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SupplySide West Booth Rental and Design Guide

Note: All dates are subject to change in light of COVID-19

Exhibition or trade shows are events organized for a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services to attendees and potential investors. These shows range from local to international expos where thousands of people learn and experience innovations first hand. Exhibitors need to find exhibition companies that will provide booths and accessories for the show. 

For large trade shows like SupplySide West, early preparation is essential for being ready on time. Below we discuss booth rental and design for the SSW.

About the SupplySide West Show

SupplySide West Show

SupplySide West show is the most famous trade show involving the health and nutrition industry concerned with supplements, personal care, functional food, nutritional sports, and beverages. Professionals from these sectors gather to exchange ideas, market their products, display innovations, get insight into their competitors, etc.

SSW Show Date

The show will be held for four days from Monday 25th October to Thursday 28th October 2021. Attendees will follow all COVID-19 regulations to ensure the safety of other attendees.

Venue of the Show

SSW will take place in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Las Vegas is a suitable location to host such events as there are available resources and amenities for the many visitors that will attend the show.

Exhibitors and Audienc

There will be over 17,000 professionals and over 1,300 exhibitors at the SupplySide West expo. The professionals are from industries like cosmetics, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, pharmaceutical, personal care, retail and distribution, and food & beverage. The exhibitors will avail different new solutions to issues that arise with these industries.

Reasons for Attending the SupplySide West Expo

Reasons for Attending
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The SSW show is what every nutrition enthusiast needs. This show will enlighten you and give you a new perspective about diet, health, and additional information to help you achieve your nutritional goals.

Benefits to the exhibitors include;

  • Boosts sales: exhibiting at the SSW puts you ahead of your competitors since many attendees will see your products and place orders. Also, investors may get interested in your ideas and put more money into your business.
  • Insights about competitors: the event targets companies from the same industry, meaning all your rivals will be in attendance; thus, you can monitor the actions that propel them to the top hence adjusting your approach to certain things.
  • Brand building: since the event is an international expo, people from all over the world will grace the floor, allowing you to market your brand to the world.

Benefits to the audience:

  • International exhibitors: over 1,300 international exhibitors who will bring fresh ideas to the market will attend the show.
  • Education: exhibitors will source the latest information about diet, sports, etc., and pass the information to the audience. It is a one-time chance for you to get this information about different products and services.
  • Networking: you meet people from various walks of life and get inspired by their experiences and knowledge.

SSW Show Rental

Furniture Rental
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An international event always has a very high standard set, especially for the exhibitors, as they have to impress the audience with their booths designs and accessories. Reaching out to companies that offer trade show furniture and display rental is vital for the expo’s success. The furniture you put in your stand needs to match the rest of the booth to bring a more appealing and organized look to the prospects. 

Use modern and unique furniture as it will also play a role in luring in more customers. Trade show booth displays are other essential additions to your booth. The display can be graphics, truss displays, booth flooring, banners & signs, fabrics, and so on; these items add a great dimension to your booth, making it feel homey to your visitors. They also make them comfortable enough to listen to the pitches the vendors are giving. What better way to keep your clients attentive than an inviting space?

Moreover, renting displays and furniture have several advantages, they are as follows;

  • Renting permits more flexibility and modifications according to your preferences.
  • There is no need for a storage facility or expenses.
  • Cost-saving as you will need no shipping services.
  • You will use the latest furniture and displays in the market.
  • It saves more time to rent as the exhibition company will cater to transportation and setting up.
  • There are no liabilities.

SSW Show Booth Design

Unique Booth Design
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It doesn’t matter the size or type of your booth; what matters is the design and the impact it will bring at the expo. There are four types of booths, inline booth, corner booth, peninsular booth, and island booth. Depending on your budget and preference, whichever booth you choose, your exhibition stand contractor should deliver the perfect booth rental that will suit your brand. The booth layout is a crucial aspect of the organization of the stand. The best planners will bring out the best in your space without extra cost.

Before the event day, maintain proper communication with your exhibition stand builder to ensure they are working on what you ordered. Select a company with 3D rendering capabilities and request 3D designs to confirm that you are getting value for your money. It is very stressful for exhibitors to get a booth below the standard they expected, especially if it is too late to do any modifications. 

Additionally, integrate trade show display designs into your booth, as this will accentuate your space. Choose the appropriate color, size, fabric, and plan to communicate your message further to the audience.

Cost of Attending the Show

Registration Cost
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The cost of attending the SSW show varies depending on the type of attendee you are. The pricing packages categories are according to manufacturers, health practitioners, food services, retailers, investors, etc. Every class has its registration fee; however, in general, the pricing ranges from;

  • Early tickets: from $139 to $649
  • Advance tickets: $159 to $749
  • On-site tickets: $179 to $899

For a more candid explanation of the registration fee, click here.

Also, there are ways you can save cost for the SSW trade show; they include;

  • Register early to get discounted prices.
  • If you are an exhibitor, book a booth space early to get one in your budget.
  • Rent your exhibit stands, furniture, and displays.
  • Hire an experienced onsite supervisor.
  • Inspect before the show to ensure everything is in order.

Find a Trade Show Exhibit Company in Las Vegas

Aplus Expo Logo

The exhibiting company you choose will make or break your brand. Do your due diligence and find a company that will deliver on every minute detail in your plan. Nothing is too small to ignore or too big to achieve with the right exhibitor company. Aplus Expo is an example of an exhibition company that can make sure you have a successful show. Services like graphics printing, audiovisual equipment rental, installing & dismantling, booth rental, custom booth, etc. are available.

Benefits of working with us;

  • Our services are in various locations from Las Vegas, San Diego, LA, Miami, Dallas, Kansas, Houston, etc
  • We have an experienced team that will design, build, and set your booth and accessories at affordable prices for our quality products and services
  • We recommend and advise on the latest designs
  • Our delivery is always on time.


Attending significant shows like the SupplySide West show is a valuable way of spending your time as it comes with many benefits for both exhibitors and audiences. It will even be a more incredible experience if you choose us as your exhibition stand contractor. Contact us now, and we will make you the envy of your rivals.

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