Top 14 Fashion Trade Shows In Las Vegas

When you are in the apparel and clothing industry, you must show it to the world to get business. The best way to exhibit your clothes collection is via a clothing trade show. The clothing trade show lets you get exposure and meet with potential business partners in the fashion industry. In fact, according to the statistics, the USA is the world’s largest clothing industry. 

Also, due to this, several clothing and fashion accessory trade shows take place, such as in Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, etc. So, if you want the best way to boost your business, participating in a trade show is your best bet. To get the best results, trade show booth rentals Las Vegas will help you set up your booth to attract customers. Are you wondering what are the upcoming trade shows you can explore in 2023? If yes, check out the list of upcoming clothing trade shows las vegas below and be ready to explore and expand your business to new heights.

Bridal Spectacular Wedding Expo 2023

Bridal Spectacular Wedding Expo
Source:Bridal Spectacular

Where: The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas

When: 15 July 2023 

Why should youattend this show:

Bridal Spectacular Wedding Expo 2023 provides you with everything you need to plan a perfect wedding. In this event, there are several featured events, from wedding and clothing conventions, such as bridal gowns and tuxedos, to wedding reception venues too. With the help of banners and signs, you can attract the bride and groom to your stall. It is the perfect way to meet new clients and customers. This show is not only for brides but for grooms also. There is an event for Tuxedos too. 

Also, you will be surprised to know that this show is one of the largest and longest-running bridal shows. Although it is just for a day, you will meet leading wedding professionals, look at amazing different decor ideas, and taste delicious treats and food. There is a runway fashion show too, and you can get different ideas from that. Not only that, but the attendees will also have a chance to win prizes and get special offers too. When you put up your stall, you can discover new ideas, trends, etc. 

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Private Label Manufacturers Association- PLMA

Private Label Manufacturers Association Trade Show
Source: PLMA

Where: Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

When: 12-14 November 2023

Why should youattend this show: 

The Private Label Manufacturers Association is a non-profit organization that aims to promote store brands. This organization is present in 75 countries. The Private Label Manufacturers Association- PLMA will take place in November, and it is one of the biggest clothing trade shows las vegas. There will be around more than one thousand exhibitors and 200,000 attendees. 

In this show, there will be sessions specified for demonstrating the product, networking, discussions, etc. For any store brand, it is a perfect opportunity to connect with customers and other peers. This show will help the store brand to expand across multiple channels. 

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Western & English Sales Market- WESA

Western & English Sales Market- WESA
Source: WESA trade show

Where: Dallas, TX

When: 24-27 August 2023 and 17-20 January 2024

Why should youattend this show:

The goal of the Western & English Sales Association is to provide a forum where manufacturers and retailers can conduct business in a fair trade. They organize one of the greatest clothing trade shows that attract around 37K retailers and more than 500 product lines. The show will take place in Dallas, offering a perfect opportunity for exhibitors and attendees. 

The attendees will get to learn about challenges in the industry, contemporaries, get access to educational content, etc. A custom trade show booth offers a great way to stand out in such a big event. 

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Couture Trade Show

Fine Jewelry
Source: The couture show

Where: Wynn, Las Vegas

When: 1-4 June 2023

Why should you attend this show:

Couture is one of the biggest fashion trade shows that take place in Wynn, Las Vegas, every year. It is a perfect place for people dealing in luxury timepieces and fine jewelry. The show caters to big names and renowned brands and media all over the world. The top brands such as Twist, Bergdorf, Neiman Marcus, etc. The attendees get to meet the diverse retail community and the best brands.

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Imprinted Sportswear Fort Worth- ISS

Imprinted Sportswear Fort Worth
Source: Impressions Expo

Where: Fort Worth Convention Center, Fort Worth, TX

When: 14-16 September 2023

Why should you attend this show:

This athletic apparel trade show will take place from September 14- 16, 2023. The aim of the imprint sportswear show is to bring together business owners and professionals from the apparel and fashion industry. Since there are expected to be more than 500 exhibitors and 50K attendees, this show will offer the perfect opportunity to expand the business and having a booth rental makes things easy to manage. 

After attending this event, you will see why professionals keep coming back to this event. You can get your services and products noticed by attendees, and it is the best place for your brand and company to get exposure. Also, with the help of around thirty workshops and seminars, you get to expand your knowledge too. 

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FFANY New York Shoe Expo

FFANY Trade Show
Source: FFANY

Where: New York, USA

When: 27 November to 1 December 2023

Why should you attend this show:

This is one of the grand fashion trade shows that is an initiative of the Fashion Footwear Association of New York. Attendees get to discover new brands, learn about the newest trends in the footwear industry and also they get to connect with industry partners. This show takes place four times every year. One can connect with buyers, store owners, stylists, etc. There are expected to be around 300 hundred exhibitors and around 4500 attendees. 

