Top 10 Medical Device Conferences You Must Attend

The European Union’s Medical Device Regulations (MDR) are set to be released in May of the current year. If you are a medical device company and don’t fully understand the implications of the new MDR on your business, you are not alone. A KPMG report shows that 42% of the companies do not even understand the MDR fully. A great way to fix that is by attending some MDR expos. Here are the top 10 medical conferences you must attend in the year 2020.

1. Green Light Guru True Quality Road Show


When: Feb 6, Feb 26, May 21, June, July 16, Summer

Where: San Jose, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Dublin, Boston. 

Why you should attend:

The Green Light Guru True Quality Road Show is a traveling medical conference. It gathers the medical device engineers, regulators and quality-control experts under one roof. The event is held in various cities and offers the same amount of learning and networking everywhere.

The show’s focus is on the current state of the medical device industry and the closing keynote is also on the same topic. So if you are looking for all the updates in one place, this is the place to be. The event promises learning and fun in the form of drinks and appetizers.

2. Med Tech Innovation Expo


When: Sep 29-30, 2020 

Where: NEC Birmingham, UK.

Why you should attend:

Med Tech Innovation Expo is the largest medical device design and manufacture expo in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The expo has a variety of subjects including, pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies, medical plastics, start-ups, digital health-tech and many more. 

Med Tech is a great learning opportunity as it features live demos of the latest products and technologies. You will get to see, first hand, the newest advancements in the field of medical devices. If you have your own medical device brand, consider setting up a booth at the expo. You will get a chance to network with over 4000 experts from all fields. Click here to easily rent a booth from Aplus Expo. 

3. Egymedica


When: To Be Announced.

Where: Cairo International Convention Center, Cairo, Egypt.

Why you should attend:

Egymedica is the largest medical device conference in Africa and Egypt. It has representation from over 19 countries and attracts more than 32 thousand visitors. It is the place where all the experts from Africa and Egypt gather to discuss the newest medical devices and procedures.

If you are a medical device company, attending this event will enable you to network with over 450 exhibitors. It is predicted that this year’s event will attract almost 55 thousand attendees. If you are looking to expand your brand into Egypt and Africa this is a great place to get introduced to much of the market at once.

4. Devicetalks Minnesota


When: June 1-2, 2020

Where: Hyatt Regency Minneapolis, MN.

Why you should attend:

DeviceTalks is the gathering of everyone that falls under the medical device umbrella. The event is attended by engineers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs alike. DeviceTalks will talk about many important facets of the industry including innovation, prototyping, manufacturing, etc

Attending DeviceTalks will teach you a lot as you will be able to hear from many experts. Tim Herbert will talk about the success of his company Inspire Medical Systems. Nadim Yared and Mike Favet will cover the topic of Neurostim. The owners of Mayo Clinic will talk about additive manufacturing and it’s future prospects.

5. Drug/Device and Device/Drug Combinations in the EU and USA

When: Sep 24-25, 2020

Where: Rembrandt Hotel, London.

Why you should attend:

There have been great leaps in the drug/device research, leading to the creation of many medical devices that use some medical substance. The event talks about this and also the incorporation of tissue-engineered products and cell-therapy with medical and pharmaceutical products. 

Attending this event will arm you with a deep understanding of the European Regulations. It will teach you the actual steps you need to take in order to get approval for your product. Moreover, it will enable you to differentiate between various available approval and documentation methods. You will get to hear the latest developments in the making of products from tissue engineering.

6. 10x Medical Device Conference

Source: Facebook

When: To Be Announced. 

Where: Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and Marina, San Diego, CA.

Why you should attend:

The 10x Conference is the place where experts and business owners from all facets of the industry gather to learn and grow their business. It is a cross-functional event.

10x teaches the juniors important lessons and materials and also gives them action items that are practical and can be applied to their job in order to be more efficient and productive. The seniors will not be bored, they will leave 10x with their head full of exciting ideas that they can deploy in their work. The event contains workshops on many topics including marketing of medical devices, risk requirements, health economics and so much more.

7. Medicall Expo


When: July 24-26, Dec 11-13, 2020

Where: Chennai, New Delhi – India

Why you should attend:

Medicall is the biggest business-to-business medical device exhibition in India. The event is organized by MedExpert, a company endorsed by Dr. Manivannan, who is the managing director of Kauvery hospital. The 19-year journey of the hospital to its 1000-bed status has taught the team a lot. It is this wisdom they aim to spread with Medicall.

The event aims to help owners of small hospitals who do not have the budget for experienced purchase managers by connecting them to medical equipment companies who also cannot afford proper sales teams and hence cannot reach all hospital owners. So if you are a struggling hospital or equipment company owner, Medicall will provide you with the chance to network with others and grow your business.

8. MedtecLive


When: June 30 – July 2, 2020

Where: Nurnberg, Germany. 

Why you should attend:

MedtecLive is the combination of the MT-Connect and MedTec Europe events. Entering its 2nd year, MedtecLIVE is the central hub of all the medical technology activities in Europe. MedtecLIVE gathers experts from all levels, from manufacturers to researchers. 

MedtecLIVE is a very educational event thanks to its partnership with the MedTech Summit Congress. In 3 days, you will learn about processes, materials, components, technologies, services and many other things related to medical devices. The expo will contain booths related to designing, research and development, IT, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, validation and much more. 

9. Florida International Medical Expo


When: Aug 25-27, 2020

Where: Miami Beach Convention Center, Florida. 

Why you should attend:

FIME is a gathering of over 11 hundred companies and around 650 attendees at the Miami Beach Convention Center. If you wish to meet anyone related to healthcare sourcing, you are sure to run into them at FIME.

FIME prides itself on bringing the latest hospital technologies to the forefront. It does a good job of educating you about what is going on in the industry. The show features the most cutting-edge imaging equipment along with pre-owned equipment. FIME will provide you with a great networking opportunity as you will get to meet people from over 100 countries and be able to generate leads.

10. North Africa Health Expo

Workshop at North Africa Health Expo

When: To be announced.

Where: Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC), Cairo

Why you should attend:

The North Africa Health Expo is held under the Egypt ministry of population and health. The event attracts decision-makers and healthcare experts from all over Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.

Attending the event this year will give you exposure to six key areas. These include medical imaging and devices, medical tourism, national pavilion, international pavilion, SME and innovation, and Laboratory. The event will include 4 non-clinical and clinical conferences, providing you access to the full breadth of medical device knowledge.


Being a medical device company that aims to be respected and build business requires a lot of knowledge. The best way to understand the industry and its latest regulations is to learn from experts. Attending the MDR conferences and expos will give you the opportunity to not only hear about the regulations in keynotes and workshops but also see them in action at expos. Moreover, you will get a chance to network and generate leads for your business. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us, we would be happy to help.

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