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A lot of trade shows are held in the United States every year. The sheer amount of conventions, trade shows, and expos may seem staggering at times. The issue arises when selecting the venue of the shows, logistical issues such as the exhibition booths and the best trade show locations.

This article is a guide on the best strategic locations to attend a trade show. The locations given by this article will ensure you showcase your goods to a large number of people and thus enable your business to expand. The following are the top locations for hosting a trade show in the country.

1. Las Vegas

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Las Vegas city is ranked first as a major hotspot trade show destination. It currently hosts more than 25% of the commonly known trade shows across the world. The best period of a trade show event in Las Vegas is from March to May and from September to November since the spring and fall shoulder seasons provide moderate weather. Take note of all covid 19 protocols when visiting trade shows in the city.

This city is well known to be a destination of highly anticipated trade shows. Major events including:

  •  ASD Las Vegas. Which is known as one of the influential trade shows for merchandise. Las Vegas Convention Center is attended by more than 2800 exhibitors to display their products and services to over 40,000 experts and general attendees.
  • National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). This trade event is done annually in the Las Vegas Convention Center. With attendees of over 100000 and more than 1700 exhibitors. Taking into account the digital media and entertainment industry, the event provides multiple resources to the attendees consolidating workflow solutions, modern gadgets, motion capture devices, and a lot more.

The acclaimed Las Vegas Convention Center completed an amazing West Hall extension in the first half of 2021, adding up to 1.4 million square feet, including an additional 600,000 square feet of available rental exhibition space and meeting space of up to 150,000 square feet, as well as high-end food and beverage choices and state-of-the-art technological capabilities.

These trade show events will offer a big platform for both the buyers and sellers. In case you would love to be part of the trade show trade fair or even convention in Las Vegas, then Las Vegas exhibition stand builders will offer you the best services ever! They will help you install your trade show booth, take care of your preferred design, printing, transport, storage, and even dismantling your Las Vegas trade show display booths.

The Convention Center curve provides a faster and creative solution to move convention attendees along the 200 acres of Las Vegas Convention Center loop in just over a minute, using all-electric Tesla vehicles and it is done free of charge. This city also has classic hotels well equipped with good air conditions and the best services to get accommodation from.

2. Dallas

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Dallas is one place that proves to be a fruitful business arena for most of the brands with great determination of taking their business interests to greater heights of success. The best time to host/attend trade shows in Dallas is between September and November when the temperatures are not too hot. It is during this pandemic of covid 19 that everyone is required to follow all rules and regulations pertaining to the control of its spread.

Dallas is a very fertile city when it comes to naturing businesses. They hold trade shows to help businesspersons to exchange ideas on how to improve their operations. Some of these trade shows are held annually so that when you miss one you won’t afford to miss the next show. For example,

  • Dallas Apparel & Accessories Market. This is a trade show event which is a temporary show featuring young current day, women’s apparel, Western, and different accessories held in Dallas Market Center, Dallas, Texas. This trade show will begin from 5th January and goes up to 11th January of 2022.
  • Dallas Men’s Show. This trade show provides decent traditional and latest men’s apparel, accessories, footwear, and even gifts offering all your sourcing needs under one umbrella. This trade show takes place from January 29th and goes up to January 31st, 2022 in Dallas Market Center, Dallas, Texas

Dallas is one of the top cities that nurture businesses by holding trade show events to boost their interaction. These trade shows have to be held in bigger convention centers to be able to accommodate a good number of attendees and trade exhibitors. One of the best centers is Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center.

Dalla trade shows provide a bigger platform to showcase different products and services by businessmen and women. It is an event you should never miss, it is a golden opportunity to learn more about how other businesses manage their operations.

In Case you have a plan of attending a trade show in Dallas, then let Aplus Expo sort out all your event marketing requirements! They offer you various trade show display materials, custom booth design services, and graphic features to create customized booth displays that meet all your trade show specifications.

Infrastructure in this city is incredible from their good roads with superhighways. Classic and luxurious hotels all over with a welcoming look for all visitors in every part of the world. Fitted with room wifi sorting out all network issues and easy communication.

3. Houston

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Houston is a city with the ethnic diversity of over 145 languages spoken. It has classic restaurants which are ranked fourth behind Los Angeles, New York City, and Chicago. The healthy group of 500 companies indicates the country’s biggest. It is a very welcoming city for any visitor across the world. All covid 19 protocols are taken into account by the government and all citizens.

