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Trade Show Tips and Tricks at Every Show Phase

Trade shows are events where products and services in an industry are exhibited. These shows provide opportunities for businesses to create new relationships and advertise their brand to a larger audience. They are a valuable asset in the business world for start-ups that want to gain traction in their industry likewise for veteran businesses.

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Showcasing your products or services at trade shows requires a lot of work and to accomplish your objectives and derive a positive ROI, you have to take the right measures before, during, and after the event. Here are some trade show tips and tricks.

Trade Show Tips: Pre-Show

Pre-show preparation (Learn:How To Prepare For A Trade Show) sets the tempo for the rest of the trade show activities. Below are some trade show tips and tricks to help you put your exhibition together.

Pre-show Planning
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Identify Your Purpose of Exhibiting

The first step of pre-show planning is identifying why you need to be at the trade show and what you want to get out of the exhibition. Do you want to launch a new product, or generate new leads, or is your attendance aimed at the professional development of your business? 

Having clearly-defined reasons for participating helps you make effective planning decisions and put the appropriate resources and people in place to maximize your takeaway value. In addition, setting goals and objectives enable you to budget, schedule, define booth ideas, and plan your trade show activities in the most profitable way.

Choose the Right Trade Show

Whatever you intend to achieve by participating should determine the type of tradeshow you choose. Do adequate research to find out the event’s objectives and the general demographic of the attendees and decide if they fit into your target audience. 

If you want to generate new leads for your business, then it may not be the best investment to exhibit at a tradeshow specifically created for colleagues, competitors, and vendors. If your target is to sell on-site, then you may want to exhibit at a show where there are not a lot of people selling the same products.

Design an Eye-Catching Booth

It’s essential to get the perfect booth in time and on budget. Your booth should take around 10-20% of your trade show budget, including expenses on the stand design workflow, booth builder services, booth storage and delivery to the event, graphics signage, and display hardware.

There are plenty of options for booth designs, but your booth design must have the main elements of your brand policy, including corporate taglines, brand colors, and other important aspects of your brand guidelines. Working with an experienced trade show booth design business like Aplus Expo, you receive expert guidance as well as trade show booth tips to help you create the perfect, eye-catching booth.

Recruit Well-Trained and Professional Staff

Sending newly recruited employees to the exhibition may not be the best option as they most probably will not have all the information about the specifics of your products or services. Hence, the staff at your booth should be experienced and ready to field questions from potential clients. 

One way to get your team prepared is by compiling a list of askable questions about your products and testing their readiness before the show. Moreover, exhibiting at several shows yearly costs a lot for your company. Therefore, you want to involve the most competent hands for optimal deliverability.

Trade Show Tips and Tricks: While-Show

During the show is when your A-game is most required. The following tips for exhibiting at trade shows teach you how to make the most impact at the event. 

Scene During a Trade Show
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Build Relationships With Potential Clients

This is one of the most important tips for exhibiting at trade shows. Since deals are not always closed on the trade show floor, you should opt for building a business relationship that will eventually lead to selling your product. When responding to potential clients, be friendly with your words and body language, discover what aspect of your company they are interested in, and provide direct answers to their inquiries. 

Also, you can easily find common interests and build a relationship by asking about their business and personal lives. However, take care not to inundate them with a lot of information or scare them away by getting too personal. 

Engage on Social Media

Take advantage of social media in connecting with fellow attendees and followers of the event. With applications like Zoom, Skype, and other online streaming services, you can exhibit your products to a larger audience. Other applications like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Tiktok offer easy ways to meet and keep in touch with potential clients before and after the show. 

Many trade shows have a hashtag, which you can use to send regular product updates to your feed. Also, you can like and follow the trade show’s official page and engage the audience by posting teasers, questions, or giveaways.

Increase the Visitors’ Interactive Experience

Trade shows are very busy events, with every business competing for the attention of potential customers. To give yourself an edge and easily draw people into your booth, you want to leverage interactive elements, such as touch screens, LED displays, and participation demonstrations.

In addition to the many distractions at the exhibition, most people have a low attention span and will immediately move to the next booth if your presentation is not attractive. If you are looking to increase the creative display of your booth, Aplus Expo produces achievable visitor-engaging technology, including interactive touchscreens and dynamic lighting that enable your booth to be more engaging and noticeable from afar.

