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The trade show industry is big and is expanding daily. Even with the new regulations regarding the pandemic, trade shows are still being held virtually. Sometimes they are hybrid shows where it is a mixture of both physical expos and virtual ones. This industry offers an opportunity to companies to showcase their products to thousands of potential customers marketing their products and brands in the process.

Las Vegas hosts major trade shows that are attended by people from all over the world. This has led to the establishment of many trade show companies such as Aplus Expo, Xibit Solutions, Las Vegas Trade Show Production, 702 Pros, the Design Factory LLC, Trade Show Temps, and many more. The above companies led by Aplus Expo are the leading and recognized booth builders in Las Vegas.

Exhibit Services From Booth Builders in Las Vegas

A Trade Show Booth

Booth builders offer several services that facilitate a successful trade show for both exhibitors and buyers. Before choosing a booth builder to work with, always make sure you have done a background check on them to assess their products and services from previous clients. This is important since it will be very costly and time-consuming to start the process over in case they mess with your booth and display designs.

Custom Trade Show Booth Design in Las Vegas

A Custom Trade Show

Custom booths are those made to precisely represent your brand and products to the audience. They have features like:

  • Have all your brand characteristics and elements
  • They are appealing
  • The branding is clear
  • Poses creative designs
  • Have unique details that can only be found on your booth

Custom booths have many benefits to the exhibitor such as;

  • They attract more attention at the trade show
  • Improves your sales
  • Attain a higher return on investment
  • Generates buzz making your brand name reputable
  • Gives your company an edge over the others

Trade Show Booth Rental in Las Vegas

Rental Services

Several companies in Las Vegas offer trade show booth rental services making it easy for exhibitors, especially those not from Las Vegas, to access booths when attending trade shows in Las Vegas. Features of this service in Las Vegas include:

  • The designs should not be below standards
  • Have experience in booth building and renting
  • All-inclusive pricing
  • On-time services

The benefits of these services in Las Vegas are:

  • Flexible: they can be modified to suit the exhibitor’s taste and specifications
  • Gives exhibitors a range of options to choose from
  • It prevents monotony since there will be a new booth at every show
  • No liabilities of owning a booth
  • Cost-effective
  • Allows trying out new brand concepts and evaluate the results

Trade Show Display Design and Rental

Trade Show Display Design

Displays are the things used to make the booths homier and captivating. They include kiosks, signs, graphics, light fixtures, banners, and so on. The display designs should capture prospects’ attention and lure them to your booth. Displays can be rented from trade show exhibit companies. The features of these services in Las Vegas include:

  • Cutting edge designs
  • Properly branded with all the exhibitor company’s elements
  • Unique services
  • Visible from far to be seen by potential customers and investors
  • Rental displays should be delivered on time

The benefits of these services are:

  • No ownership liabilities
  • Incorporation of the latest design technologies on your rental display
  • Saves time
  • It is inexpensive
  • Provides unique designs on your displays

Trade Show Furniture Rental in Las Vegas

Trade Show Furniture Rental

Furniture is a popular site at trade shows, nearly all booths have seats and other types of furniture. Some are owned but most of them are rented. In Las Vegas, companies are renting furniture for trade shows and these services have become common. The features of these services in Las Vegas are:

  • The furniture should be stylish
  • Comfortability is key
  • They should match with the overall design of the booth and displays
  • High-quality furniture should be used

The benefits of incorporating furniture into your booth at Las Vegas trade shows are;

  • There is a wide range of options you can choose from
  • Permits flexibility more than owning furniture
  • It is very convenient
  • Renting is cost-effective
  • There is no need for storage space or fees

Exhibition Stand Build and Dismantle

Exhibition Stand

Stand building for exhibitions is a service offered by booth builders in Las Vegas. The stands are built according to the customer’s demands to suit their brand and products displayed at the expo. The company that builds the stands offers dismantling services as well. The features of these services are:

The benefits of these services in Las Vegas include:

  • The material used on the stands is always updated
  • It is an affordable service
  • The builders manage everything making work easier for you
  • They are usually experienced hence save time os setting up and dismantling

Trade Show Storage

Trade Show Storage Facility

Trade show storage services play a vital role in exhibitions. These services offer exhibitors ample time since they do not have to find a storage space themselves. Enough storage space ensures that the booths and other equipment are kept safe from wearing out. Companies such as Aplus Expo offer these services at good pricing. The features of these services include:

The benefits of trade show storage services;

  • Fragile pieces are handled with care
  • Eliminates lose of items since they are handled by professionals
  • The company will deliver your items when needed hence saving on transportation cost
  • They handle any concerns you may have regarding your items

On-site Support


On-site support is the service offered at the event site by your booth builder. These services come in handy since they will be lessening work for you and you will have more time to focus on other things that are also crucial for the trade show’s success. The features of these services are like;

The services come with several benefits such as;

  • Makes work easier for the exhibitor
  • Enables proper handling of items preventing breakages and lost
  • The extra labor facilitates fast setup
  • Reduces stress and anxiety brought by the event

Aplus- Your Trusted Trade Show Booth Designer and Builder in Las Vegas

Aplus Expo Logo

Aplus Expo is a booth designer and builder located in Las Vegas. They offer several services such as custom booths, rental booths, 3D rendering and concept development, installation and dismantling, graphics printing, trade show storage, transportation and logistics, trade show project management, and audiovisual equipment rental. They are a world-class company offering exhibition services in Las Vegas and all around the US.

Working with Aplus Expo comes with several benefits such as;

  • They have a team of professionals working on your projects
  • They are customer centered hence all your needs will be mat
  • They are very innovative meaning you will always stand out at the trade show
  • Their services are top-notch
  • They are affordable

Their services reach cities like Dallas, Missouri, Phoenix, Houston, Tampa, Miami, Cincinnati, San Diego, just to mention a few. They are a reputable company that is eager to work with you anytime you need these services


Trade shows are major and important for companies to thrive. They are facilitated by companies that build and design booths and other needed equipment. These companies lessen work for exhibitors because their services are top-notch. Whenever you require designing and building services, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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