Houston City is also one of the best destinations to hold/attend a trade show and below are some of the common shows held in Houston.

  • Texas Contemporary. Contemporary art vendors will definitely fall in love with the Houston exhibitions where 65 exhibitors will come together to display their best offerings. You can as well participate as one of the exhibitors in the Texas Contemporary trade show and bring your art to the public eye in a big way. 
  • The ultimate’s women’s Expo. In case women are your target audience, then definitely the Ultimate’s Women’s expo would be your ideal destination where you can attract customers to your booth and sell a large amount of your product.

George R. Brown Convention Center is one of the outstanding convention centers in Houston. This center now is made up of a 99,000 square foot outdoor plaza and 95,000 square foot concourse, improving connectivity to the George R. Brown Convention Center’s 550,000 square feet of main exhibit space, among other improvements.

The public transportation system in Houston is the metro. Light Rail: The Metro Light Rail goes 7 miles from Downtown up to Reliant Stadium. The rail also goes through midtown, Hermann Park, Museum District, Rice University, Medical Center, and Reliant Park. It is very cost-effective, just $1.25 per person each way.

Houston is a city with the most population in Texas and one of the leading business centers in the United States. Therefore, one can expect a good number of attendees at the biggest trade shows in this city. If you decide to be a participant in Houston trade shows then trade show booth builders can be your helping hand any time. They will help you design exhibitors, and transportation of your booth to your desired location.

4. Chicago

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Chicago has its location along Lake Michigan, Chicago is lucky to be a destination to some amazing beaches and views of the crystal blue water. Another exceptional feature of Chicago is its 37 movable bridges that spread across the Chicago River. The government is very strict with covid 19 protocols and all have to be followed.

McCormick Place is the biggest of all convention centers in the Western Hemisphere. It has up to 2.6 million square feet of meeting and display space. It is also made up of the West, South, and North Buildings, and Lakeside Center. Together, these buildings offer 173 meeting rooms providing a space of up to 600,000 square feet.

Chicago, with the biggest convention center in the Western Hemisphere, also hosts different trade shows in the country. Top trade shows in the country include:

  • Promat  (MHIA). ProMat is the material handling and logistics industry’s main worldwide event. This trade show involves 45,000 manufacturing and supply chain buyers from more than 115 countries coming to discover different products in the market.
  • NeoCon and Buildex Chicago. NeoCon is one of the leading platforms worldwide and the most important event of the year for the commercial design industry, creating the connection between buyers and sellers for over 50 years now. showrooms with four full floors, an exhibit hall, and thousands of new product establishments bring out over 50,000 highly qualified design professionals.

The transport system in Chicago is exceptional with good roads, rails, and well-established airports to allow residents and visitors to move freely in the country. Very classic hotels and restaurants are seen everywhere in the city fully equipped with high-class accommodation services and with the best customer services.
Chicago holds numerous trade shows annually. If you want to be a participant in a trade show in Chicago but you don’t have any ideas on where to begin, then this is the right place. Aplus Expo is specialized in building customized display booths that will make your brand attract the most attention in any trade show.

5. San Francisco

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San Francisco is well known for its restaurants and trends on food as well as its Golden Gate Bridge and cable cars. Among the unique and exceptional typical foods well known in San Francisco are abalone,  bay shrimp, crusty sourdough French bread, and many more.

The Moscone Center is the major meeting and exhibition facility in San Francisco. It is made up of more than two million square feet of building area, including exhibit space of more than 700,000 square, up to 106 meeting rooms, and almost 123,000 square feet of pre-function lobbies. It is a big venue to accommodate a good number of exhibitions for most business people.

This city is also another developed one in terms of infrastructure. Perfect roads leading to different parts of the city with rails as well to make you reach your desired destination. Luxurious hotels all over the city offer different services including accommodation to visitors. Scrumptious meals are being served and good wifi is also available in the hotel to boost your communication.

The San Francisco city also holds a good number of trade shows and some are even held annually. Let us look at one of the major trade shows held in San Francisco city.

  • Small Business Expo. It is America’s biggest and well-known trade show. It is a FREE one-day event for small businesses to connect, attend great business-growth workshops, build new relationships in business, exchange business ideas, shop from new vendors, and learn more from top industry experts.

It is the most foreseen business-to-business networking & educational event, trade show & conference for businesspersons, entrepreneurs, new start-ups, decision-makers, or any entrepreneur who works for a small business or has anyone with an interest in starting a Small Business. 

