10 Must-Have Trade Show Giveaways for 2023: Stand Out from the Competition

Choosing the Right Trade Show Giveaways: A Key to Success

In the bustling, competitive world of trade shows, one key to success is your ability to draw a crowd and leave a lasting impression, a challenge where having the best trade show giveaways can provide a tangible advantage. Your choice of giveaways serve not only as a lure, but also as a representation of your brand to potential clients, therefore, the giveaway idea you opt for is crucial.

Selecting the right giveaways involves more than simply choosing attractive items. They should be products that align with your brand’s image and values. For instance, if your brand is technology-focused, tech giveaways, like power banks or USB flash drives, would be apt choices. If your brand is eco-conscious, eco-friendly convention totes or water bottles will not only make practical items but also reinforce your brand’s commitment to the environment.

Be mindful to select high quality, practical items; giveaways that find use in your audience’s daily life will guarantee repeated exposure to your brand, reinforcing their recall value. New prospects, event attendees, and even potential future team members can be swayed in your brand’s favor based on these promotional items. Thus, the best trade show giveaways serve a dual purpose – they attract visitors to your booth stand, and remind them of your business long after the event.

The Importance of Stand-Out Giveaways in Trade Shows

In the vibrant milieu of any trade show, finding ways to set yourself apart from competitors on the trade show floor is imperative, and stand-out, unique trade show giveaways are a proven tactic to help achieve that. By focusing on a distinctive giveaway, you increase the chance of drawing more event attendees to your booth.

The first thing most people associate with trade shows isn’t the booths or displays – it’s the giveaway. Think of all the booths you have seen at trade shows – the ones that stick out in your mind are likely the ones with the most unique, meaningful giveaways. Whether a quirky stress ball, a branded umbrella, or customizable tote bag, a unique gift can make you stand out from the crowd.

Moreover, these items, with your company’s logo visibly imprinted, find their way into the offices and homes of your target customers, providing lasting brand exposure. The right promotional items not only increase brand recognition but can also promote positive associations between your brand and the recipient. They should leave a positive, lasting impression of your company and underline the message you’re looking to communicate – quality, creativity, or a fun business personality. And remember, while you want your swag to be memorable and crowd-pleasing, the focus should always be on quality over quantity. By giving great trade show giveaways, you’re demonstrating that you value your potential clients, signalling that they would be valued customers.

Trade shows represent opportunities for businesses to shine and make connections, and selecting the best trade show giveaways is a great way to create a meaningful interaction. As we gear up for the year 2023, refreshing your swag strategy with innovative ideas can give your brand a competitive edge.

One burgeoning trend is the popularity of eco-friendly giveaways. With the increasing acuity of environmental awareness, items like reusable tote bags or water bottles and customized, seed-infused notebooks are not only practical but also resonate with attendees’ sense of social responsibility. Additionally, giveaways that promote health and well-being such as customized first aid kits or hand sanitizers are a thoughtful touch, demonstrating that your brand cares for its potential clients.

Also, technology-based giveaways are gaining ground. Cybersecurity swag, such as password-protected USB flash drives or webcam blocker stickers, are must-haves in 2023. Portable charging tech and custom Bluetooth speakers are appealing to the tech-savvy visitor and are likely to be used day-to-day, offering excellent brand recall.

Another hot-ticket item is promotional PopSockets, the handy phone accessory. They are affordable, easy to customize and with the added advantage of being used regularly, they’re a perfect trade show giveaway. Always remember, the best giveaways for trade shows are the ones that not only draw the crowd to your booth but also continue to remind them of your brand long past the visit.

Idea 1.Custom Bluetooth Speakers: Pump Up Your Brand’s Volume

Custom Bluetooth speakers are a popular trade show giveaway that’s sure to turn heads and get people talking, literally amplifying your brand’s footprint. The idea of receiving a high-quality tech product provides a substantial draw for event attendees and the fact it’s not merely a trinket but genuinely useful makes it an even more impressive choice.

The beauty of custom Bluetooth speakers as a promotional product is their large surface area, allowing for eye-catching designs and branding. That means every time someone uses their speaker, they’ll be reminded of your company, reinforcing brand recall. As it’s likely to be used in social scenarios, your brand will also gain additional exposure, widening your potential customer base.

