Top 30 Trade Shows And Fairs In Orlando 2023

Orlando is a beautiful city. It is one of the cities with the highest number of tourists worldwide. Due to this, Orlando is the site of numerous trade exhibitions. Trade fairs allow businesses to get new customers and keep their current ones. Analyzing the business’s existing standing and intended goals is necessary to choose the right trade show. 

The booth and complete presentation should be consistent with the brand’s message for maximum effect. To increase the exhibition’s visibility, trade show booth design businesses provide excellent designs. Brands looking to participate in trade show events in 2022-2023 have many commercial options. Here is a list of events that will be placed in Orlando 2023 if you intend to attend any of the trade exhibitions there.

Motorcoach Expo

Motorcoach expo
Source: Motorcoach expo

Where: Orlando, FL

When: January 11-14, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The UMA Motorcoach Expo displays company news from the United States and abroad in transportation and logistics, automobility, urban transportation, road transportation, buses, and services. It is a fantastic marketing approach and strengthens your connections in the sector. 

One can look for the Orlando trade show schedule and find new possibilities with reliable business partners by attending the motorcoach expo or setting up your booth. The best chance to reestablish contact with your clientele and draw in the top purchasers in the sector is at this year’s trade show exhibits Orlando. The expo houses 1000 and 5000 attendees and between 100 and 500 exhibitors.

Orlando Gun Show

Orlando gun low logo
Source: Florida gun show

Where: Central Florida Fairgrounds

When: Mar 18 – 19, 2023

Why you should attend this show: 

At the Orlando Gun Show, you can find various new, used, and antique guns, ammo, shooting equipment, knives, gun clothing, and more. For knife collectors, the expo features several dealers, including sharpeners and producers of custom knives. You will find a wide variety of tasers, pepper sprays, and stun guns, among other items, if you are interested in self-defense supplies. 

You may bring one or more firearms into the event for trading, buying, or selling them or for accessories. Also, since it is a big event, opting for a professional trade show services company is advisable. When you pick one, always check out the testimonials of customers and then make a decision. For more details about the Orlando gun show, click below. 

Vmx Orlando

Vmx Orlando

Where: Orlando, FL

When: January 13-17, 2024

Why you should attend this show:

The VMX Expo includes guidance to vets from all around the world. The expo is committed to bringing the industry’s top professionals. Attendees can anticipate learning information that will advance their profession. Professionals can network and converse at the expo. Participants can enhance their profession with new goods, services, and machinery displayed in the VMX Expo Hall. 

It provides a forum for interacting with veterinary professionals worldwide while learning from the industry’s top experts and exploring your CE interests. At VMX, the members connect in fresh ways as they advance as a team. Together with veterinarians, nurses/technicians, speakers, students, and forward-thinking industry leaders, share knowledge and friendship with veterinary professionals worldwide. You’ll progress toward a wiser and more effective practice with the help of hundreds of exhibitors prepared to address issues with the most innovative solutions.

Ara Show

The ARA show
Source: The ARA show

Where: Orlando, FL

When: February 11-15, 2023

Why you should attend this show:

American rental association organizes an annual trade show; this show is for the equipment and event rental industry. It offers participants and exhibitors the ideal opportunity to acquire knowledge, build relationships, and purchase or sell. The trade show has been on for 66 years and has become the most significant equipment and event rental trade show. You can network with the appropriate audience since only qualified industry professionals are allowed at the event. Utilize this platform to meet many high-quality prospects in one location at your custom booth, increasing brand awareness.

In short, the ARA Show is where you may meet other people in the rental industry. This trade fair offers attendees and exhibitors the ideal setting for learning, networking, and connecting purchasers and suppliers of goods and services.

