaged wood; is wood acquired from fallen or dead trees.


Natural fabrics like organic cotton, linen and Tencel are biodegradable and can be sustained easily unlike synthetic fabrics which cause immense pollution and take years to decompose.

Eco- Friendly Displays

In recent years, sustainable technology has been growing to meet the current market requirements therefore every aspect must be included leading to the development of the following;

Green printing technology: the integration of green techniques in the printing procedure including the inks and materials being used. Many green-conscious companies are choosing this method since it aligns with their beliefs. The main benefit of green printing is the reduction of energy use and limiting carbon emissions in the process.

FSC eco stands: Forest Stewardship Council approves woods being used as eco friendly since its production met all the requirements for sustainability and assures customers that the said products are certified. In trade shows, using FSC certified stands is the surest way of promoting the green movement.

Portable displays: what better way to do things than utilizing the most flexible methods that are cost-effective. Portable displays cut on cost in terms of transportation, purchasing or renting and the setting up since it is built to specifically meet all these while reducing wastage. In transport, one flight can be used for both the owner and the displays hence reducing carbon emissions.

Trade show kiosk display: kiosks are a common sight in trade shows and they come in handy in exhibitions. Kiosks are made of durable materials because they are used frequently and this cuts on waste disposal compared to if they were made with paper materials.

Sustainable Booth Lighting

Source: Pinterest

Effective lighting is used as a commodity in attracting customers and onlookers to your booth by displaying different colours and ensuring sufficient illumination. Several lighting options are available for example;

LED lights: they are designed to conserve energy by using less wattage and their benefits are; cost-effective by reducing electric bills, more efficient, last longer and are generally eco-friendly. They are the best choice when it comes to sustainability.

Halogen light bulbs: they are adequately efficient and fairly last long. Its production is easy and is regarded as lightweight. It has a white colour closer to that of the sun.

Compact fluorescent light bulbs: just like the others they are energy efficient and last longer and aid in the reductions of the greenhouse effect.

Sustainable flooring materials

Sustainable Flooring Options

One may overlook flooring in display booths, however, it is important to remember that even flooring is a big part when it comes to conservation and the following are examples of eco-friendly ways of flooring your display booth at trade shows;

Bamboo: bamboo is natural, grows faster, very durable and when used as a flooring material in display booths it looks pleasing especially to potential customers. It is easily installed and removed when needed to.

Carpets: carpets that are made from recyclable materials can be used as a flooring option in display booths and after use, they can be reused somewhere else or in another trade show.

FSC certified wood: flooring using wood always conveys a good ambience and for FSC certified products it goes a long way in showing your clients that you care for the environment and not just profits.

Virtual reality

Virtual Reality

It is the use of 3D technology in showcasing products at a virtual trade show. With the rise of diversity in technology day in and day out, companies have to be flexible and adjust to the new trends or else they will be left out. Adaptation of virtual reality in trade show displays has come a long way and by the look of things, it is here to stay. A handful of corporations are using virtual reality as a way of not only cutting on cost but also in promoting the green movement.

Virtual trade shows eliminate the use of items like paper, metals and other non-eco-friendly materials that would have otherwise led to waste disposal.

Benefits of Green Booth Designs

Example of a Green Booth

Brand building: companies thrive on good publicity and that is why public relations are a big aspect of institutions. Integrating eco-friendly booth designs in trade shows promotes positive reviews to the public resulting in the building of brand names.

Saving cost: green materials are cheaply acquired by recycling, reusing or obtained sustainably. Most of these materials are renewable meaning cost is cut in terms of production, maintenance and disposal.

Catching up with market trends: anything sustainable, green or eco-friendly is the trend in the market and nobody wants to be left behind. The population at different levels are investing in these trends.

Extra prize-winning: there are some awards in the environmental category, it is an important entity because it motivates more people in joining the movement of going green.

Buying vs rental

Renting vs. Buying

The decision of whether to buy or rent a display booth is tough and one must put in mind various factors to consider before making this choice.

Buying factors are as follows;


Can be used in multiple shows: owning a display booth enables one to use it severally without really changing the design.

Customization: ownership allows customization of any kind in the design of your booth to suit your personal preference and designs that might attract your target audience.

Cost-effective: as long as you have a budget for the type of booth you desire, buying it will be cheaper since you will only be required to buy once and only maintain it.


Monotony: using the same booth year in year out becomes monotonous and lacks interest and creativity.

Expensive on a low budget: buying is costly when the budget is small and if you are only using it once it is cheaper to rent instead.

The majority of people may opt to rent display booths for trade showsbut one needs to consider its pros and cons first


  • Cheap when on a tight budget
  • Can try out different designs and flooring plans
  • Avoid liabilities.


  • It May not be in great shape since it is rental
  • There is limited customization.

While buying or renting, you should always remember to check the materials used in designing the booths to ensure they are eco-friendly.


In a changing world where green products are preferred, people need to adapt and adjust to the new trends because it is not only fashionable and popular but also very important in environmental conservation. As beneficiaries of a clean planet, we need to play our parts however small it may seem to attain sustainability and a safe environment for the generations to come. For more information on these, reach out to our website.

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