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Top 27 Trade Shows and EXPO in Las Vegas 2023

Trade Shows and Expos are some of the few essential ways of growing your brand and expanding your business. These events provide an avenue to network and mingle with potential clients, as well as promote your brand.

However, coupled with ensuring you get a special custom design booth, it is important to identify the top trade shows and expos that are most relevant to your industry. A number of trade shows will take place in Las Vegas in 2023 and they vary from one industry to another.

Serving as one of the most reliable Las Vegas trade show booth builders, in this post, we will highlight some of the top trade shows and conferences in Las Vegas you should watch out for in 2023.

1. Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show
Source: KBIS

Where: Las Vegas

When: January 31-February 2, 2023

Why should you attend?

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) organizes the trade show known as the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) annually, usually in January. This trade show is one of the top Las Vegas expos and plays host to a number of exhibitors from different suppliers and manufacturers who have come to present their kitchen and bath products.

The most salient reason why you should attend this event is that you get the opportunity to connect with big industry players and professionals. With over 30,000 professionals expected to turn up, KBIS Las Vegas presents you with an avenue to learn from experts in the industry.

Whether you are a builder, interior designer, remodeler, industry consultant, or just someone looking for inspiration for personal use, attending KBIS 2023 is a valuable experience. You get to meet hundreds of like-minded people. The expo features several educational workshops and seminars that cover things like business strategies, the latest technology, and trends.

2. The International Surface Event 

The International Surface Event
Source: TISE

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: January 31-February 2, 2023

Why should you attend?

The International Surface Event (TISE Las Vegas) is made up of three top-notch trade fairs: The Surfaces, StonExpo/Marmomac, and TileExpo events. It is the biggest trade show for the stone and flooring industries in North America.

With a time span covering at least thirty years, TISE has reinvented itself every year with each new edition always better than the previous. The expo gives you the opportunity to access new products, attend educational workshops, partake in seminars, and also network with top guns in the industry. At the upcoming TISE 2023 event, a conference program will be held, in hand with panel discussions on topics that interest everyone in the industry.

TISE is a great place to stay up to date with trends and discover new business partners, product manufacturers or suppliers. You will get a great opportunity to discuss with many companies who are doing very well in the flooring, stone, and tile products industry.

3. The Total Expo 

The Total Expo
Source: TPE23

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: February 22 – February 24, 2023

Why you should attend this show:

The Total Expo (TPE) was formerly called the Tobacco Product Expo up until this year when it took on a new name. TPE is a major event that brings manufacturers, industry professionals, distributors, and retailers of tobacco products together. TPE 2023 holding this year will be even bigger and better than usual. The trade show is bringing more attendees, products, and innovative profit-spinning ideas to Las Vegas.

With exciting deals, products, trends, and people coming from all over the world, TPE23 promises to give you that nudge ahead to your tobacco product business. The Total Expo is an amazing once-in-a-year opportunity that allows you to see the latest innovation and trends in the tobacco industry.

As an attendee, you have the privilege of meeting with industry professionals who will give you helpful insights about how to grow your tobacco product business and new ways to broaden your investment in a more profitable manner.

4. The International Pizza Expo

The International Pizza Expo
Source: Pizza Expo

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: March 28 – March 30, 2023

Why should you attend?

Every year, thousands of people from around the world attend the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. It is a trade exhibition for the pizza industry, with hundreds of vendors and exhibitors showcasing their most recent tools, gadgets, and innovations. The exhibition also offers educational seminars and workshops on subjects including marketing, managing a restaurant, and making salivating pizza.

The Pizza Expo 2023 will feature live cooking demos by some of the best pizza chefs in the world. Attendees of the expo will get the chance to learn from the experts about various methods and styles of making pizza.

Another major attraction at the Pizza Expo is the International Pizza Challenge. This challenge pits the world’s best pizza makers against each other, competing in various pizza categories like stuffed, traditional, and non-traditional pizzas. The pizzas are carefully examined by a seasoned panel of judges who select a winner amongst the chefs with the better-flavored pizza, texture, perfectly cooked, and most visually appealing.