Intergalactic Bead Show

Different beads at beadshow
Source: Beadshows

Where: Pompano beach, Orlando, FL

When: January 28-29, 2023

Why should you attend this show:

The Intergalactic Bead Show brings manufacturers and consumers worldwide to a high-end wholesale and retail event. Visitors can view a variety of gemstones, antique beads, freshwater pearls, pendants, etc. Remember that if you want to show, you must undergo a rigorous jury selection procedure to guarantee the quality, professionalism, and customer service. So, if you get selected, it becomes vital to have a perfect trade show display and booth rental

Pga Show

The PGA show
Source: Pinterest

Where: Orlando, FL

When: January 24-27, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

In collaboration with the PGA of America, Reed Exhibitions (RX) organizes the PGA Show. It is the world’s entryway to golf’s future and the most significant gathering point for the golf industry. In order to foster innovation, find solutions, grow businesses, and ignite a love for the sport, PGA develops a vibrant international community. They collaborate and test this community’s newest products, initiatives, and ideas. In addition to adding value to their facility and setting their store apart from rivals, PGA Professionals and buyers advance their careers by learning anything new.

Mobile Tech Expo

Mobile tech expo
Source: Mobile tech expo

Where: Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, FL

When: January 26-28, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The Mobile Tech Expo is a great chance to exhibit, attend, and learn about everything in the industry. The Mobile Tech Expo offers networking opportunities, education, and information specifically for the paintless and detailing dent repair industries. It is anticipated that there will be around 130 exhibitors who will share their ideas with around 2k visitors. With so many visitors, you will have a perfect opportunity to connect, and a customized trade show displays Orlando showcasing your brand will help you achieve that.

Our Dream Wedding Expo

Our dream wedding expo
Source: Our dream wedding expo

Where: Orlando, FL

When: January 29, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

One of the top bridal expos in the central Florida wedding business is “Our Dream Wedding Expo.” At this exciting bridal expo, you can plan your ideal wedding if you’re getting married. Additionally, if you are a vendor, you can assist the attendees in planning their ideal wedding. Be sure to make your booth enticing with banners and signs. It is a fantastic chance to speak with prospective clients. A bridal expo that showcases the newest trends also takes place.

IFT Expo

IFT Expo
Source: IFT expo

Where: Caribe Royale Resort, Orlando, FL

When: January 31, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

IFT organized suppliers’ night expos in the United States. This trade show is a must-visit for every business as this expo has received the section of excellence award for ten years. It’s a terrific opportunity for networking and company growth, with over a thousand participants and hundreds of exhibitors. Florida IFT is the top networking group for the state of Florida and the nation’s food, beverage, and nutritional industries. 

Anybody is welcome to join the group and their entertaining and educational programs! They are a group of industry-representative volunteers, including technologists, marketers, communicators, buyers, and salespeople. Also, if you need help conceptualizing your ideas, you can take help from trade show management. So, check out the Orlando trade show schedule from the link below. 

Nafem Orlando

Nafem show
Source: NAFEM show

Where: Orange County Convention Centre, Orlando, FL

When: Feb 1-3, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

This Orlando trade show’s focus is on the supplies and equipment for the food service industry that help your company grow. When you visit, you will see infinite possibilities thanks to the leading exhibitors, innovations, unending educational opportunities, and innumerable relationships. When you attend, you learn about the tools and materials that can help you and your restaurant stay on top of things. You can immerse yourself in modern technology and establish contacts that could alter the course of your company’s operations. 

The opportunity to showcase their goods and services in front of a broad audience of attendees will provide exhibitors with a unique platform and enable them to grow their businesses to new heights. The show will attract many people, so paying attention to the trade show truss display system is also essential. You can modify the truss by choosing the layout, color scheme, images, and other elements that work best for your truss display. You can be confident that your trade show display will be well-received because the truss may be built in various sizes and design options.

Luxury Products Group Expo 2023

Luxury products expo
Source: Luxury products group

Where: Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida

When: Feb 2-4, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The Luxury Products Group Expo provides independent decorative plumbing, hardware, and lighting stores with discount programs, supplier alliances, illustrious mentoring, and business services required to advance and run a successful independent business. Additionally, one can get a membership granting access to their assortment of premium brands. Members are encouraged to push themselves to new heights to realize their objectives by attending this expo. With the help of Orlando exhibit companies, you can be assured of the top services. 

