Top 10 Trade Shows In Florida You Should Exhibit In

There are many ways to popularize a business to allow its products to reach customers, and trade shows are one of them. Like any other show, it is a place where the industry leaders get a chance to interact with one another and form cordial relations. Jewelry trade show in Las Vegas also provide a great opportunity for other exhibitors to confirm the news created by a brand, spot trends, or determine where the industry is heading.

This long-lost marketing method allows a brand to establish and build a presence for its target audience while allowing it to generate new leads, attract new customers, and establish a more renowned brand. Trade show exhibitions play a crucial role in the industry’s growth as it provides a unique platform to both suppliers and buyers with new networking opportunities.

Since the significance of a trade exhibition in the jewelry industry is crucial, this article will discuss the top 7 jewelry show in Las Vegas to check out this year. Participating in these shows is a great way to rekindle the bonds with suppliers, clients, and manufacturers. So, let’s get started!

JCK Las Vegas

Source: Unsplash


June 1st to 5th


The Venetian Expo, Las Vegas

  • Bellini Ballroom, The Venetian, Level 2
  • Doge’s Palace (Entrance)
  • Luxury Show Floor & Private Ballrooms, Level 2
  • Palazzo Ballroom, The Venetian, Level 5
  • Showcase Stage, The Venetian Expo, Level 2
  • The Venetian Expo, Level 2
  • Venetian 101, 102 & 103, Level 1

How to Register as an Exhibitor?

To register as an exhibitor at the jewelry industry’s leading international trade event, one needs to follow the proper registration procedure, which includes submitting the exhibitor interest form for the 2023 JCK show on the website. Since this jewelry show Las Vegas is only for qualified jewelry industry professionals, individuals 14 years of age or under are not allowed.

If the individual is not pre-approved to attend JCK, they must provide the necessary information during the badge registration process to gain approval for attendance. Some critical documents and pricing based on the business type are also vital for a better review process. Please check its official website for custom booth approval.

About the Trade Show:

JCK is an industry leader uniting over 30,000 of the most influential professionals. It offers the perfect setting to showcase a business, write orders, and network with potential buyers. Since the last year marked JCK’s 30th anniversary, its organizers had a lot to celebrate. It welcomed over 17,000 attendees and 1,800 exhibitors worldwide, with guests from 130 countries. But this year, the organizers are expecting it to be even grander.

The largest and most trusted jewelry industry trade event continues to deliver an exceptional experience serving all segments of the jewelry industry. Since JCK strives to be the industry’s single-greatest jewelry event, offering professionals invaluable education and networking, they are perfect for newbies and pros. Whether you are a jewelry buyer, designer, manufacturer, supplier, or student, you should not miss this jewelry trade show in Las Vegas!


Source: Unsplash


March 26th to 28th – Spring Exhibition

October 13th to 16th – Fall Exhibition


Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida

How to Register as an Exhibitor?

To attend JIS Spring or Fall 2023, it is vital to register your team for badges. The registration process is carried out by filling out a form available on the JCK website. A brand can purchase additional badges for their company directly during the registration process if needed. One can also modify their registration by clicking Modify Registration.

After some time, the registered attendees will receive a Digital Offer Bag in their inbox ahead of the show. It includes offers, promotions, and vendor specials to easily locate the best deals on the site.

About the Trade Show:

JIS is one of the finest jewellery shows in the USA and the Western Hemisphere and features some of the best specials of the year. It promotes at-show delivery, personalized recommendations, and an impressive array of international and specialty pavilions, all under one roof! Brands looking forward to reaching more clients can promote their jewelry pieces at the Fall or Spring session.

The strategically designed custom sponsorship and booth rental opportunities offered by JIS help brands reach more buyers and maximize their ROI. It also provides pre-show and at-show placements to increase awareness about your brand before you even step on the show floor. 

After registering your jewelry trade show booth at the JIS show, you can drive buyers by updating your details on the Exhibitor Hub page. It is the only way retailers will be able to see your company before and during the JIS trade show.

JA New York

Source: JA New York


March 12th to 14th – Spring Exhibition

October 29th to 21st – Fall Exhibition


Javits Center NYC

How to Register as an Exhibitor?

If you’re interested in exhibiting your jewelry at the JA New York trade show, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website, and navigate to the Exhibitor section page.
  2. Fill out and submit the Exhibit Inquire form available on the website.

Wait for a few days to receive your Exhibitor Registration Badge. For more information, please visit the website directly, or talk to the event organizers.

About the Trade Show:

JA New York has been a leading jewelry trade exhibition for the last 100 years. It is known for bringing the jewelry industry together for three amazing days of buying, trend-spotting, treasure-hunting, and business-building interaction. It is smartly styled and edited, featuring a curated, eclectic mix of the season’s finest and trendiest opportunities, whether buying diamonds, deco, gold, or gemstone available in the market. It also has the most comprehensive collections in the market with the best trade show storage facilities.

As its name suggests, JA New York has exclusively housed New York. This jewellery exhibition in the USA is the heart of the jewelry industry, offering an intimate and easy-to-navigate high-end marketplace for newbies and established retail buyers. If you want to exhibit your designer jewelry pieces to worldwide buyers while continually learning from professionals, this trade show gives you the perfect opportunity of doing so.