Spread Your Brand With a Free Giveaway

People love things they do not have to pay for, and even though there is a high chance they will not use them, freebies are a great way to attract prospects and keep your business on their minds.

According to the law of reciprocity, when you give away something, the receiver often feels obliged to make a purchase. What’s more, if what you are giving away offers a unique value, the prospects are more likely to make a purchase. Besides giving out promotional materials such as pens and bags for free, you can organize a prize contest at your booth to attract prospects or even invite them out for a company dinner.

Attend Exhibition Related Meetings and Activities

The main reason for exhibitions is to spread your brand information and learn about the industry trends to develop your business. Hence, to get the most out of the event, make sure you attend meetings, lectures, and panels at the exhibition. When speaking at these meetings, be informative.

Relay valuable ideas and encourage the audience to come to speak to you after the meeting. You also want to set up meetings with potential customers or intending partners, where you give a concise presentation.

Trade Show Tips for Exhibitors: Post-Show

At this stage, you start to build on the effort put in before and during the show. By following our trade show advice, you can easily turn prospects into customers.

Staff Receiving Feedback After Show
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Seek Attendee Feedback

Ask for attendee feedback immediately after the trade show, while their experience is still fresh. Let a member of your team ask attendees a few questions about how they feel about your products or you can load a brief survey on ipads at your booth and ask them to fill it out on their way out. Asking for feedback is a great opportunity to reiterate your product advantages, correct any misconceptions, and tune people in again.

Organize Your Collected Leads

Trade shows have a way for exhibitors to identify attendees that enables you to put down notes on the prospects you meet. You can also have an attendee notebook where you write down details about prospects along with specific notes on their interests. 

An alternative is using applications that let you scan business cards and add notes. Regardless of how you do it, what’s most important is that you have a system that helps you to remember what potential customers want as it will be useful when you follow up.

Follow up With New Prospects

Following up is one of the essential parts of attending a trade show that is often overlooked. If you collect leads and do nothing with them, you’ve wasted valuable money, time, and effort. Within a few days of the exhibition and using the leads collected, reach out to new prospects with personalized messages addressing their needs.

The faster you reach out to potential customers with answers to inquiries or with solutions that allay their concerns, the more credible your brand becomes and the more likely you are to gain a new customer.

Aplus Expo is Able to Help You Stand Out in a Crowd

To have a successful trade show exhibition, you need to choose a reliable booth design company that will understand your needs and work with your budget.

A well-designed booth by Aplus Expo
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Possessed Professional Teams With Extensive Trade Show Experience

Aplus Expo is one of the leading trade show booth design companies based in Las Vegas. We design, manufacture, and supply custom booths, interactive displays, and portable exhibits to a large clientele worldwide. We also offer a wide variety of services, including 3D designs and graphics printing, exhibition stand storage, transportation, and logistics.

As a professional trade show booth manufacturer, we work with multiple teams with many years of trade show experience. They include marketing, design, manufacturing, printing, transportation, and installing and dismantling teams. Our teams are always ready to deliver the best services.

Any Idea can be Satisfied by Customized Services

Whether you are renting, purchasing, or creating a custom exhibition booth, we are capable of supplying your every need. Our custom expo solutions, including bespoke rental exhibits, custom purchase exhibits, and mixed customized exhibits, are very flexible and structured to work with any type of financial plan.

Aplus Expo provides practical and visitor-engaging technology, such as LED display walls, interactive touchscreen, dynamic lighting, and extra device and fitment options that create an elevated experience for your booth visitors.


Standing out at a trade show requires you to put in a lot of work. But it provides enormous opportunities to network, make sales, and make a mark in your industry. Hence, leave no stone unturned: be detailed in your planning, be open to meeting new people, send your best company representatives, and work with the best trade show booth designer.

The exhibition tricks and trade show tips and tricks highlighted above guide you on how to handle the trade show in the best way to obtain successful results.

(Guide:what to wear to a trade show). Finally, monitor your event progress and restrategize or adjust when necessary. If necessary, contact Aplus Expo to get your own booth construction plan

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