5. World of Concrete 

World of Concrete
Source: WorldOfConcrete

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: January 16 – January 19, 2023

Why should you attend?

World of Concrete is a trade show that is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The theme of this event is entirely based on the concrete and masonry industry. The event attracts thousands of people from all over the world and is the biggest of its kind held anywhere.

With over 1,500 booths allocated to companies expected to be at the exhibition ground of over 700,000 square feet (both indoor and outdoor space), World of Concrete 2023 promises to be a great opportunity for all players (both big and small) in the concrete and masonry industries to meet with other experts, get a firsthand view of latest products and equipment, and learn about new trends & innovations. If you work in anything close to the concrete and masonry industry, attending the upcoming World of Concrete event in January is highly recommended.

The World of Concrete trade show will have educational seminars, workshops, and live demonstrations of the latest upgrades to equipment.

6. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Source: AAOS

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: March 7 – March 11, 2023

Why should you attend?

Every year, the AAOS Annual Meeting is held at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), a professional organization for orthopedic surgeons. The conference, which is focused on the most recent developments and advancements in the field of orthopedics, attracts a large number of orthopedic surgeons, resident Doctors, and other medical professionals.

The AAOS Annual Meeting (or AAOS 2023) offers attendees a wide selection of educational programs and workshops on topics relating to surgical procedures, improvements in medical technology, and the best patient care techniques. By taking part in AAOS 2023 and being present for these workshops, attendees will be awarded Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

The AAOS annual meeting features a sizable trade show floor for attendees to view the most recent medical products and innovations from leading businesses in the sector. Attendees can also take part in several social and educational events that are slated for the meeting dates.

7. International Security Conference & Exposition West 

International Security Conference & Exposition West
Source: ISA

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: March 28 – March 31, 2023

Why should you attend?

ISC West (International Security Conference & Exposition) is an annual conference and trade show dedicated to security. It is one of the largest security events ever with thousands of attendees from all around the world. More than 1,000 exhibitors and brands will present a wide range of innovative new products and solutions at this global conference at ISC West booths, including everything from access control to autonomous vehicles. You will get the chance to network with over 30,000 security professionals.

The 2023 edition of ISC West will present attendees with several workshops and educational seminars that border around issues like security surveillance, cybersecurity, and emergency management.

ISC West is a must-attend event if you want to remain up to date on the newest trends and developments in the security industry. There will be amazing live demos, which is an exciting opportunity to discover cutting-edge products and technology. ISC West Las Vegas is a fantastic venue for networking with other business executives and learning from leading security industry specialists.

8. Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show 

Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show
Source: Bar and Restaurant Expo

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: March 27 – March 29, 2023

Why should you attend?

Every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, the nightclub and bar industry is the focus of the Nightclub & Bar Convention & Trade Show which pulls thousands of people from all over the world to attend one of the biggest events of its type. From single-unit operators to huge chains to the largest industry groups, Bar and Restaurant Expo delivers the best in innovation and experience to help you scale your own hospitality business.

The Nightclub and Bar Convention is one of the most significant associations of bar, restaurant, and beverage professionals in the world. This is the only event that offers a convenient setting for learning about cutting-edge goods, fresh technology, and emerging business trends in order to increase productivity and, ultimately, profits. Thousands of exhibitors with stands from Las Vegas trade show builders will be on the ground to make the expo setting even more colorful.

The extensive NBC Conference Program, the only program created to satisfy the demands and difficulties of owners, operators, and professionals wishing to advance in the business will help attendees in improving their understanding of the industry.

9. National Association of Broadcasters Show 

National Association of Broadcasters Show
Source: NAB

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: April 15 – April 19, 2023

Why should you attend?

Every year in Las Vegas, Nevada, the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show) is a trade show with an emphasis on the Media, Entertainment, Multimedia Technologies, Cinema, Electronics, and Technology sectors. The event draws thousands of participants from all over the world, making it one of the biggest of its kind.

