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16 Steps About How to Prepare for a Trade Show

Trade shows bring in several opportunities, and it helps in increasing brand awareness, networking with clients, and converting into sales. Also, when one attends a trade show, it helps the business in promotional prospects too. For example, the brands can showcase their products and services. Preparing for a trade show requires thorough planning. 

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And one of the highlights of the trade shows is the booths, and to ensure that the booths exhibit what the business is about, trade show booth design businesses help the companies by creating customized booths. Since there is a lot of competition and there will be several brands and competitors at the trade show, it is important to stand out. Below are 16 steps about how to prepare for a tradeshow (Learn about trade show checklist)

Step 1: Be Clear About Your Goals

The first step is to establish a goal and identify what results you want from the show. For example, goals can be different; they can be brand awareness, revenue generation, sales, new business partners, etc. 

One important factor is that the goals should be specific, accessible, measurable, timed, and relevant. Also, defining goals leads the team to a focused approach and successful trade show planning.

Step 2: Consider Your Budget

Trade show preparation strategy requires thorough budget planning. It depends on the goals; when they are set, you must consider factors such as the booth price, which banner and signs and how many to use, etc. 

It is better to start planning months before the trade show. Another important consideration is the marketing budget. You have to decide how much budget should be assigned to marketing materials and strategies to get the attention of prospective clients. 

Step 3: Research Upcoming Trade Shows Related to Your Industry

One of the important steps in how to prepare for a trade show is to do thorough research on the trade shows happening around. The Internet is filled with information about the trade shows happening worldwide. 

So, look for the trade and how that is your business niche. Spending enough time exploring the options and picking the best is better. So, research is key. 

Step 4: Register for the Show and Reserve Your Spot

After picking up the trade show and registering, it is time to choose the location. The best trade show should be set up with high foot traffic. You can set up your booth near the food stations, entrance, etc. It is better to research the location and then develop the plan so that your booth can get the maximum attention. 

Step 5: Crucial Step in How to Prepare for a Trade Show: Plan Your Stand Design

When you are designing the booth and deciding upon the trade show preparation strategy, it is best to add visual elements, like logos, colors, art, etc., to your exhibit. This helps in increasing recognition and brand awareness. 

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To facilitate that, a professional can help design the display and result in an eye-catching booth. Experienced trade show services and booth display businesses like Aplus Expo are a good choice as they design, manufacture, and construct, and they also deliver your custom exhibit booths; thus making your work easy. 

Step 6: Analyze All Existing Exhibitors

Most organizers will give a list of other exhibitors. So, you should do the research and check out all your competitors that are attending. You can check out their social media and their previous booths. You will get an idea if they have participated in previous trade shows. In fact, you can also see if there is a business with whom you can partner. 

Step 7: Understanding Target Buyers of the Expo

One of the ways to ensure success in the trade show is to identify your target audience. First of all, you have to pinpoint who your customers and potential prospects are. You can do so by doing in-depth research. Once you know your clientele, you can appeal to them. Also, find out which trade shows will be relevant to your prospective customers and attend those shows. 

Step 8: Choose the Right Promotional Material

One of the best ways is to give loyalty cards to visitors. This way, they can follow you up even after the trade show has ended. You can spice up your booth with banners and posters. Give visitors products, such as bags and pens, with your branding. Use the items that the customers can use on a daily basis. 

Step 9: Prepare Your Products and Services

Preparing your products and services in advance plays a crucial role when it comes to how to do a trade show successfully. You have to ensure that your products attract customers. For that, it is best to make use of tools such as posters, brochures, signs, trade show kiosk displays, and many more. 

Step 10: Order Booth Giveaways

Freebies, goodies such as t-shirts, pens, etc., attract people; these can entice the crowd. When giving promotional products, ensure that these are relevant to your brand. The more customers get this giveaway, the more eager they will be to visit again and they might make a purchase. So, giving a goodie, in a way, is helpful for your business and having successful trade show booths.

Step 11: Prepare Your Business Cards and Brochures

Before your upcoming trade show, it is better if you stock up on your business cards, brochures, and other printed material. You can add a hashtag to your business card if you want. 

Business cards and brochures are handy, and you can easily give them to prospective clients. The brochures and business cards contain all the important details such as where to contact you, your business details, etc. 

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Step 12: Be Active on Social Media

If you are wondering about one of the best ways how to plan a trade show, social media plays a crucial role. With the help of social media, you can create a buzz around your brand; you can post about your presence. 

You can also give incentives to people to attend your booth. You can create hashtags, post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and tweet on Twitter; this way, you can expand your audience. Also, regular posting about your show will ensure that people do not forget about the event. 

Step 13: Inform Your Clients of Your Participation

Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet with your consumers face-to-face. You can reach out to your clients and potential customers to let them know that you are putting up a booth at a trade show. 

There are chances that they will schedule a stop at your booth. These promotional emails should be enticing and unique that will attract customers. You can also include why your booth is worth a visit. 

Step 14: Select Appropriate Staff

After you have decided on your goals, budget, products, etc., you have to assemble a team of the best people. When picking up a team member, consider several factors. For example, if you are attending an international trade show, ensure that your team members can speak the right language. Also, you have to set up a meeting, establish guidelines, and make sure your team is aware of your goals. 

Step 15: Double-Check Everything

The last but not least step on how to prepare for a trade show is to double-check everything. Check out every logistic component, and ensure that all your booth decorative items get delivered to the right place. 

Also, when you are creating marketing content, proofread everything. You want to portray a professional image, so it is better to avoid any mistakes. To make sure everything is up to the mark, prepare a checklist and tick off as you cover all the aspects. 

Step 16: Create a Memorable Experience

Try to interact with the people and talk to them to engage with people by inviting them to visit your trade show booth. You can organize fun activities such as games, contests, workshops, etc., so that the customers can participate in them. Try to be creative, engaging, and dynamic.

Make an Ideal Trade Show Planning With Aplus Expo

We are a trade show services and booth display specialist, which means we can help solve all your booth design issues. We provide custom booths, special-size booths, booth rentals, audio and visual elements, etc. In short, our customized booth will ensure that your brand stands out and it attracts customers.

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We work as a professional exhibition booth contractor, manufacturer, builder, and expo service company. Even though we are based in Las Vegas, we provide professional trade show solutions to global clients. 

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It is our belief that specialized work should be left professional. Being a trade show service expert, we work hard to ensure that our customers get worry-free exhibitions. We have in-house workshops that specialize in rapidly manufacturing your booth. We have warehouses where we keep all the exhibits and materials. 

Our production facility fabricates the booth components. We also do a trial build that ensures that the booth structure is strong enough. We have an efficient team of marketing, designing, manufacturing, printing, transporting, installing, and dismantling. 


Summing up, these were steps on how to prepare for a trade show. Organizing a booth at a trade show is not an easy task. You have to go through a lot of planning, hard work, months of work, etc. However, it is one of the best ways to bring your business out there and it works as a great marketing strategy. 

It provides an opportunity to meet with people who can be your potential clients, customers, or even partners. And in all this, your booth plays a crucial role, try to make it as unique as possible, be engaging, and talk to customers, and if you need help with your booth and want to make it stand out, you can contact Aplus Expo and check our website for more details. 

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