Here, exhibitors have lucrative chances to reach desired buyers, connect with top brands, and shape the future success of their retail business or company. Retailers with generous open-to-buys and immediate purchasing intent are ready to compare products, find new suppliers, open new accounts, and benefit significantly at the special-size booths. According to recent stats, 92% of the attending buyers place orders, and 83% place orders with vendors.

Centurion Jewelry Show

Source: Centurion Jewelry Show


January 28th to February 1st


Arizona Biltmore Resort, Phoenix, AZ

How to Register as an Exhibitor?

Since Centurion is an invitation-only fine jewelry trade show, you must submit your information, and they will follow up with you promptly. To submit your data, navigate to the Centurion trade show’s official website and open the registration page. Fill in the necessary details and submit the data.

Within a few days of submitting the registration form, you will receive a call from the show organizers. In case of any doubts regarding the registration process, you may contact the event organizers directly.

About the Trade Show:

There’s no doubt that Centurion is the elite retail favorite jewelry show in Las Vegas as it has been in the market for over 22 years, featuring the who’s-who of the jewelry industry. If you are a visitor, you can find the absolute top brands and the hottest up-and-comers in the exhibition. It also provides the opportunity to meet with the most reputable jewelry retailers in the world. It is also referred to as the better retail jeweler’s favorite trade show as it is an invitation-only exhibition featuring only the who’s-who of the jewelry industry.

This year the show is being hosted by an acclaimed late-night TV show host, corporate speaker, voice-over artist, pioneering car builder and mechanic, and philanthropist… Jay Leno! If you have Jay Leno as a host, your booth will stand out, and you need nothing else to entertain you throughout the show! It is a great opportunity to make your products reach the worldwide market. But don’t forget to make your fabric display booth look appealing!

JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show

Source: JOGS 


January 25th to February 5th – Tucson Winter Gem & Jewelry Show

May 29th to June 1st – Las Vegas Gem & Jewelry Show


Tucson Winter Gem & Jewelry Show – Tucson Expo Center

Las Vegas Gem & Jewelry Show – The Mirage Events Center

How to Register as an Exhibitor?

To exhibit your jewelry pieces at the JOGS Gem & Jewelry Show, you first need to apply for the upcoming JOGS International Exhibits Event, taking place during the Winter and Fall. To apply for exhibit space, fill out the form on the Exhibitor Registration page, and the JOGS executive will contact you shortly to assist in reserving the jewelry show displays.

Since it is a well-known jewelry market, you can connect and reach worldwide buyers. For more information, please visit the website, or directly contact the event organizers.

About the Trade Show:

In case you don’t already know, The Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show is among the world-renowned jewelry shows in Las Vegas held annually in Tucson, Arizona. It is a must-attend event for wholesale and retail buyers looking to interact and network with industry professionals and learn about the latest trends from them. It also allows them to engage in professional buying of unique and high-quality gems, jewelry, minerals, and other related items from around the globe.

The trade show flooring at this event is perfect for jewelry enthusiasts and design learners as it features several products from numerous vendors. It includes jewelry designers, manufacturers, miners, wholesalers, and jewelry liquidators from countries such as the US, Europe, Africa, India, Thailand, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Nepal, Poland, Russia, and more.

We will not be wrong to say that the Tucson Gem & Jewelry Show is a premier event for people working in the gem and jewelry industry and those looking for high-quality and unique products at reasonable prices. Since the products and designs available here are rare, it will not be too much to spend on them. Attending one of the jewelry trade shows in the USA is a good opportunity for visitors to do business, make connections, and discover new and exciting jewelry products.

Pasadena Bead & Design Show

Source: Unsplash


July 21st to 23rd


Hilton Pasadena Hotel, Las Vegas

How to Register as an Exhibitor?

The exhibitors for Pasadena Bead & Design Show are carefully chosen by invitation and juried application, including both traditional and contemporary artisans, high-quality merchants, and wholesale suppliers. If you are interested in exhibiting your jewelry products and have the best booth lighting at this event, register in advance because the exhibiting space is pre-booked.

Jewelry retailers or wholesalers can apply to exhibit by filling out the application form available on the website to start exhibiting at one of the best jewelry trade shows. After submitting the application form, the Bead & Design team will review your data and contact you within a few days. For more information, you may directly visit the website.

About the Trade Show:

The Pasadena Bead & Design Show in Las Vegas is a 3-day celebration of handcraft and design, with over 200 artisan exhibits and workshops, bringing together artists, artisans, and tradespeople from around the world. It showcases artistic beads, gemstones, one-of-a-kind jewelry, designer clothing, jewelry-making supplies, and trade show furniture. Since 1992, it has been promoting a wide diversity of exhibitors, with 2500 artisans and tradespeople having traveled from 50 countries to come together and exhibit their work.

