Trade Show Table Setup Ideas For A High-Return Booth Design

A trade show is an excellent way to promote your business and build a customer base. The networking opportunities are endless at trade shows. When you book a trade show booth, you focus on the space and think of how you will set it up. An important aspect of that setup is going to be your positioning and choice of the trade show display table at the booth. If you take full advantage of your trade show table set up, your products would be displayed in the most optimal manner, which would boost your business and attract clients.

A Proper Trade Show Table Size

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The tables you use at a trade show will determine how effective your presentation will be. If the display is not up to standards, you can cause more harm than good to your business. At Aplus Expo, you can opt for customization of your booth and go for tables that go with the display. Consider providing even space to your clients to move freely once they enter your booth. Opt for trade show furniture for sale that goes well with the service you are providing.

Portable Trade Show Counters/Tables


It is understandable that trade shows are at locations that are probably far away from your business. Unless you rent trade show furniture, you should invest in portable countries and tables for trade shows. Portable tables are the answer to your problems as they can be easy to carry and take from place to place. If you choose to invest in them, they can be used at your office as well. 

Portable tables come in many different sizes as per your need and give a professional appearance to your trade show booth. These portable tables take minimal time for assembly and are also lightweight and hence, portable. Portable trade show tables from Aplus Expo come with carrying cases and also have slots to hold banners. Installation is easy, and the design for these tables is professional and elegant.

Types of Trade Show Tables


At Aplus Expo, there are several different types of tables you can choose from. The right size of your trade show tables will depend on the size of your booth. Some of them include:

  1. Trade show booth table: Trade show booth tables engage customers from afar. These table designs help with marketing, logistics, and networking. The experience with these tables is ideal for a trade show.
  2. Trade show desk: Desks are excellent ways to convey professionalism. You can customise the desk and can ask for a tailor-made size. These desks are foldable and easy to carry.
  3. Trade show bar: The trade show bar has a reception desk that is ideal for one-on-one conversations with clients and other business owners. Specific products can be promoted on the bar, and lights can be attached to the bar.
  4. Portable trade show table: One of the key features of portable tables and stools is their foldable nature, making them easy to carry. This will make the guest comfortable as they engage in business with you.

Customised Printed Trade Show Table Covers for your Tables


Just because you are buying trade show tables does not mean you have to display them as they have come

(Learn more about table displays). You can opt for covering them with table covers. Much like portable tables and counters come with already provided designs or the facility of customization with your company’s logo or some promotional offer, the table covers can do the same. The tabletops can either be custom-made, or they can come in predesigned options. Depending upon the size of your table, the table cover size can be chosen or tailored. 
Table covers are typically chosen to protect the table surface from stains or add an aesthetic effect to the surroundings. At a trade show, you can monetize on custom trade show table covers. When you make an investment to choose a table cover that promotes your brand while functioning as a typical table cloth, you are making an executive decision for a business owner to reap profits from this investment. The fabric can hold your branding and will serve to promote any offer or deals you have going as you display your product at the trade show. Choose to display your mission statement, the core values, or just the product details on the table covers.

Trade Show Tabletop Displays


Trade shows will be incomplete if you miss out on any opportunity to promote your products and services. Aplus Expo serves to promote your brand by offering a Table Top Pop Up Display. This is an excellent marketing strategy as any customer who enters your trade show booth will see the product being marketed everywhere their eyes go. The tabletop promotional displays can be customized on the supplier’s end, and they can include anything from your product’s photo to your company’s logo. 
You can use these displays to your advantage. As with the table setup, these pop-up tabletop displays will go very nicely. Just make sure the space you are creating in your trade show booth is not too cluttered. There is a streamlined look to the trade show tabletop display, which ensures a professional outlook. Keep a balance between professionalism and approachability to attract customers who are looking for personalization on your part.

Trade Show Tables and Chairs


If you have enough space in your booth to involve a setup with a trade show table and chairs, then you should invest in it. If a client has been going around the trade show and then has to walk around your boot and keep standing to talk to you, it takes away some of the comforts from the experience of making a business deal. The simple logic behind keeping tables and chairs in your trade show booth is to strengthen your customer relations. There is also the added advantage of standing out.

Given that not many business owners would opt for putting chairs for their customers in their exhibits, you have a chance to offer your customers something different. A customer would remember the trade show booth where they got to sit and discuss the benefits of a product they were interested in. Setup-wise, these tables and chairs will not take a lot of effort to arrange as they are lightweight and often foldable for added convenience. Chairs and tables can also be customized according to your vision if you want a unique trade show booth display.

Find an Exhibition Stand Builder to get a Turnkey Solution


The better your first impression, the more chances you would get to have continued business deals with your new customers. To accomplish this, you need to find an exhibition stand builder who will help you design, manufacture, and build the trade show booth of your dreams to support your business. From the tabletop exhibit to the booth presentation, Aplus Expo works with you to construct the ideal brand visual and promote your brand in the most efficient way possible. Made as a turnkey solution, the services of Aplus Expo are essentially made to add convenience to the trade show process.


A trade show booth is not effective if its setup leaves something to be desired. The trade show table setup at your booth should be such that the customers’ eyes are drawn to your products and services. Tables can also be used for storage and have great potential if optimally taken advantage of. Investing in tables for your booth would be a better option than renting them because the suitable tables can be used over time and will come in handy if you decide to partake in another trade show experience. Just play to your strengths and watch your business grow.

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