Orlando Guitar Show

Orlando guitar show
Source: Guitar expo

Where: Orlando Florida

When: Feb 3-5, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The 35th anniversary of the Orlando guitar show has just passed. The year 2022 was the busiest for the expo. The 2023 show is scheduled for February 3, 4, and 5. One of the finest guitar markets is present in Orlando. You have two options: purchase something or build a trade show displays Orlando to show off your collection. It is likely that if you do this, you will attract customers and clients. Additionally, a record number of vendors and members of the faithful public are expected to attend. The organizers will be giving away an antique guitar to the general public.

Unfi Natural & Conventional Show

Unfi natural and conventional show
Source: UNFI

Where: Loews Royal Pacific Orlando

When: Feb 7-8, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

Visitors can peruse an exhibit of goods at the UNFI Natural & Conventional Show, including prepared foods and bakery goods, ethnic food, vitamins, gourmet food, seafood, etc. The attendees and the exhibits get equal opportunities to interact with one another. For a perfect booth, the trade show booth rental Orlando should be your first choice. 

At a trade fair, it’s vital to make an impact on the attendees. It determines whether or not your show was successful. The best strategy to advertise your goods is to distribute sample giveaways and free product samples to interested visitors. People are typically more open to sales presentations if someone is holding a sample of your product on the trade show floor. You can give your visitor a loaf of bread, a piece of cake, or anything you are an expert at. 

Underground Construction Technology Conference (UCT)

Underground Construction Technology Conference
Source: UCT online

Where: Orange county convention center, Orlando

When: February 7-9, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

UCT is where business people who work in the underground utility pipe infrastructure gather and connect, giving businesses a chance to grow. People working in the water, telecom, gas, sewer, and power industries depend on UCT to educate them on the most recent methods for the trenchless, open-cut, pipe repair, and new construction. 

Prior to and during underground construction technology international conferences, numerous academic and commercial sponsors conduct lectures. The nearly two hundred exhibitors present machinery and innovations for preserving the aging utility piping systems. So, if you are in the field, choose the right trade show booth and check out the link for the Orlando trade show schedule.

Self Storage Association Conference & Trade Show

Self Storage Association Conference & Trade Show
Source: Self Storage Association Conference & Trade

Where: Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld, Orlando

When: February 8-10, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The Self Storage Association Conference & Trade Show brings together storage experts from all over the globe who are eager to exchange knowledge, insight and new goods and services designed specifically for the self-storage business. It is a nonprofit organization aiming to grow and improve Florida’s self-storage sector. And one can be a part of this initiative by having trade show exhibits Orlando in this trade show. 

Space Commerce Conference And Exposition

Space Commerce Conference And Exposition
Source: Space Commerce Conference And Exposition

Where: Orlando, FL

When: February 21-23, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

Numerous space professionals are drawn to this unequaled yearly event for its informative conference lineup moderated by subject matter experts and its extensive expo featuring the top solution suppliers from across the globe. The NASA-Kennedy Space Center and the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies collaborated to create this conference and exposition. Both organizations aim to advance the field of space exploration science, promote investment opportunities, encourage on-planet solutions, and ultimately discover novel, long-term approaches to safeguarding the planet and it is interconnected systems. It would be amazing to have trade show displays Orlando.

Mba Servicing Conference

Mba Servicing Conference
Source: Mba Servicing Conference

Where: Hyatt Regency, Orlando

When: February 21-24, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

For servicing experts and service providers, this industry event is a must-attend. Be ready to exchange knowledge, network with colleagues in the business, and find novel solutions that will guide you down the path to successful servicing. To deal with the most recent problems affecting borrowers, one can obtain tools and resources. You may therefore learn about service solutions that will improve efficiency and performance by visiting this conference and getting custom exhibits Orlando; in fact, you can also opt for a special size booth, make it big, small, or any way you want. 