The peak event for everyone involved in the world of broadcast, media, and entertainment industries will be this year’s NAB Show Centennial, a doorway to cutting-edge technologies. The NAB Show, a driving force behind best-in-class products, will be celebrating 100 years of innovation in 2023.

The NAB 2023 Exhibition will also feature a number of special activities, including award ceremonies, NAB displays, and interactive learning sessions. These gatherings give attendees the chance to network with top professionals while celebrating the successes of individuals and organizations in the media, entertainment, and technology industries.

10. Hospitality Design Conference and Expo 

Hospitality Design Conference and Expo
Source: HD Expo

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: May 2 – May 4, 2023

Why should you attend?

The hospitality design sector is the subject of the Hospitality Design Conference and Expo (HD Expo) 2023, an annual exhibition held in Las Vegas, Nevada. HD Expo has in attendance thousands of people from all over the world. 

The HD Expo in Las Vegas is a premier industry event of its type established to help you network with top hospitality executives and evaluate the tools, products, and services you would need to be successful in the changing market.

Attending the HD Expo 2023 gives you the opportunity to be among the first to observe what new products and services over 1,000 exhibiting companies are launching in the market. Overall, anyone working in the hospitality design sector ought to attend the HD Expo.

11. Licensing Expo

Licensing Expo
Source: Licensing Expo

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: June 13 – June 15, 2023

Why should you attend?

Licensing Expo, the biggest and most significant annual exhibition devoted to licensing and brand extension, was first held in 1980. Every year, over 16,000 retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and licensing agents from more than 70 nations visit the Licensing Expo along with over 5,000 brands.

The goal of this trade show is to connect brands and products in order to offer licensing opportunities globally. The finest chance to obtain the rights to thousands of consumer brands, entertainment icons, and more is at the Licensing Expo 2023. This event is open to anybody interested in attending, registering for a Licensing Expo booth, or just buying products from exhibitors and suppliers.

The Licensing Expo is a great venue for anyone working in the licensing industry to network with other industry professionals and for learning from authorities in various industries.

12. The National Hardware Show 

The National Hardware Show
Source: NHS

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: January 31 – February 2, 2023

Why should you attend?

Annually, the National Hardware Show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a trade fair for the hardware, lawn, garden, and home improvement sectors. The event draws visitors from all around the world and showcases thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers and distributors.

The National Hardware Show (NHS) is dedicated to showcasing innovation, strengthening professional ties, and expanding the industry’s international footprint. Attending the NHS event and partaking in the educational workshops will give you the skills to develop your business, whether you’re looking to reconnect with clients, peers, and colleagues. You also get to learn about the latest DIY and home improvement trends, also exploring new goods and technologies.

The National Hardware Show 2023 offers participants the chance to learn new things, network with colleagues, attend seminars, meet vendors, and potential clients, and peruse the newest lines and trends. This show focuses on shaping modern living in the future through environmental, cultural, and technological development.

 13. JCK

Source: JCKonline

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: June 2 – June 5, 2023

Why should you attend?

JCK is the most reputable trade show for the jewelry industry. Going on 31 years, JCK has brought the industry together in Las Vegas and provided a first-class environment for all the significant elements of the jewelry industry.

This worldwide trade show is the industry’s premier exhibition, showcasing everything from uncut and cut gems to the most recent lines of exquisite jewelry from world-renowned designers. 23,000 peers and buyers will attend, and more than 2,300 exhibitors will fill the exhibition grounds with glitter and glitz in JCK stands.

At JCK Jewelry Show in Las Vegas, you will find a superb assortment of jewelry companies and suppliers from around the globe, with top-notch instruction and cutting-edge technologies on display.

The expansive collections of jewelry, precious stones, watches, and services at JCK make it a top location to learn what’s new in the jewelry industry. The JCK Las Vegas 2033 experience transcends business; it’s personal, bringing together a subculture that is reshaping the jewelry industry’s future.

14. Cosmoprof North America 

Cosmoprof North America

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

When: June 11 – June 23, 2023

Why should you attend?

The Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) 2023 is an annual trade show that is dedicated to the personal care and cosmetics sector. It normally takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, and top beauty companies from all over the world are always present to exhibit their new goods and services.

CPNA is the continent’s premier B2B trade show where attendees from the beauty industry are presented with an opportunity to come together and forge new connections, create collaborations, and strike deals. This beauty expo is known for its dynamic growth and distinctive activities.

CPNA Las Vegas serves as a platform where you are introduced to budding brands and also offered cutting-edge technology experiences, product innovations, and new channels of production, packaging, and distribution.

Product demos, instructional sessions, and networking opportunities are among the several displays and events that CPNA offers its guests. Professionals in the beauty industry, merchants, and distributors from across the United States, Canada, and other nations frequently attend it.

15. Black Hat

Black Hat
Source: Entrepreneur

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: August 5 – August 10, 2023

Why should you attend?

Black Hat began as a single, yearly conference in Las Vegas in 1997 and has since expanded to become the most prestigious information security event series globally. Today, expert security researchers and trainers have a series of top-notch events held annually in the United States, Europe, and Asia. 

Black Hat 2023 will bring together a varied mix of specialists and professionals from the information security world and center on the most recent security research and vulnerability releases. Participants include academics, government representatives, business executives, and security experts.

The Black Hat event in Las Vegas is renowned for its contentious and provocative speeches, many of which center around the moral and legal ramifications of certain research and the boundaries of what is practicable in terms of cyber defense. Many C-level executives and prominent people who want to stay up to date on recent risks and counter-measures in the fast-changing cyber security scene will be in attendance.

16. Solar Power International 

Solar Power International
Source: Re-plus

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: September 11 – September 14, 2023

Why should you attend?

The largest and most quickly growing energy event in North America is Solar Power International 2023 (formerly known as SPI and more recently RE+). This conference will cover a variety of sustainable energy-related topics, such as wind, storage, hydrogen, and electric vehicles. This event is being organized by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA).

The conference provides attendees with the chance to learn about the most recent trends in solar energy as well as to network with other experts in the field. Educational sessions, keynote speakers, and other events will be a significant part of the trade show. Attendees are able to observe firsthand the advancements in the solar industry through an exhibition that will feature some of the newest technologies, products, and services from top brands in the solar sector.

RE+ (SPI 2023) will present you with the chance to network with industry players, both professionals, and newbies, learning about recent developments in the sector and creating connections.

17. SuperZoo 

Source: SuperZoo

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: August 16 – August 18, 2023

Why should you attend?

The SuperZoo trade show is an annual expo held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and is dedicated to the pet industry. Exhibitor booths from all over the world will present their latest products and have their services on display for pets and pet owners.

SuperZoo was founded by the World Pet Association in 1950 as an annual meeting place for the whole industry to learn, network, and conduct business. SuperZoo is the most popular pet industry trade exhibition in North America.

One of the major perks of attending the SuperZoo 2023 trade show is that there is no better location to enlarge your professional network or create new industry relationships than at the largest gathering of North American pet retail and service professionals.

The conference features workshops and educational sessions on a variety of subjects, ranging from pet grooming to nutrition and business management. Attendees will learn from pet and animal specialists and receive insightful knowledge to develop their businesses.


Source: VISION Expo

Where: Las Vegas 

When: September 27 – September 30, 2023

Why should you attend?

Vision Expo 2023 (West) is an annual trade show, dedicated to the eyewear and eyecare sectors. It is hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has international exhibitors displaying their most recent products, innovations, and designs in the eyewear and eyecare sector. Everyone working in the eye care sector, including optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians, dispensing opticians, and optometry and ophthalmology professionals, is welcome to attend the expo, which is also the largest optical event in the United States.

A full ophthalmology event, Vision Expo brings together eyecare, eyewear, education, fashion, and innovation under one building. There are educational materials available for you, regardless of your place in the industry. One of the main benefits of the expo is that it offers attendees a variety of continuing education (CE) classes. The participants can choose from a wide range of education courses, from practice management to clinical education.