This show provides a place for footwear designers, retailers, and professionals to network and make connections in the American market. There will be a wide variety of footwear, and the primary emphasis is on innovative and new designs. The highlight of this show is that all the renowned brands will be under one roof, and it leads to an exciting and knowledgeable environment. 

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MAGIC Trade Show

Magic Trade Show
Source: MAGIC

Where: Las Vegas Convention Centre

When: 7 to 9 August 2023

Why should you attend this show:

MAGIC is one of the biggest events dealing with women’s, men’s, children and streetwear trade shows. It is a place where retail buyers, brands, media, and influencers connect with the global audience. Since this is a big event, a trade show project management company helps in setting the booth, and one can showcase their brand to an international audience. There are participants from around ninety countries and all 50 states. So, for anyone who wants to increase their reach, this event is a must-visit. 

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Luxury by JCK

JCK Las Vegas Show
Source: JCK

Where: The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV

When: 31 May – 5 June 2023

Why should you attend this show:

It is one of the most sought-after fashion trade shows for fine jewelry specialists. Brands can flaunt their timeless designs and creations to the audience. The event offers several retail opportunities, and it usually caters to the high-end market. For any brand dealing in jewelry, it is the perfect place. The event provides incredible networking experiences. There will be around 17 thousand attendees. Such a mega-event requires customized trade show booth lighting that can make the booth unique and stand out. 

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Womenswear In Nevada 2023

Womenswear Trade Show
Source: WWIN

Where: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA

When: 07 – 10 Aug 2023

Why should you attend this show:

WWIN show, or Womenswear In Nevada, is the perfect destination for anyone dealing in women’s fashion apparel. The brands can network, attend workshops, and meet with potential clients and customers. Also, visitors can find trendy women’s accessories, footwear, and accessories. Any budding entrepreneur can connect with the entire fashion industry and make new connections. 

It is a place where attendees can find accessories and apparel in a relaxed environment. WWIN has always lifted up to its name, and it has always offered an unforgettable experience, and the same is expected this year too. With the help of different workshops, and clothing shows, the attendees can discover inclusive brands of women’s clothing, specialty fashion, plus-sized, etc. There is something for everyone. 

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The New International Lingerie Show 

New International Lingerie Show
Source: ILSS

Where: Tuscany Suites & Casino, Las Vegas

When: 28 – 29 Aug 2023

Why should you attend this show:

New International Lingerie Show is a place to meet several industry peers and explore different lingerie brands and also dancewear, novelty products, hosiery, etc. There will be exhibitors from around the world, so for any brand, it is a great opportunity to branch out. 

By attending the show, you could be the first to discover new styles and new collections. The best part is that there is a wide range of Plus Size Lingerie and dancewear. 

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Cosmoprof Las Vegas
Source: Cosmoprof Las Vegas

Where: Las Vegas Convention Centre

When: 11-13 July

Why should you attend this show:

One of the best trade show usa to resource private label skin products is Cosmoprof. There will be more than one thousand exhibitors and around 32,000 attendees. It is a B2B trade show where the attendees can share ideas, latest trends, and cosmetic products. Technicians, businesses, and retailers come from all over the world. If anyone wants to get their brand into a retailer, this is a great skincare trade show to attend. 

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SupplySide West 

Supply Side West Show
Source: SupplySide West

Where: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

When: 23-27 October 2023

Why should you attend this show:

The main focus of this fashion trade show is on solutions and ingredients for beauty and healthcare products. There will be around 1000+ exhibitors and 14 thousand attendees. So, it provides a perfect opportunity to network. 

The beauty and healthcare industry is expanding at a fast rate, so it is vital to be updated about the latest trends. Attendees learn about the beauty industry and what is the science behind nutrition and supplements. There will be workshops and product demos, and this trade show gives brands the best opportunity to have a lasting impression on prospective customers. 

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International Watch & Jewelry Guild Show 2023

International Watch & Jewelry Guild Show
Source: IWJG

Where: Las Vegas

When: 31 July- 1 August 2023

Why should you attend this show:

Apart from all the clothing conventions, one trade show that every watch and jewelry enthusiast should look into is the International Watch & Jewelry Guild. This show invites several exhibitors who want to promote and offer their products at a reasonable price. 

Some of the products showcased in this show are watches, jewelry, platinum, gold, and silver jewelry, clocks, etc. It is a global forum for selling and acquiring vintage timepieces, watches, and jewelry. There are various options for display booths, such as fabric display booth, which can make your booth look different and attractive. 

