A Detailed Guide to 8 Types of Trade Shows

The popularity of trade shows is on the rise. Coming to the trade show meaning, it is a presentation event where businesses can reveal and exhibit their latest products and services to other companies. Trade shows or expositions have also been called exhibitions. 

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Trade shows are relatively beneficial as they create brand awareness, increase targeted leads, finish deals, offer industry insights, and ensure good networking. It is vital to choose reliable trade show booth design businesses that can design, manufacture, and deliver the best exhibition booths. Read on to know more about the most common types of trade shows, their features, their target audience, and trade shows examples

8 Types of Trade Shows From Different Industry

There are different types of trade shows that are ideal for various objectives and different target clients. By knowing in-depth details about the various kinds of trade shows, it will be helpful for businesses to select the proper type of trade shows to promote their products and services efficiently and enhance their ROI. 

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Technology Industry Trade Shows

Technology industry trade shows are exhibitions where companies showcase their latest innovations, including products and services, to enterprise professionals. These trade shows are attended by experts, investors, and clients who are curious in discovering the newest innovations in technology fields.

This type of trade shows offers a reliable platform for companies to advertise their brand and get leads. Technology industry trade shows include a broad variety of sub-sectors, such as mobile devices, consumer electronics, cybersecurity, and many more. 

Technology Industry Trade Shows
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Examples of Technology Industry Trade Shows

Coming to the examples of technology industry trade shows, some of the most prominent ones are Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Computex, InfoComm, Mobile World Congress (MWC), Infosecurity Europe, Cloud Expo, and many more. 

Manufacturing Industry Trade Shows

Manufacturing industry trade shows are expositions that show off the modern improvements and useful techniques in the manufacturing industry. This type of trade shows displays modern machinery, tools, and procedures for simplifying manufacturing procedures, which boosts efficiency and enhances product quality. 

Examples of Manufacturing Industry Trade Shows

The high-end manufacturing trade shows examples that were conducted around the world include Build Expo USA, Duluth Energy Design Conference & Expo, International Manufacturing Technology Show, Hannover Messe, Automate, Interpack, Fabtech, and so on. 

Healthcare Industry Trade Shows

Healthcare industry trade shows are conducted regularly and they are attended by medical experts, researchers, and healthcare administrators in order to share and know more about the helpful improvements in medical technology, analysis, and healthcare. 

In this type of trade shows, businesses can display the latest healthcare treatments, medical devices, and medications. In addition to that, trade show booth design companies can create custom booth platforms where people can talk about rising trends and problems in the healthcare sector.

Examples of Healthcare Industry Trade Shows

The most notable examples of trade shows related to the healthcare industry are MEDICA, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society Conference, HealthAchieve, Medical Fair India, etc. 

Restaurant & Food Industry Trade Shows

When it comes to restaurant and food industry trade shows, these are exhibitions that feature the recent innovations and trends happening in the food and hospitality sectors. Remarkable chefs, food businesses, and food industry experts, attend this type of trade shows to find out more about modern cooking equipment, culinary methods, ingredients, etc. 

Food Industry Trade Shows
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Examples of Restaurant & Food Industry Trade Shows

The most popular trade shows examples associated with the restaurant and food industry are National Restaurant Association Show, Specialty Food Association Fancy Food Show, United Fresh Convention & Expo, World Tea Expo, Food and Hospitality Oman, and many more. 

Arts & Crafts Industry Trade Shows

Arts and crafts industry trade shows are events that display up-to-date developments in artistic and creative items, materials, and methods. In these types of trade shows, designers, artists, and art enthusiasts participate to showcase various arts and crafts, such as woodworking, fine arts, jewelry making, and many more.

Crafts Industry Trade Shows
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Examples of Arts & Crafts Industry Trade Shows

As for the examples of arts and crafts industry trade shows, a few events that are worth knowing about are Art Basel, Craft & Hobby Association MEGA Show, American Craft Council Show, Creativation, National Stationery Show, and many more. 

Agriculture Trade Shows

Agriculture trade shows are expositions that gather and provide a platform for agriculturalists, ranchers, florists, garden businesses, and agricultural experts. In this type of trade shows, people will showcase farming machines, farm equipment, new seeds, and other agricultural innovations in the forestry, flower, and garden sectors.

Farming Machines Industry Trade Shows
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Examples of Agriculture Trade Shows

The prominent examples of Agriculture trade shows including forestry, garden, and flower industry are National Farm Machinery Show, Agritechnica, Royal Horticultural Society Flower Show, International Garden Expo, World Ag Expo, etc. 

Amusement & Attraction Industry Trade Shows

The popularity of amusement and attraction industry trade shows is rising steadily as these exhibitions display the modern trends and machinery for theme parks and entertainment sectors. From the latest rides and machines to attractions, everything innovative about the amusement and attraction industry is discussed.

Examples of Amusement & Attraction Industry Trade Shows

The amusement and attraction industry examples of trade shows are the Asian Attractions Expo, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the ExpoEuro Attractions Show, the Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure, and many more. 

Integrated Housing Industry and Building Trade Shows

Builders, architects, designers, and other construction and building operation experts attend and participate in the integrated housing industry and building trade shows. In these types of trade shows, the latest innovations and rising trends related to construction materials, methods, and technologies are discussed.

Examples of Integrated Housing Industry and Building Trade Shows

The primary examples of the integrated housing industry and building trade shows include Greenbuild International Conference and Expo, International Builders’ Show, International Building & Construction Show, AIA Conference on Architecture, International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines, and Construction Vehicles, etc. 

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Our trade booth display services are appreciated by a vast majority of clients in Las Vegas and around the United States of America. Our clients really appreciate the quick and efficient work that we provide and are delighted with our expertise in designing and installing impressive trade booth displays that match their industry requirements. 


There are different types of trade shows booths, but it is vital to consider the best exhibition booth display that works for your business based on your respective industry. There are several companies that offer trade show booth designing, manufacturing, and installation services. 

It is beneficial to choose Aplus Expo for creating your trade show booth display as we have the required expertise and skills to develop custom booth displays that align with your business and industry objectives. Make sure to contact Aplus Expo right away to get instant quotes for your trade show booths. 

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