Optometrists, opticians, and other allied professionals at Vision Expo will also get a first-time look at what the state of eye care in the future will look like.

19. The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show

The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: October 31 – November 3, 2023

Why should you attend?

The Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, popularly known as the SEMA Show (or the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week), is an annual trade-only exhibition with a focus on the automotive aftermarket sector. It is hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada, where companies from all over the world converge to display their latest innovations. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA), a trade association that represents manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other parties involved in the automotive aftermarket industry is in charge of organizing this trade show.

SEMA 2023 aims to provide guests with value through useful seminars, instructive lectures, social gatherings, and many other activities. The Show covers a broad spectrum of automotive aftermarket sub-sectors, including parts and accessories, racing, restoration, and more. As a result, attendees will be able to discover companies, products, and services that are particularly relevant to their specific industry area.


Source: PACK Expo

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: September 11 – 13, 2023

Why should you attend?

PACK EXPO is a healthcare packaging expo and the world’s largest packaging and processing exhibition. As the packaging and processing sector continues to experience expansion each year, the PACK EXPO is the best avenue to experience the latest technology up close and personal.

More than 23,000 visitors from all over the world are anticipated for the PACK EXPO 2023 to attend and network with the more than 1,500 exhibiting businesses. The Las Vegas Convention Center, with its four massive halls and more than 740,000 square feet of exhibit area will host the expo. Both a variety of supply chain systems and solutions and contemporary packing equipment are expected to be on exhibit.

As an attendee, you will be glad to experience all of the exciting solutions exhibited as a participant. At PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO, you will discover the latest technologies, and hottest trends, and many networking chances with colleagues.

21. Marijuana Business Conference 

Marijuana Business Conference
Source: MJBizCon

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: November 29 – December 1, 2023

Why should you attend?

Marijuana Business Conference (MJBizCon) is the largest and most important event in the cannabis industry each year. With over 35,000 people in attendance from across the 50 states of the US and 60 countries around the world, the Marijuana Business Conference will concentrate on the rapidly developing cannabis industry’s near future. 

More than 1,400 industry brands will be represented on the MJBizCon Expo floor, offering everything from professional growth and processing equipment to financial services. Attendees to this expo should come prepared to compare supplier offerings, look at new technology, identify new vendors, and ask any questions they may have.

The largest and most rapidly expanding event in the marijuana sector is MJBizCon Las Vegas, and as a result of this, it is a top priority event for anyone operating in the industry.

22. The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo 

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo
Source: aapex

Where:Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: October 31 – November 2, 2023

Why should you attend?

The Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPE) in Las Vegas is a must-attend event for anyone in the automotive industry. For the purpose of showcasing the most recent developments in automotive aftermarket products and technology, this annual trade event brings together manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other industry professionals.

At AAPEX show Las Vegas, more than 2,200 automotive aftermarket manufacturers and suppliers will present cutting-edge goods, services, and technology to more than 39,000 niche consumers. It is a perfect location for pitching new products and industry-changing ideas. Products like sound moderators, automotive hand tools, gear systems, cooling systems, friction and brake circuits, engine and transmission parts, etc. will be on display during the trade show.

Participate in the AAPEXedu workshops that will be held at the expo and learn more about the direction the industry is taking and how to grow your business. You will also get to interact with colleagues and learn about the state of the sector through receptions and targeted networking events.

23. Affordable Shopping Destination Show 

Affordable Shopping Destination Show
Source: Asdonline

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: February 26 – March 1, 2023

Why should you attend?

The Affordable Shopping Destination Market Week, also known as the ASD Show, is the largest consumer goods trade show in the country. This wholesale trade show in Las Vegas will feature a wide variety of high-quality products available at wholesale pricing points for retailers and distributors of all sizes.

There will be over 1,800 vendors, suppliers, and wholesalers from all over the world attending the event, giving people and companies an unrivaled chance to interact, work together, and develop. The world’s largest selection of products are assembled at ASD Market Week in one appropriate promotional exhibition making it as simple to buy as it is to like. ASD offers a wide range of high-quality options for any budget.