Home And Garden Show Orlando

The Orlando Home and Garden Show
Source: The Orlando Home and Garden Show

Where: Orange county convention center, Orlando

When: February 24-26, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The Orlando Home and Garden Show assists in bringing outdoor and indoor remodeling and renovation projects to life. Attending this trade expo will assist you in finishing your projects! You can find the most recent goods and services for anything from contractors, materials, storage, kitchenware, plants, etc., at exhibits covering thousands of square feet. The best marketing move you can make to advance your company and attract new clients right away is to have a trade show booth rental Orlando. In a sales setting, potential customers can examine, touch, and compare your products before buying.

Florida Jewelry & Resort Expo

Florida Jewelry & Resort Expo logo
Source: Florida Jewelry & Resort Expo

Where: Osceola heritage park, Orlando

When: February 24-26, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

Fashion accessory vendors can advertise and market their goods to large global buyers at the Florida Jewelry & Resort Expo. One of the best wholesale markets, they bring the largest, newest, and most fashionable selection of jewelry, accessories, apparel, and many more. At these large events, Orlando exhibit companies help you in getting the perfect exhibit for your booth and with the help of trade show booth lighting, you can enhance your booth. 

Powergen International

Powergen international
Source: Powergen

Where: Orange county convention center Orlando Florida

When: February 21-22, 2023

Why should you attend this show:

Powergen international is a perfect place for producers, and solution providers, who can connect with each other and help each other grow. With exhibitors and visitors, POWERGEN International strives to advance the power generation sector. Make sure this sector is aware of your services and products. By attending this expo, you can get unmatched access to business decision-makers, inventors, and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Tmc Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition Case Meeting

Tmc Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition Case Meeting
Source: Tmc Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition Case Meeting

Where: Orange County Convention Center – North Concourse


When: February 28- March 2, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The TMC annual meeting this year has an impressive lineup of educational sessions and a comprehensive technology exhibition with specialists from the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the trucking business. This itself makes it worthy for trade show exhibits Orlando. In addition to a large selection of technically oriented training seminars addressing developing powertrain technologies, etc., hundreds of industry task forces will convene throughout the expo to address issues crucial to trucking fleets.

This expo attracts more than 5,000 attendees each year and provides a wide range of information essential to the expansion and prosperity of the trucking business; it continues to be the top event for fleet management.

Global Pet Expo Orlando

Global pet expo
Source: Pinterest

Where: Orange county convention center Orlando Florida

When: March 22-24, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The community of animal lovers gathers under one roof thanks to the Global Pet Expo. This is where huge ideas are realized, as stated on their website. With more than 1K exhibiting businesses, several product releases, and hundreds of first-timers, it is one of the best events for pet lovers. So, having an audio and visual equipment rental will be of great help. 

Enterprise Connect Orlando

Enterprise connect
Source: Enterprise connect

Where: Gaylord Palms, Orlando, FL

When: March 27-30, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

Enterprise Connect has been among the prestigious expo for enterprise communications and CX for more than 30 years. The IT community comes together at this expo to share information, connect with peers and subject-matter experts, and investigate cutting-edge tools and methods for communication and collaboration. Having custom exhibits Orlando will help you to connect and unify communications, audiovisual systems, or security and compliance. 

Coverings Orlando

Coverings Orlando
Source: Coverings

Where: Orlando, Florida

When: April 18-21, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

Coverings are the premier exhibition for the ceramic tile and natural stone sectors. With the aid of trade show booth rental Orlando, you can attend the expo and learn about hundreds of international businesses, new product breakthroughs, industry connections, and information that you need to grow your company. 

With numerous educational opportunities offered during the exhibition, the expo act as a vital and supplementary ongoing training resource for all industry areas. The crucial tile and stone business attracts thousands of fabricators, retailers, distributors, bloggers, reporters, etc. For your booth size, you can opt for different options such as 20×30′, 20×40′, 20×10′, etc. 

