Custom Exhibit Services & Booth Rental in Orlando

Home to America’s largest Convention Center, The Orange County, Orlando is a popular choice for trade shows in the US. If you’re heading down to Orlando for an event let Aplus Expo handle all your trade show marketing needs. We provide customized display booths featuring all necessities like furniture and LED screens, along with installation, storage, and transport services to make your trade show in Orlando a success.

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    Custom Trade Show Booths

    We can create customized booths for every trade show event in Orlando. You can give us your own ideas, designs, and layouts for trade show booths in Orlando or let us take care of everything from ideation to booth delivery.

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    Graphics Solutions and 3D Rendering

    The amazing graphics created by Aplus Expo will help you stand out from all trade show displays in Orlando. You can get high-quality banners, backdrops, special graphics, hanging signs, and posters for your brand.

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    Display Booth Installation and Dismantle

    We don’t just design display booths, we install them as well. Our team of expert constructors will help put together and take apart your display booth at any Orlando trade show. A team of supervisors will make sure your event goes smoothly.

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    Trade Show Storage

    You can leave finding a good storage facility in Orlando off your to-do list, thanks to Aplus Expo. Our in-house, on and off-site storage facilities will be at your service during your Orlando trade shows.

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    Transportation and Logistics

    Our transport team will make sure your display booths are delivered to your Orlando trade show on time. We will deal with the pulling, packing and delivery before and after your trade show exhibits anywhere in the US.

Aplus Expo Trade Show Displays in Orlando

All trade show exhibits in Orlando are sure to have a great number of attendees. Stand out from the crowd by using Aplus Expo customized trade show booths. You can choose from a variety of types and sizes of booths from 10 by 10-inch booths to 30 by 30-inch ones. We can also design booths with customized sizes to meet your needs. You can add a wall of LED, projectors, TV displays and novel graphics to make your booth shine at any Orlando trade show.

RICOM 20x20

Custom Booth to Present Your Products Perfectly at the Show!