Are you having any plans of attending the biggest trade shows in San Francisco? If yes, then you will need a trade show specialist to help you do all the hard work for you. They provide exhibit solutions and deliver custom trade show booths for any trade show taking place in San Francisco.

6. Austin

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Austin is a city well known for its outstanding food, a great live music venue around, and its general weirdness. Currently, it is rapidly rising in popularity as one of the places to live and have a visit. Austin city also has a fantastic culture and its locals are very friendly.

Austin Convention Center provides 247,052 square feet of neighboring, column-free exhibit space; with 2 ballrooms of 40,510 and 23,000 square feet for each ballroom; and 54 meeting rooms. A gigabit-rated facility, ACC’s technology infrastructure can move voice, video, and data at a 1 billion bits rate for every second. Much of the convention center’s popularity comes from its close distance to a good number of hotels and major attractions, including four entertainment districts.

This city also hosts bigger trade shows that attract a good audience. Some of the main trade shows include:

  • Austin Ultimate Women’s Expo. This is now the best trade show to grab your fiance and enjoy free manicures, facials, exciting makeovers, high fashion runway shows, hair makeover stage, amazing spa treatments, and massages. Discover the best luxury boutiques of the season for emerging designers. 
  • Small Business Expo Austin. This trade show event is attended by a good number of business personals and also connects many decision-makers to attend business-critical workshops, and also create new business relationships. It is a great platform to exchange ideas and help to improve your decision-making.

Austin is well known for its good road networks and railway connection. You can access every part of Austin easily with the help of their good transport network. If you are coming from a different city you should not worry since the city has good hotels you can spend time in.

7. Atlanta

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Atlanta is the capital of Georgia state, the Atlanta metropolitan is home to at least six million people making it endearing for trade show hosts. The city is one of the fastest-growing cities on the East coast. The city is a cultural hub, the civil war and the 1960s civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King are some of the groundbreaking cultural events that happened in the city.

The city is also an economic hub, generating most of its GDP from film and TV production and media-related industries. The booming media business is due to the Georgia entertainment industry investment act that allows the production houses to maximize profits. The city has a lot of events related to TV and film, e.g the unveiling of major films attracts a huge number of people. Trade show organizers use this opportunity to showcase their goods and products to these people.

The city is also a leading sports hub, it is home to the Atlanta Braves of Major league baseball, Atlanta Hawks of the NBA, Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, and the Atlantic United of Major League Soccer. The high number of athletes playing these sports and their fans also form a big industrial base. 

The city has top-notch convention centers that can host trade shows and expos, they include: Georgia World Congress Center, Cobb galleria center, Atlanta Convention Centre, and the Atlanta Expo Center South. The city also has a well-connected transport system that makes it easily accessible.

The following are the best upcoming trade shows in Atlanta:

  • The Fly Fishing Show Atlanta. The event should be held in February 2022. It is organized by The Fly Fishing Show. The number of people expected to turnout is about 220 exhibitors and 8452 visitors. This trade show involves products like boots, fly tying, reels, flies, fishing equipment, and more.
  • Atlanta Franchise Trade Show And Expo. This event is organized by the Great American Franchise Expo. It should be held between 14th and 15th May 2022. The number of people expected to attend is between 5000-20,000 visitors and 80 exhibitors. Attendees will get access to insightful expositions, expert guidance, and free coaching from experts in the industry.

The best time to organize or attend a trade show in Atlanta is from March to May when the weather is mild.

8. New York

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New York is the most populated city in the U.S, it is also the most densely populated this outrightly makes it a favored destination for trade shows organizers. New York is referred to as the financial, media, and cultural capital of the world. New York is also the headquarters of the U.N earning the city the nickname of the capital of the world.

New York is a major tourist center attracting an average of 66 million tourists every year. Attraction features include the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, Broadway Theater, Empire State Building, World Trade Center, and Central Park. New York is also a media hub being home to the New York Times, Associated Press (AP), and broadcasting giants like ABC and NBC. Many films and television shows are also set in New York.

All of this contributes to New York being the most favorite destination of trade shows. The numerous residents plus the vast number of tourists frequenting the place form the biggest industrial base in the world. To get the maximum exposure that this city offers visit that gives the best logistical support in organizing trade shows and expos.