ASD Market Week is a great chance for brands going to expand and also for people interested in learning about the industry. ASD Show is an opportunity to network with other experts, discover the latest developments and trends, and keep up with the latest technologies. Everybody working in the consumer goods sector is advised to attend.

24. The International Sign Expo 

The International Sign Expo
Source: Signexpo

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: April 12 – April 14, 2023

Why should you attend?

The International Sign Expo (ISA Sign Expo) is an industry-specific conference and trade show that is based on the sign and visual media industry. The International Sign Association (ISA) are the organizers of this event, which usually include exhibitions of products relating to digital printing, sign creation, and visual communication. Educational programs and networking are also some of the opportunities presented at the expo. Professionals working in sign and graphics, owners and managers of businesses, as well as students and teachers in related subjects, are usually present.

Sign Expo 2023 is the best place to conduct business and stay current on key aspects of the sign media Industry. You can find everything you need to succeed in the sign, graphics, and visual communications industry in this show. Such things like wide format printing, digital signage, novel substrate printing techniques, interesting applications and accessories that will broaden your product lines, LEDs, vehicle wrapping, etc.

25. Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 

Global Gaming Expo (G2E)
Source: G2E

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: October 9 – October 12, 2023

Why should you attend?

Every year, the casino and gaming industry trade exhibition known as the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is organized by The American Gaming Association (AGA) and Reed Exhibitions. Global Gaming Expo, which is regarded as the biggest gaming trade exhibition in the world. This is the only venue where you can interact with the people, products, and concepts that can help grow your brand and also shape the whole gaming industry.

This trade show’s attendees may expect to experience the newest developments, products, and services from leading vendors in the field. Additionally, G2E 2023 offers delegates the ability to network with other industry experts and gain useful information from the conference agenda.

The Global Gaming Expo is the biggest gathering of international and commercial gaming specialists in North America. G2E 2023 will feature the most recent developments in gaming and audiovisual technology. Ranging from things like classic casino games to sports betting, non-gaming facilities, and digital offerings, G2E shares knowledge of everything you need to equip your casino floor.

 26. Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show 

Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show
Source: SHOT Show

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: January 17 – January 20, 2023

Why should you attend?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) sponsors the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Fair (SHOT Show), the largest trade show of its kind in the world. The SHOT Show will host more than 2,400 exhibitors and over 60,000 business professionals from the firearms and outdoor industries on more than 800,000 net square feet of exhibit space. This will last over the course of 4 days.

As a retailer or dealer in this industry, the Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show is a great place to discover new products and services. This will help you stay afloat in the competitive market. In the same way, this trade show is an ideal event for manufacturers and distributors to exhibit their products to an international audience as over 108 countries are represented at the show.

27. NAHB International Builders’ Show 

NAHB International Builders' Show
Source: Builders’ Show

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

When: January 31 – February 2, 2023

Why should you attend?

The 2023 International Builders’ Show, which will take up more than 600,000 square feet of exhibition space showcasing the newest and most sought-after products, will be hosted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas will provide exhibitors with the chance to present their company, services, and products to some of the biggest players and decision-makers in the industry looking for the newest products and innovations to grow their companies.

Typically, The International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas attracts thousands of home-building experts with buying power from all over the world. It is an ideal event to come and showcase cutting-edge technologies, the latest innovations, and even new project ideas. The NAHB International Builders’ Show serves as a point for the introduction of new products, construction demonstrations, sessions with industry leaders, workshops, panel discussions, etc. You will get genuine ideas and real solutions you need to expand and develop your brand.

Bottom Line 

To sum it all up, Las Vegas is the location of some of the biggest and most important trade shows and expos in the world. Businesses and professionals present their products and services, network, and stay up-to-date on the most recent advancements in their industry by attending these events.

For companies that want to remain competitive and forge new corporate relationships, attending these trade shows can be an excellent investment. With AplusExpo custom trade show exhibition services, you’ll be able to boost your business value by meeting with better professionals. Feel free to contact us for more insight. Our experts are more than ready to proffer professional solutions.

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