Furthermore, custom Bluetooth speakers are indicative of a new wave of tech-forward promotional products aligned with the modern-day lifestyle, thus, reflecting your brand’s relevance and dynamism. High-value giveaways like this can attract higher-quality leads, as they can generate more excitement and draw more traffic to your booth.

Idea 2.Custom Pillows: Creative and Comfortable Branding

By choosing custom pillows as your trade show promotional item, you are showing creativity, comfort, and consideration towards the recipients. These personalized comforts can serve dual roles – promoting relaxation and providing excellent brand visibility.

Pillows provide generous space for brand exposure, allowing for your company’s logo to be prominently displayed. From travelers and event attendees to office staff seeking a comfort boost during the day, these pillows can significantly increase the visibility of your brand, making a big impression.

Besides, a custom pillow is not something one expects as a conference giveaway, which makes it even more exciting and memorable. It’s a creative way to give away prizes at an event while effectively demonstrating your brand’s unique approach to business – a brand that’s not just about work, but is also attuned to the comfort and well-being of its potential customers or clients.

Idea 3.Tried-and-True Custom Hand Sanitizers: Practical and In-Demand

In our new normal, health and safety have taken center stage. Among the best trade show giveaways that address this concern are custom hand sanitizers. Easy to create, cost-effective, and yet highly valued, hand sanitizers are handy tools that can be used daily, ensuring constant brand exposure.

When giving out custom hand sanitizers, you’re sending a message to event attendees that your brand is aware and responsive to current health needs. Potential clients and customers will appreciate the attention to their health and safety, enhancing your brand’s image as caring and considerate.

Convenient to carry and welcome in an office, home, or bag, this promotional item increases the number of touchpoints with your brand. These small yet functional giveaways at events might be your first step in establishing longer-term relationships with potential clients or customers.

Idea 4.Promotional PopSockets: The Little Tool with a Big Impact

Promotional PopSockets have quickly risen in popularity as a favorite trade show giveaway. These small phone accessories offer a large return on investment, making them one of the best giveaways for trade shows.

They are useful for getting a grip on larger smartphones, doubling as an effective stand when watching videos. This one-size-fits-all item is bound to make a big impression despite its small size. Each time a recipient uses their phone, your brand receives exposure, thus increasing brand visibility and recognition.

They’re easily customizable, allowing your company’s logo or design to cover the PopSocket, making an efficient brand ambassador. Affordable yet meaningful, these little tools offer a practical solution to a common problem all while serving as an effective promotional tool.

Idea 5.Screen Cleaners: Keeping Devices Spotless and Your Brand Visible

Screen cleaners are a tradeshow giveaway idea that perfectly balances innovation, practicality, and promotional viability. With the increasing dependence on digital screens, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, a screen cleaner stands out as a handy, thoughtful item that recipients will appreciate.

Microfiber screen cleaners, for example, not only keep devices spotless but are perfect for showcasing your brand logo. Every time the recipient cleans their device, they have a moment of engagement with your brand. Alternatively, a screen-cleaning spray with a custom logo can act as mini billboards, advertising your business.

Going for screen cleaners as promotional items may appeal to a tech-savvy audience and add to your brand’s up-to-date image. It shows you’re considering the challenges of modern life while offering something genuinely useful.

Cyber Security Swag: Promote Safety and Awareness

In our increasingly digital world, the importance of cybersecurity cannot be overemphasized. Tech giveaways that promote safety and awareness, like webcam covers and password-protected USB flash drives, are becoming increasingly popular. Not only do they showcase your brand’s relevance in the digital era, but they also demonstrate your business’s commitment to clients’ safety and well-being.

Webcam covers, for instance, are lightweight, cost-effective and crucial in a time when privacy concerns are at an all-time high. Password-protected USB flash drives provide secure data storage and are ideal for corporate environments, a thoughtful gift – they show you care about your recipient’s digital safety.

By connecting your brand with cybersecurity, you effectively convey the message that your enterprise is modern, security-conscious, and trusted. These tech-inspired, business giveaways deliver unprecedented appeal amongst event attendees while packing a powerful punch for brand recognition and recall.