Among the diverse jewelry trade show booth design, here you can find items such as lampwork beads, hand-cut gemstones, antique beads, vintage findings & embellishments, hand-dyed silks, raku beads, hill tribe silver, antique pearls, tribal textiles, eco-dyed clothing, clay jewelry, and woodblock fabric. It is a perfect place for exhibitors to expand their business and network with jewelry professionals from around the globe.

The best thing about the event is it keenly focuses on recently discovered artists, including the established as well as the emerging ones. Since it is open to the public, everyone is welcome to buy and shop directly from the tradespeople and artisans at great prices.

IWJG Trade Show

Source: Unsplash


Feb 20‑21, 2023. Mon‑Tue 9:00A ‑ 6:00P

Mar 20‑21, 2023. Mon‑Tue 9:00A ‑ 6:00P

Apr 24‑25, 2023. Mon‑Tue 9:00A ‑ 6:00P


Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas

River Rd., Rosemont, IL

How to Register as an Exhibitor?

If you want to showcase your products at the IWJG trade show in Las Vegas, filling out the pre-registration form is crucial. Member applications must be submitted and accepted before they attend an IWJG trade event as they don’t accept membership applications at the door. You can register for a jewelry show booth and obtain a badge by submitting the registration form on the website.

Before registering as an exhibitor for the trade event, all members must have membership cards. If not, they have to pay $20.00 for a new photo card.

About the Trade Show:

Popularly referred to as the International Watch & Jewelry Guild Show, IWJG is the most active central exchange for acquiring, buying, selling, and trading fine watches; vintage, collectible timepieces, estate jewelry, as well as imported diamond. It is held in Miami every year, attracting around 7600 visitors and over 500 exhibitors to the 20*20’ booths. It was founded in 1988 by Burley Bullock, creator of the most successful watch-buying program in America.

IWJG members enjoy a wide range of benefits and invitations to 10 to 12 shows every year. You will be surprised to learn that Olga Cortez Bullock and Christina LeDoux coordinate all the events organized by IWJG. The best thing is these shows are held in first-class hotels, with heavy police security and conveniences, so exhibitors don’t need to worry about their safety as well as that of their products.

Many exhibitors participate in this event to display their products and services and engage in mutually beneficiary discussions on current trends and design patterns. Among the products on jewelry trade show displays, includes vintage and modern watches, jewelry, gold, diamonds, gems, pens, coins, stamps, clocks, estate jewelry, antique jewelry, and store and manufacturer stocks.

All the exhibitors here interact extensively with their peers to build strong professional networks and a good understanding of some of the finer points governing the running of the jewelry industry.

Why You Should Attend the Jewelry Trade Show?

Source: Unsplash

For Exhibitors

Here are some notable benefits jewelry-based brands can achieve by participating in wholesale jewelry shows:

  • Extensive Networking: Trade shows pave a path for jewelry-based brands to find prospective clients and complementary businesses to collaborate with for further growth and build long-lasting relations.
  • Understanding Customer Needs: An exhibition throws light into understanding consumers’ requirements through one-on-one conversations. Such interactions allow a brand to understand the client’s demand, and perceived inhibitions and assemble the resources to create a focused impact
  • Showcase USP: It is the perfect platform to market your brand by showing your USP and its intrinsic value to customers.

For Visitors

Here are some notable advantages jewelry enthusiasts can achieve by attending jewelry trade shows in Las Vegas:

  • Enhance Knowledge: If an individual wishes to enter the jewelry market, they must attend trade exhibitions to enhance their knowledge of trends and technical aspects of the industry. It helps them maintain their skills and keep them up-to-date.
  • Innovative Solutions: Such shows are a perfect place to meet the professionals working in the jewelry industry and engage in conversations with various designers, strategists, retailers, and brands. Open communication with the experts helps create a collaborative approach to finding innovative ways to grow.
  • Professional Buying: Trade events promote professional buying by giving individual details about a jewelry piece to help them buy the appropriate item according to their wish and improve it if needed.


Irrespective of the industry or market you’re working in, it is crucial to know where you stand among your competitors, how good is your goodwill, and what attracts the customers towards your products. If you can do that, you can figure out what works for your brand to take it to the heights. And the best way to assess your position in the industry is by exhibiting your products at a jewelry trade show display.

These events allow a company to expand its customer base, flaunt reliability and seriousness relating to its business, access critical prospects, and make the most of them. However, it doesn’t mean exhibiting here is easy. The exhibitor must train its staff rightly, display attractive banners and signs, and put on an enjoyable show to attract people. Although the cost may be an issue, it can pay off quickly if you play your cards right.

Since trade shows offer startups large and medium-sized enterprises, a business must know how to make the most of it. It can do so by creating an appealing jewelry show display by contacting Aplus Expo. It is a brand poised to design, manufacture, construct, and deliver an exhibition booth to elevate your profits! Here, the professionals design, make, build, and provide your ideal trade show booth amazingly in Las Vegas!

From the custom booth to booth rentals, installation and dismantling, transportation and logistics, graphics printing, 3D rendering, and concept development, audio video equipment rental, and project management, it offers all kinds of services. So, if you are looking for a trusted exhibition stand contractor, you may contact us. Aplus Expo has an experienced team to work with, offering prompt responses, and they also can work under tight schedules.

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