New York is home to the biggest convention centers in the world, they include Javits Centre, NYC Seminar and Conference Centre, Park Armory Centre, Manhattan Centre, and Downtown Conference Centre. The best time to organize and attend trade shows are in September to early November and April to June as the weather is pleasant during these times of the year. The following are upcoming trade shows that will be held in New York:

  • Toy Fair New York City. This event should take place between 19th to 22nd February 2022. The attendees get to see the newest games, toys, and seasonal products. The attendees also get a chance to meet the specific companies dealing with those items. Toy inventors also get the chance to showcase their products and sell them.
  • Retail’s Big Show New York City. This event is scheduled to take place between 16th to 18th January 2022. Representatives in the retail industry meet to discuss trends and issues that affect them. They also strengthen their business contacts and establish new ones.

The New York travel advisory stopped being in effect from June 25th, 2021, travelers are no longer required to conform to travel forms making it easier for people to travel to and from the city. Travelers are still required to follow the CDC guidelines as the pandemic is still present.

9. San Diego

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San Diego is well known for its sunshine, beautiful site attractions, warm weather, and exciting outdoor meeting areas. The airport, different hotels, and resorts, convention centers, and the health standards of this place are all on point. Conventions, events, and different meetings are still going on even with the Covid-19 pandemic around. 

Indoor events allow up to 1000 people or slightly more than that as long as they have evidence of either a negative COVID-19 test or full vaccination. More than 10,000 people are allowed to attend outdoor events as long as they meet the requirements similar to the ones needed in indoor activities. 

The convention center in San Diego was the first to achieve GRAC STAR facility accreditation because of observing cleaning and disinfection protocols. The convention center provides a number of services, for example, in-person programming together with virtual components like using video calls in meetings.

There are different hotels and resorts in everyone’s budget. They range from the urban world-class hotels, resorts that are right beside beautiful beaches, and several renowned global brand properties. The hotel offers top-notch catering services. San Diego international airport is very clean and has taken stringent measures to avoid the spread of the covid 19 viruses. 

Trade shows have become so popular in San Diego. A lot of individuals in the business world are attracted to showcase their products and services during such events.

There are a number of trade shows that take place in San Diego. They include:

  • Club Business Expo. This event is to be held from February 19th to 23rd, 2022. It is organized by the Club Managers Association Of America. 1000 visitors and 500 exhibitors are expected to attend.
  • TIA Capital Ideas Conference Exhibition. This event is to be held from April 6th to 9th, 2022. It is organized by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. The estimated turnout is about 1000 visitors and 20-100 exhibitors.
  • CMAA National Conference Trade Show. This event is organized by CMAA and is to be held from 9th to 11th October 2022. The estimated turnout is about 1000 visitors and between 20-100 exhibitors.

10. Orlando

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Orlando is a busy city in the heart of Florida. This makes the city attract a lot of investors and businesses. There are several trade shows that are held in Orlando, any entrepreneur who wants to quickly market their brand should not miss them. This city provides affordable accommodation and low travel costs, making it the best place to host trade shows. The different hotels can fit everyone’s budget. Whether you are interested in 5-star resorts or value-priced ones, you will be sorted. 

Thanks to the strict safety measures put at the Orlando International Airport during this COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors are assured of their safety by having handwashing and sanitation stations all through the airport and hotels. Guests are encouraged to social distance during the events and to always have their masks on. The Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) is where many trade show events take place in Orlando. 
The OCCC has four big hotels connected to it with around 5200 rooms in total. This convention center monitors the temperatures of trade show attendees by using digital technology. Exhibitors are encouraged to create a display that can direct the visitors through their whole brand story. Consider booth builders that are aware of the layout of the building to be used. Let us look at some of the top trade shows held in Orlando.

  • Asi Show Orlando. This event is to happen from 4th to 6th January 2022. It is organized by the Asi show. The number of people expected to attend is approximately 110 exhibitors and 7000 visitors. The Asi Show Orlando is always held once yearly and it is the leading trade show that promotes businesses.
  • P.G.A Merchandise Show. This event should take place between 25th and 28th January 2022. It is organized by Reed Exhibitions. The number of people expected to attend is around 1100 exhibitors and 43,000 visitors. The P.G.A merchandise show involves debates and discussions on how to solve different issues facing the business and creating a good environment for golf sessions.


Location plays a big role in trade shows. The best location that is easily accessible by the majority of attendees will definitely hit a big total of participants. In case you are planning to be one of the exhibitors, source all the services from Aplus Expo. 
They have a group of dedicated team of experts that will have your needs sorted out perfectly to your satisfaction. They also offer services like installation, customization, transport, storage and even dismantling of your booth after the trade show. For more information contact us.

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