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Types of Trade Show Booth Designs You Can Work With

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The setup of a booth at a trade show is very crucial for your exhibition success. The various types of booths come with their benefits and when deciding which one to use, the vital thing to remember is your target audience and other potential customers. The appearance and accessibility of your booth will determine if you will have successful sales or not. If you are a beginner at trade shows worry no more this post is for you. 

Join me as I dive into the different types of trade booths, their features, benefits, and how well to use them to maximize your sales at the end of the event and the experience of attendees.

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Different Types of Trade Show Booths

There are four types of booths you will find at trade shows, you can choose any depending on your preference and other factors.

Inline Booth

An Inline Booth
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An inline/linear booth is a booth layout where it is only accessible on one side and faces only one aisle. It is situated between either other inline booths, corner and inline booths, or two corner booths. If their backs are situated on the venue wall, some call it a perimeter booth. The best way to make use of this booth is by choosing a good location that is the hotspot of the event.

Also selecting the most visible and inviting displays will help in luring potentials to your booth. This is necessary because they are usually limited when it comes to space and display. The main advantage of this booth is its cost since it is the most affordable especially on a tight budget.

Corner Booth

Corner trade show booth
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As the name suggests, a corner booth is situated at the corner of the aisles. It faces two aisles and is bordered by an inline booth and another corner booth. This layout gives sellers an advantage over inline booths as attendees can be attracted from two different aisles. corner booths are relatively open and this feature must be fully maximized by using light fixtures that are very pleasing to bring in visitors from both corridors.

They are a bit expensive compared to the inline so if you want to use this booth, you must plan well in advance.

Peninsula Booth

Peninsula trade show booth
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Have you put your finances in order? If yes then this is the appropriate booth for you. Accessible from three aisles, the peninsula booth offers an opportunity to manufacturers to display their products in a spacious environment allowing them to interact with interested parties without worrying about congestion. There are two types of peninsula booths one that borders linear booths at its back and another which is set back to back with another peninsula booth.

Despite its cost, it is usually preferred by big companies compared to inline and corner booths due to its space and all the benefits that come with it.

Island Booth

An Island Booth
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As they say, use money to make money so if you are a company that does not shy away from spending, the island booth is the best fit for you. Standing on its own, it is accessible from four different aisles. This layout allows your brand to stand out in a trade show since it drives in traffic from all sides. The exposure aids in enticing potentials and passers-by to your booth and you get a chance to interact with your vendors.

It is very spacious therefore two industries can make use of this and combine their exhibition to cut cost by sharing a single island booth while still getting all the attention they need.

Attracting the attention of suitable clients is very tedious in a trade show event where everyone’s main goal is the same. For this reason, you must consider the type and more importantly the design of your booth.

Inline Booth Design

Booth layout design
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Enticing and interacting with audiences can be hectic in a small space but you can customize your booth to look very pleasing to the attendees to avoid boring them. Several design options are available to achieve this.

Corner Booth Design

Corner Booth Design
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Due to its openness, customization has been made easier but this does not exempt it from competitions. There are always ways of improving your design to suit your preference and that of potential buyers.

Peninsula Booth Design

Peninsula Booth Design
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Space and exposure is not a major issue in this type of booth, this lightens the work for planners. However, they still need to consider certain things like,

Island Booth Design

Island booth design
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Island booths are usually the centre of attraction in trade shows, this is because they are open on all sides so their products are seen by any passer-by wandering around. Even though they are the best booth to be used in trade shows, if caution is not taken one may not get the return on investment. They can be customized by;

Choosing The Right Trade Show Booth

Now that you know the different types of booths and the ways of customization, you need to decide which one you will use in your next trade show. The following are the major elements to note before making this decision;


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Choosing the right booth type depending on your budget is not rocket science. Inline booths are the most affordable followed by corner booths, peninsula booths and finally the most expensive, island booths. But several aspects have to be assessed first like the return on investment. Even if your budget on booth renting or buying is big, you have to know if the return will be as big or it will be all a wastage of resources.

Goals for participation

An arrow hit the bull's eye
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Industries participate in trade shows with various goals, some of the common goals are;

Based on the goal of engaging in an exhibition, companies will opt for the type that will meet their needs and minimise expenses. For example, if you are launching a new product into the market, the best option will be the island booth since it is very fascinating and it guarantees traffic on your booth.


Overtaking competitors
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Dealing with rivals at expos may be a bit hectic but at the end of the day, you have to put up with them and still manage to outdo them. How is this done? By generating buzz that distracts their audience and luring them to your booth. It can be realized by using the right kind of booth and diversifying it using the best designs possible.


Trade shows, exhibitions, expos whatever name you use to refer to them, are here to help companies and the general population to be conversant with the various brands in the markets. All of these institutions want to get validation from customers and make profits but the amount of profit made will depend on the type and design of booths selected. 

Ignorance is not an excuse so before making this vital decision visit our website to get more information on booth designs and types to eliminate any failures and losses that might be incurred due to poor choices.

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