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Las Vegas Apparel

Las Vegas Apparel
Source: Las Vegas Apparel

Where: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV

When: 06 – 09 Aug 2023

Why should you attend this show:

Las Vegas Apparel provides a platform to showcase athletic apparel trade show, trendy shoes and accessories. Visitors get to take a look at different apparel. In this event, exhibitors and buyers come together at the expo center. It is the best place to visit and source leading shoe, accessory, and contemporary brands. Las Vegas apparel starts one day before the surrounding shows. So, you have the advantage of one whole day. The organizers also provide complimentary lunch and rideshare. And there is onsite free parking. 

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How To Attend Trade Shows In Las Vegas

Regarding attending trade shows, it is vital to plan ahead and ensure you are doing your best. Clothing trade shows in Vegas are a great opportunity to meet new prospects and new people, so planning and organizing are important. So, to help you have an amazing and hassle-free experience at the trade shows, below are some factors that you must consider: 


Travel plans are vital when it comes to trade shows. First of all, you have to decide how long you are traveling. Always make your traveling plans beforehand. If you must spend the night, ensure you arrive on time. So, if you must book the flight or train, do that in advance. After that, you must decide how you will get to the venue. Pre-book your ride so that you can save money and your time. If you are traveling for an international event, ensure that someone on the team can speak the local language. 

Also ensure that the service company you are opting for also provides transportation and logistics. Transportation and logistics can become complicated. It involves lots of packing, preparing, delivering, etc. It can be time-consuming, and the cost of delivery can be high. However, with a reliable service provider, you do not have to worry about the transportation of your booths and accessories. 


When traveling, you must ensure that you arrange local accommodation and transportation for you and your staff. It is best to get accommodation within walking distance from the venue. If your accommodation is a bit far, try to reach the venue as early as you can. 

Convention center

The next important point to consider is the convention center where the show will take place. You must reach the venue in advance so that you can check the place where you will be placing your booth. Once you get there, you can get all the essentials; you can design the sketch on paper. This will help you in getting an idea of how your booth will look. 

Find A Trusted Exhibition Service Company.

After you have checked out the list, you now have to get through the most vital aspect, and that is to find these reliable trade show services. Aplus Expo, one of the top trade show service companies in Las Vegas, will help you in arranging your booths in a customized and unique way. They will handle the design and transportation too. 

Ensure that the company has comprehensive services and is aware of the local knowledge. This way, they can offer you a stress-free experience around the nation.

Aplus Expo: A Trusted Trade Show 

Aplus Expo was launched in 2008, and since that, it has been helping brands and exhibitors to achieve the best trade show experience. They help the exhibitors design their booths, manufacture, build, and deliver the customized booth in time. The company is based in Las Vegas, but they have various location services, be it a trade show in Arizona or san diego apparel show or any other location. They offer specialized solutions, and some of the advantages of opting for Aplus are mentioned below: 

Customized Booth Designs

One thing that attracts customers to your booth is the design and uniqueness of the booth. Apkus have expertise in designing booths, and their team provides creative solutions. They easily incorporate your ideas with your brand identity, which will attract customers to your booth and make you stand out from the crowd too. If you want a special size booth, there is a facility for that too. Whatever your brand and vision are, Aplus brings that vision to life. You can get booth of different sizes too such as 20×20′, 20×30′ , 20×40′ Booth, and 10×10′ Booth

Las Vegas Onsite Support And Quick Design

After providing you with your booth, Aplus services do not end there. Problems can occur in a running show; Aplus is aware of that. They will be with you throughout the show and will help you if any issue arises. They provide quick solutions so that the exhibitors do not have to halt their services and show. 

Competitive Pricing

Since Aplus has been in business for a long time, they are aware of how to incorporate the supply chain in an efficient way. This way, they help in reducing the cost. All the exhibits are designed with the help of cutting-edge technology, so it saves time and money. Also, they provide the availability of local services and delivery. So, for any brand who wants to attend the trade show and get exposure at a reasonable price, Aplus is the best choice. 


Summing up, one of the essential parts of having success in the fashion industry is to attend clothing trade shows. Since the fashion world has changed in the past, it is vital to be aware of the new things happening in the industry. It does not matter what your brand is; it is always beneficial to connect with buyers and potential partners. 

To get the most out of these shows, it is vital to have a customized booth too, and with Aplus expo services, such as custom booths, 3D designs, graphics printing, etc., you can get the best experience at clothing trade shows las vegas. From designing to delivery all your needs will be met and you will have a worry-free experience. So, for all your booth needs, contact us and get a great deal. 

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