Top 7 Trade Show Booth Builders in Las Vegas

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Booths are some of the most important things at a trade show. They are the shop stands that attendees come to check out what you are offering. They are temporary structures that are well designed to accommodate people and products for the best presentations. For this reason, a number of exhibit companies in Las Vegas have come up whose sole purpose is to create trade show booths that can then be rented out. We are going to explore some of the best trade show booth builders in Las Vegas for those that may be looking to rent or buy a trade show booth in the near future.

Aplus Expo

A 20x20 Booth

Aplus Expo was established in 2008 and has been instrumental in facilitating many companies and businesses that wish to exhibit their products and services in trade shows. The company handles the booth design, the manufacture, and the delivery around the United States and beyond, straight to their clients. 

Based in Las Vegas, Aplus Expo has an impressive list of clients from all over the globe, which is proof of how reliable their trade show booths are. The company is in the habit of only using the best of materials without cutting corners, and this is what has ensured Aplus Expo stays at the top of its game all the time. Some of the specialized solutions provided range from custom booths, modular displays, 3D designs, portable exhibits, storage, shipping, and logistics, among many others.

Aplus Expo has amazing prices, which depend on the sizes of booths you minted to have, and this puts them within the affordable ranges of even the small business that may not have sufficient funds for something as big as attending a major trade show.



oBooths is another competitive trade show booth designer and builder whose reach is tailored to the international market. They design some of the best stand booths you will ever come across that are suited for every kind of business out there. The exhibit booth design Las Vegas company has been around since 2011 and, in that short period of time, has been able to catch up to some of the established names in the industry.

oBooths has workshops in over 22 countries on five continents, and this means they are able to supply trade show booths at a moment’s notice to any part of the world that may need them. This is part of the reason why it has gained international recognition, the access it gives its clients is unmatched. At the same time, oBooths collaborates with other companies a lot to ensure that the people who use their services get the best services that money can buy them.

Intelligent Exhibits

Intelligent Exhibits

Based in Las Vegas, Intelligent Exhibits provided a range of services that include trade show booth renting, design, and sales, among many others. The company has a team of creative designers who are usually tasked with the responsibility of coming up with modern trade show booth designs that are in line with the changing times.

The trade show booth design Las Vegas company is also one of the few that offers an in-person type of service. They take custom requests and incorporate all that a client wants into the booth to suit their exact needs. This is what has won the company a lot of accolades and clients over the years that it has been operational. The company has branches in some major cities around the world, and this makes it easier for their clients to gain access to their trade show booths no matter where the event is being held—an unmatched convenience.


SAK Design LLC

SAK Design LLC is another multinational trade show booth designer that has been around for a number of years now. They are well known for their top-tier services that go beyond the simple act of designing and manufacturing trade show booths. They are also actively involved in consultancy and event management, and this means that they offer the entire package, from design all the way to managing your entire trade show for the best experience.

Customer care is at the core of the company’s growth, and it focuses all of its energy and resources on ensuring that the people that walk through their doors get exactly what they are paying for and more. This booth rental Las Vegas company even has a special category of products called Bespoke Exhibition that is unique in a number of ways. Bespoke Exhibitions have that extra aesthetic appeal, are practical, they communicate what the client wants, and they are affordable.

Crossroads Exhibits

Crossroads Exhibits

Crossroads Exhibits prides itself on being among the most affordable trade show booth manufacturers in the market. The company has been around for a number of years, slowly growing with time to become one of the most reliable custom trade show exhibit design Las Vegas companies as well as providers of other trade show-related services. The company handles marketing too and is usually involved with corporate types of trade shows which tend to be more professional and straightforward.

The company relies on a team of innovative designers who are responsible for coming up with exciting booth designs that stand head and shoulders above the rest in the market. Crossroads Exhibits has been involved in a number of world-renowned trade shows and has workshops in other parts of the world in an attempt to bring its services closer to the people who may be in need of them.

Design Factory Las Vegas


Design Factory Las Vegas has been in the business of creating trade show booths and other related services for 15 years now. A veteran of the game, the company has seen its fair share of ups and downs to become what it is today and is set to continue growing. The company offers integrated services based on three disciplines; Events, Exhibits, and Environments. These three are what guide the company when it comes to creating specialized needs for each of its clients.

Design Factory Las Vegas is a full-house service that ranges from design, in-house graphics, pre-press, production, point purchase, trade exhibits, and trade show management, among many others. What this means is that a client gets the full treatment once they sign up with DFLV, and this can save them both time and money.

Steelhead Productions


Steelhead Productions is a jack of all trades. It dabbles in trade show booth design and manufacturing as well as event management and marketing. Everything is under one roof, and this is one of the reasons why it has become such a force in such a highly competitive market. Steelhead Productions has been operational for years now, and the booths that come off its assembly line are durable, flexible and aesthetically pleasing, the kind that would turn any trade show trip into a success.


Getting the right trade show booth could be the difference between success and failure, and this is the reason why you have to conduct a thorough background search on whoever you decide to work with. There are many other booth manufacturers out there, but these seven are among the best and a good place for you to start your selection. For more information on trade shows and how to navigate them successfully, check out our website.

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