Idea 6.Portable Charging Tech: Keeping Attendees Powered Up and Impressed

There’s one thing most trade show attendees have in common: At some point, they will likely need to charge their mobile devices. That’s where portable power banks and charging devices sweep in as the perfect trade show giveaway. These highly practical devices will be appreciated by event attendees who are snapping photos, keeping in touch or posting trade show updates on social media.

Highly practical and inherently promotional, these portable charging brands not only serve an immediate need but also offer future use, keeping your brand fresh in attendees’ minds every time they juice up their devices. Because this item is bound to be used, and likely in public places, it increases the visibility of your brand, one charge at a time.

Further to add, this higher-cost promotional item might attract new prospects who see the higher-perceived value as a sign of your company’s quality and commitment. After all, your swag speaks volumes about your brand – it’s about more than just free stuff, it’s about striking a chord with your audience and giving them something they will find beneficial in their daily lives.

Idea 7.Custom USB Flash Drives: Data Storage and Brand Exposure

Custom USB flash drives have proved to be a staple in the promotional items industry. They’re useful, practical, and easy to carry around. This makes them excellent tools for brand exposure, as most people would use USB drives regularly, whether for personal or professional needs.

When branded with your logo and company name, these flash drives not only serve as portable data storage devices but also as a constant prompt of your brand. They are a subtle, yet powerful way to ensure your company name stays within the sight and mind of your audience. As USB drives often exchange hands, they offer invaluable potential for further indirect brand exposure as well.

Plus, customization allows for creativity and personification of this tool, to reflect your brand’s identity. From fun characters to sleek, professional styles, the options for customization are only limited by your imagination.

Eco-Conscious Convenience: Sustainable Giveaway Ideas

Climate change and environmental concerns have brought sustainability to the forefront of consumers’ minds. As a business, opting for eco-friendly trade show giveaway ideas not only aligns with these values, but also showcases your commitment to social responsibility.

There’s a wide array of sustainable giveaway ideas to choose from. Think bamboo straws, solar-powered charging banks, reusable coffee mugs, or products made from recycled materials. These items reflect the values of a responsible brand, appealing to a growing segment of environmentally-conscious consumers.

For example, you could invest in high-quality organic cotton tote bags printed with natural dyes, serving as a constant reminder of your eco-credentials every time they’re used. Alternatively, a reusable water bottle or coffee mug allows for everyday use while reducing the amount of plastic waste.

A great initiative would be to invest in giveaways that help nurture our environment. Seed-infused products like notebooks or pens leave a lasting impact in more ways than one. After they’ve served their initial purpose, they can be planted to grow into flowers, herbs, or even trees. Such gifts trade shows goodwill, commitment to sustainability, and can leave a long-lasting positive impression of your brand.

Idea 8.Custom Water Bottles: Hydration and Environmental Responsibility

In the search for the best trade show giveaways, don’t overlook the classic custom water bottle. A reusable water bottle is a practical, useful, and environmentally-friendly promotional product. Providing a water bottle can tap into the health-conscious, eco-friendly trend while also offering convenience during the event.

Custom water bottles provide a large imprint area for your logo or marketing message, ensuring your brand is prominent and frequently seen. Each sip a client takes from the bottle imprinted with your company logo increases brand recall. It’s a fantastic opportunity to ‘serve’ your brand daily, literally in the hands of your target audience.

Custom bottles can be made from a variety of environmentally-friendly materials, such as BPA-free plastic, metal, or glass. Choosing an interesting design or color for your custom water bottle can ensure your promotional item doesn’t just serve a functional purpose – but is exciting to receive as well, making a splash on the trade show floor.

Idea 9.Personalized Notebooks and Pens: Practical and Memorable Gifts

Personalized notebooks and pens might seem simple, but they are often the most effective swag items for events. Despite living in a digital age, nothing beats the tangibility of writing down thoughts and ideas on paper. They work as an amazing canvas for your branding, and the personal touch of customization helps recipients connect with your brand at a deeper level.

Personalized stationery is seen and used often, kept on office desks, taken to meetings, or used at home, extending your brand reach beyond the trade show venue. They are a practical, thoughtful gift and work towards building a positive image of your company.