Premiere Beauty Show

Premiere Beauty Show
Source: Premiere Beauty Show

Where: Orange County convention center, Orlando

When: June 3-5, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

Premiere Orlando is among the biggest beauty shows in the country. Premiere Orlando is a place with many options for learning about the newest methods, techniques, and products, with motivational teaching from the best beauty experts and top exhibiting brands. The fair trade event serves as a great opportunity for company owners, merchants, and end consumers. It features multiple lines of items from the beauty sector, including beauty services, kits, products, etc. 

Infocomm Orlando

Infocomm show
Source: Pinterest

Where: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando

When: June 10-16, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The largest AV industry trade show in North America is called InfoComm. The show includes the newest video, audio, projection, signal delivery, conferencing, and a lot more cutting-edge technology. It is a perfect place to learn about the latest audiovisual inventions, and trade show booth rental Orlando will help you to interact more. Also, when it comes to the AV industry, it is best that your booth have some 3D design elements. 

Apta’s Transform Conference & Expo

Apta expo banner
Source: Apta expo

Where: Orange county convention center, Orlando, FL

When: October 9-11, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

Apta’s Transform Conference & Expo is a well-established, top resource for the public transportation sector that advances mobility systems through a comprehensive display of cutting-edge goods and services. To connect the industry with what’s new and coming up in public transportation, it brings together visitors and exhibitors from all around the world. You can find ways to attract and keep more passengers, reimagine the passenger experience, incorporate technology to make life more convenient, strengthen security, move toward a more sustainable system, raise system reliability, and more.

Pma Trade Show

The Global Produce & Floral Show (Pma trade show)
Source: Pinterest

Where: Orange county convention center, Orlando, FL

When: October 19-21, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The Global Produce & Floral Show, formerly the PMA Fresh Summit, will take place in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. You can discover the best of both worlds here if you’re craving interactions and inspiration. It is the very finest location for establishing enduring connections and staying current with trends. 

You may run across your next client or supplier and forge connections that will fuel your success. Everyone involved in the worldwide supply networks for fruit and flowers will be there. Take advantage of trade show exhibits Orlando and take control of the situation. You can introduce new goods and services here, strengthen and broaden your network, and demonstrate your leadership.

Surf Expo Orlando

Surf Expo
Source: Surf Expo

Where: Orange County convention center, Orlando

When: September 7-9, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

One of the most eagerly awaited Orlando trade shows is the surf expo. In its specific industry vertical, it holds the record for operating the longest. You can participate in the most popular beach resort lifestyle and sporting events. The fair also includes clothing and merchandise, a series of fashion show events, award presentations, and much more. The trade show will mesmerize everyone who has been waiting for fun.

Orlando Boat Show

Orlando boat show
Source: Orlando boat show

Where: Orange county convention center, Orlando

When: March 17-19, 2023

Why should you attend this show: 

The Orlando Boat Show offers a vast selection of boats to suit every lifestyle and event, including deck boats, bowriders, surf boats, flats boats, etc. Dealers and manufacturers are offering extra incentives, such as longer service packages, warranties, waived dockage, upgraded electronics, and accessory packages, exclusively during the event. 

If you are a dealer or a manufacturer incorporating these incentives will help you in building customers also, unique booths will make a difference too. Fabric display booths are a great way to promote your business because you can customize the size of the background to fit your needs. Every year, more than 30 of the top maritime industry manufacturers visit the Orlando Boat Show. In addition to trailers, coastal boats, and other associated accessories, marine electrical appliances are also on display here.


Make sure your trade show booth is designed and constructed by professionals if you want to succeed at these Orlando trade shows. Make sure your trade show booth is designed and constructed by professionals if you want to succeed at these Orlando trade shows. Aplus is a reputable trade show booth designer that offers rental booths, allowing you to customize and ensure that your exhibits are made just for your brand’s needs. You can contact us if you need help organizing your booth at any of these trade shows. 

Determine which trade show is appropriate for your sector and plan how you will present yourself in the best possible light. You can choose various trade exhibitions and decide on your strategy.

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