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A trade show is an event that brings representatives of an explicit industry together to showcase, demonstrate, and discuss their latest products and services. Major trade exhibitions generally span several days and are held at convention facilities in major cities. 
If you want to improve your trade show marketing and expand your business, one part of your exhibiting plans that you should emphasize is picking the proper position on the trade show floor. Because it is about the location as the specific spot you choose for your trade show booth will decide the success of your participation. The audience must get to see you!

Buy Or Rent A Booth Based On Your Budget

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In a sea of increasing competitors, you need to stand out. Precisely, the exhibition booth for a trade show booth is comparable to getting dressed for your wedding.

Firstly, not every trade show booth location yields the same output. High-exposure sites have a higher price tag. If you grab a spot close to the entry and it falls within your budget, this is a superb alternative. It is imperative to have plenty of foot traffic, but it is also paramount to stick to your budget.

Trade booths are expensive to buy and if you can not buy one, you always have the option of renting.  Because of their cost-effectiveness and convention flexibility, trade show display rentals are a popular choice. 

Let us look at the pros and cons of both buying and renting.



  • It is ideal for displaying several times a year if your company frequently participates at expos. If you have a lot of exhibits in the same region, then investing in buying is apt.
  • When you buy a bespoke trade show booth, you commit to one design, which means your visitors will become more familiar with your brand.


  • It will need to travel somewhere after your expo, which might eat into your budget more than you anticipated.
  • It is not feasible to change an already customized display, you will likely pass on the cutting-edge new marketing strategy.



  • Your exhibition booth will always look the same whether you own it. If you hire a booth, it will only be for that one event.
  • By renting two modest, budget-friendly rentals, your firm can attend two trade fairs in separate areas of the country on the same day.


  • Certain modifications are impossible in exhibition stand design and build if you do not own your booth.
  • When you rent a display booth, it is not brand new, just like any other rental.

Choose The Right Exhibition Booth Size

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Understanding your unique trade show goals and, quite literally, what will be occurring in the exhibit area is the most crucial element in selecting the ideal booth size from the various types of booths:

  • Introducing new products?
  • Demonstrations of products?
  • What about video presentations?
  • What about direct sales?
  • What is the best way to generate leads?
  • What are your thoughts on interactive games and technology?

There is no all-encompassing magic formula, but knowing your marketing goals and how you intend to achieve them is critical when deciding on size and layout.
Let us look at different types of booths:

10×10 Trade Show Booth

10×10 trade show booth displays provide a more compact option for a variety of enterprises. They are a low-cost initial investment that will save you a lot of money in the long run.

10×20 Trade Show Booth

Designs for 10×20 trade show booths that appeal to a variety of customer requirements. These booth displays have a wider width, allowing you more space for appropriate and significant features.

20×20 Trade Show Booth

20×20 trade show booth display to draw attention to your company and products. To guarantee that the trade show booths correctly perform their function, they are designed with your brands and aims in mind.

20×30 Trade Show Booth

20×30 trade show booths provide exceptional service and effectively convey the motto of your brand, helping you to increase conversions and draw more visitors to your show booth.

20×40 Trade Show Booth

20×40 trade show booths cover a larger area and communicate your brand’s message, resulting in increased customer interest.

Special Size Trade Show Booth

The best part is customizing your special-size trade show booth depending on your needs and desires. With the right booth size, you showcase your brand and expand your business.

Choose A Proper Type Of Trade Show Booth

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There are a variety of trade show displays to choose from, each with its own set of advantages for showcasing your company, goods, and other vital information in eye-catching ways. The ideal representation for your organization is determined by your budget, goals, and requirements.

A well-designed trade show exhibit should reflect your brand, so stick to your company’s brand guidelines, colors, images, and logos.

Inline Booth

On its sides or back, an inline trade show exhibit, also known as a linear booth, abuts one or more exhibitions. Inline booth designs and sizes are typically 10′ x 10′ or 10′ x 20′ in size, with a maximum back wall height of 8′.

Island Booth

Island display trade show displays are often 20′ by 20′ or bigger, with aisles on all four sides. Hanging constructions are frequently allowed over island exhibition stands, with height limitations varied at each trade show but often ranging from 20 to 30 feet.

Double Deck Booth

Double-deck booth design allows exhibitors to optimize their space by adding lounges, conference rooms, or even private demo rooms on the second floor, creating a VIP experience. Exhibitors can benefit from double-deck exhibitions by gaining additional space without paying for a larger floor area.

Corner Booth

A corner booth is at the end of a series of linear lined booths. Typically, two perpendicular sides of a corner exhibit will be accessible to traffic. This exhibit style is of places where two or more aisles meet.

Peninsula Booth

Three out of four sides of the Peninsula booth are open to an aisle, while one side is mutual with another booth. The common side visual for numerous events is simple and free of logos, branding, or advertising. Many portable displays feature huge visual backdrops, allowing for effective branding and interaction with guests.

Choose The Best Trade Show Booth Location

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Although trade shows give sales possibilities, the actual placement of your booth at the exhibition improves visibility, booth traffic, and return on investment for your company. Customers must locate your trade show exhibit to experience it.


This is a common phenomenon that two same companies presenting similar products can end up in the same vicinity of each other. Exhibition organizers usually divide the exhibiting area by industry, so that audiences can browse the products or services they need to purchase without crossing the entire floor.  

Consider where your business partners are located when positioning your display space for shared collaboration benefits, while also keeping an eye on where your rivals are located.

Famous Brands Or Large Size Booths

Examine the whole floor plan, paying close attention to where the main companies in your sector and event sponsors will be placed. These well-known firms have large trade show booth sizes and automatically draw attendance just by being on everyone’s radar. Because they are larger firms, they are more likely to have a huge exhibit that sticks out and attracts attention. 

Once you know where they’ll be on the floor, attempt to get your booth as close to them as feasible. It’s a tremendous victory if a display can attract visitors from all around the exhibition floor. And it will be a win for you because this region will see increased traffic.

High Pedestrian Count

There are more high-traffic places than simply the entry area in the trade show perimeter booth! Bathrooms, lounge spaces, where food and beverages are offered, as well as junctions where major aisles meet, are examples of extra high-traffic sites. In most situations, these locations will be significantly less expensive. However, knowing about these other alternatives is helpful, especially if you’re a bit late to the party and space is limited.

Work with A Trade Show Booth Design Company

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When you invest in an exhibition, you grasp how significant the event is to the growth of your business. You must ensure that visitors stop by your booth and are interested in learning more about what you have to offer. As a result, exhibitors must collaborate with exhibition stand contractors for the best outcome. 
A trade show design company taps into the creative energy and works with precision to garner guests’ attention in an increasingly competitive market. One of the most experienced and reliable trade show booth builders is an ideal way to put your business ahead of the competition at the upcoming trade show.


You are now better able to choose the best option for your company after researching and learning about the many prospects of exhibition booth size. The fact that you receive an all-in-one pre-designed rental system when you hire a trade show display is one of the primary advantages. Each rental system includes the same features as a bespoke show, but at a lower cost.

The more you’ve considered something, the better. When you start the display design process, you’ll have certain goals in mind to guide you. There is usually a display size “sweet spot” that achieves your marketing objectives effectively. 

Custom Booth to Present Your Products Perfectly at the Show!

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