Choosing eco-friendly alternatives for your stationary swag, such as notebooks made from recycled paper or pens made from biodegradable materials, further enhances your company’s reputation by highlighting your concern for the environment.

Idea 10.Eco-Friendly Convention Totes: Promote Sustainability and Your Brand

With the eco-friendly movement gaining more traction, presenting an eco-friendly branded product can set you apart in the crowded trade show floor. Sustainable convention totes are one of the best trade show giveaways in terms of promoting both your brand and your commitment to the environment, showcasing a brand image that is in tune with the world’s current necessity.

These totes can be made from materials like recycled cotton or biodegradable plant fibers. They offer practicality in the form of a functional bag and they’re stylish too, making them popular trade show giveaways. Each time your branded tote bag is used in supermarkets, parks, or office spaces, it’s an advertisement for your brand, it’s an endorsement for your sustainability efforts, and it reduces the use of plastic bags – a triple win.

Finally, in our effort to promote sustainability, don’t forget to ensure that the materials used for the branded logos and designs are eco-friendly as well. Choosing to give eco-friendly totes at your event doesn’t just send good vibes to the recipients, it helps make the world a better place.

choose the best giveaway for your brand 

GiveawayCostpopularityAdvantageApplicable company typeEffect for your brand
Custom Bluetooth Speakers$30-$50★★★★★Large surface area, eye-catchingElectronic product industryReflecting your brand’s relevance and dynamism
Custom Pillows$10-$15★★★★Provide generous space for brand exposureCultural and creative industryPromoting relaxation and providing excellent brand visibility
Custom Hand Sanitizers$10-$20★★★Easy to create, cost-effective, highly valuedMedical and health industrySending a message to event attendees that your brand is aware and responsive to current health needs
Promotional PopSockets$5-$10★★★★★Easily customizable,popularElectronic product industryMake a big impression for your brand
Screen Cleaner$5-$10★★★Handy, thoughtfulElectronic product industryAppeal to a tech-savvy audience and add to your brand’s up-to-date image
Portable Charging Tech$30-$50★★★★★Highly practicalElectronic product industryHigh-tech industryThis higher-cost promotional item might attract new prospects who see the higher-perceived value as a sign of your company’s quality and commitment
Custom USB Flash Drives$15-$25★★★★★Useful, practical, easy to carry aroundElectronic product industryHigh-tech industryCustomization allows for creativity and personalization of this tool, from fun characters to stylish, professional styles
Custom Water Bottles$10-$20★★★★Reusable, useful,  environmentally-friendlyFood industryMedical and health industryDemonstrate your concern for the health of your customers and your awareness of environmental responsibility
Notebooks and Pens$5-$10★★★★Practical,thoughtfulCultural and creative industryWork as an amazing canvas for your branding, and the personal touch of customization helps recipients connect with your brand at a deeper level
Eco-Friendly Convention Totes$5-$10★★★★Highly practical,FashionPlastic products industrywater-based coating industry  Cosmetics industryPromoting both your brand and your commitment to the environment

I think that by utilizing the provided form, you’ll have the capability to select the most fitting giveaways for your brand.


Participating in a trade show can be a significant investment, but it also presents a prime opportunity to make a lasting impression on a concentrated audience in your industry. This impression is not solely based on the booths or the sales pitches, but the character of your brand as signified by your choice of tradeshow giveaways.

Whether it’s a custom Bluetooth speaker carrying your brand’s logo or an eco-friendly tote bag that underlines your commitment to sustainability, these promotional items serve as a physical reminder of the experience your brand offers. They go beyond the confines of the trade show, giving your brand a journey into the homes and lives of potential clients or customers.

Given the breadth of options from tech gadgets to simple popsockets, it’s paramount to align the choice of your giveaway with your brand image, audience, and the message you want to impart. By doing so, the best trade show giveaways can captivate the attention and favor of hundreds, setting your brand apart from the competition.

To wrap up, the power of promotional giveaways in brand marketing is undeniable, and these items are – without a doubt – an excellent investment. By carefully curating your choice of giveaway items, your next trade show is bound to be a success, characterized by a buzzing booth, intrigued attendees and, most importantly, an unforgettable brand.

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