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Top 10 Trade Show Apps You Need to Know About

Attending a trade show is very rewarding for any business. You get to make connections, generate leads, introduce your brand and learn from others. But it can also be troublesome and hectic, there is so much you need to keep track of. You might collect so many business cards that you later forget which one of those you actually planned on keeping and contacting later. Or you may have trouble communicating with your team, scattered all over the expo. Thanks to the magic of technology, these and many other problems can easily be solved with the help of mobile apps. The following are 10 top trade show apps that will make your life easier. (Learn Top 30 tarde show in Orlando).

1. CamCard


CamCard is a great way to keep track of all the business cards you collect during an expo. It allows you to simply scan a card and then it extracts the contact info from it and saves it. The information can easily be synced across all your devices. Moreover, the app allows you to attach notes to each contact. You can use this feature to note down things you discussed or your next steps. You can even attach a remainder to the contact to remember to get back to them.

2. Square Point of Sale

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Most people attending expos prefer to pay by card instead of cash. Square enables you to carry out the card transactions easily and efficiently. Square supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, and all swipe cards. You can purchase the $49 Square Contactless Reader for NFC transactions or the Square Box that contains the stripe reader for credit cards. Square App is attached and allows you to oversee the merchandise and payments.

3. Quick Tap Survey


One cannot improve without acting on constructive feedback. If you wish to know the opinions of the attendees who come to your booth, Quick Tap Survey can help you with that. The app works on Android, iPhone, and iPad. The app allows you to use 35 different types of questions. You can design your custom survey and the app will save responses even if it is offline. You can set up the iPad on your booth and collect insights from everyone who visits, you can later integrate this information into MailChimp or Zapier.

4. Expensify


Attending a trade show requires a lot of expenses. You will have to manage the budget for travel, hotel, food, booth, printing, decoration and many other things. You need to know exactly how much you are spending on what in order to make better decisions. Expensify helps you track all your expenses. It allows you to scan your receipts using its inbuilt OCR smart scanner. You can note down the extra details of each transaction. You can also link the app to your credit card to double-check everything.

5. Leadature

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The biggest reason to attend a trade show is all the people you are going to meet, many of these people can be important business leads and you need to save their information. Leadature allows you to do just that. You can simply type in the details, or use the advanced snap or scan options. The scan option automatically collects the data when the QR of any visitor card is scanned. The snap option allows you to take a picture of the card and then the info is extracted from the picture. Another great feature is that you can rub any RFID against the back of the phone to transfer the info. 

6. CDS Express Connect

Source: Apple App Store

CDS Express Connect allows you to save the data of your leads for better follow up. You can take a picture of the prospect’s ID or just enter their info via the keyboard. After that, you can make them answer some basic questions in order to better qualify if they can be a solid lead or not. Then you can rate all your potential leads and even schedule appointments. You can also assign some leads to a colleague, and send emails to clients and leads.

7. iCapture


iCapture is a lead saving and survey app. You can save the data of your leads in it and if you want to send them all promotional emails you can forward the collected data directly to mail clients like MailChimp. The app also allows you to create surveys you need, it has many options for customization too. With the customization, you can make sure your survey matches the theme of the rest of your booth. And if you don’t have a customized booth, click here to get one from Aplus Expo.

8. Viber


Having a successful trade show experience is not a one-man job. You will need an entire team working on different aspects like making travel arrangements, finding storage facilities, setting up the booth, manning the booth and many other tasks. Viber allows you to freely communicate with your team using nothing but WiFi. It provides high-quality audio and video calls. You can create a huge group chat, called community to interact with your entire team.

9. ShowGo

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If you are an exhibit manager struggling to keep everyone informed about the schedules and changing plans regarding the expo you are attending, ShowGo is the app you need. You can upload the schedule, hotel room numbers and addresses, traveling details, staffing information and many other things into the app. The entire team can access this data using their mobile device. And if there is any change of plans, you just have to edit it once and everyone will know. No need to call everyone!

10. iPrizeWheel


Attracting the audience at a huge expo requires creativity and an edge. Your booth needs to have something that piques people’s interest from across the hall. Hosting a giveaway can be one of those things. But setting up a wheel and other giveaway items can take up valuable space that you should be using to showcase your products. Use iPrizeWheel to host virtual giveaways on a big screen.


Expos are a great opportunity to build your brand’s reputation and make new clients. But, attending an expo is only rewarding if it is done properly and efficiently. You can make the most of your time at the expo by using the abovementioned apps to optimize your performance. With these apps, you will be on time, informed and hassle-free. You can get a lot done in little time and not have to worry about remembering any details of the leads you meet. If you have anything you want to ask, feel free to contact us.

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