Top 15 Pharmaceutical Trade Shows in USA

Producing effective medicines and vaccines is the primary function of the pharmaceutical industry. It is constantly growing and evolving, with new innovations being rolled out every year. Thus, joining trade shows for healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical companies will help keep everyone up-to-date.

Expos and exhibits are also a great way to exchange ideas and come up with solutions to business issues. Check out our list of the top 15 pharmaceutical trade shows USA 2020 below.

1. BioPharm America

Source: Chimica Web

When:September 23-24, 2020

Where:Boston, Massachusetts

BioPharm America is where the country’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies meet annually. In this two-day event, you will have the opportunity to build your brand, engage with potential partners, and propel your startup company. Since this expo will be attended by the top executives in biopharmaceuticals, it’s the perfect venue to gain brand exposure.

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2. American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

Source: Facebook

When:July 26-30, 2020

Where:Chicago, Illinois

Every year, the AACC holds its clinical lab expo where 800+ companies display their exhibits. It’s the largest expo for clinical laboratory products and services, with over 20,000 attendees. Aside from its educational sessions and exhibits, the AACC is also giving away a Disruptive Technology Award. The association is looking for the next innovative testing solution that will transform patient care. Developers must submit their entries before the expo.

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3. World Vaccine Congress Washington

Source: Facebook

When:September 27-29, 2020

Where:Washington D.C.

With the recent pandemic caused by COVID-19, the development of new vaccines are becoming much more important than ever. Thus, the World Vaccine Congress Washington is a must-attend for healthcare professionals. The 3-day congress includes topics on influenza and respiratory vaccines, immune profiling, emerging and re-emerging diseases, and many others. Its speakers consist of different leaders from government health agencies and pharmaceutical companies.

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4. American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) PHARMSCI 360

Source: AAPS News Magazine

When:October 25-28, 2020

Where:New Orleans, Louisiana

Combining the energy of a large expo and the intimacy of a meeting, the AAPS PharmSci 360 is a gathering for pharmaceutical professionals and companies. The programs during this expo are designed to cover all six areas of pharmaceutical sciences. There are unlimited opportunities for you to make connections and build your career. You can visit the Career Development Center for this.

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5. Interphex

Source: Facebook

When:July 15-17, 2020

Where:New York City

Interphex is the event where the leading pharmaceutical suppliers and industry professionals come together. In this expo, they aim to find solutions to the industry’s biggest challenge: developing and manufacturing quality therapeutics at affordable prices. Discover new state-of-the-art technologies, learn from in-booth demos, listen to keynote speakers, and read poster submissions during this expo.

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6. National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) Total Store Expo

Source: Facebook

When: August 8-10, 2020

Where:San Diego, California

The NACDS Total Store Expo is the highlight of every pharmacy retailer and supplier in the USA. This expo aims to provide insights into the pharmaceutical market today and how companies can kick start their business. You can choose to be a retailer or exhibitor in this expo to learn the ropes in the pharmaceutical business and gain more networks and partners.

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7. World Drug Safety Congress

Source: Facebook

When:September 1-2, 2020

Where:Boston, Massachusetts

The most industry-focused and senior-level event for pharmacovigilance, the World Drug Safety Congress is a unique opportunity for professionals in this field. It features various programs that are centered around 5 topic areas: safety risk management, next-gen tech and data, global PV, predictive safety, and medical device safety. It has over 600 attendees, 70% of whom are in the pharma and biotech industry. It also features 200+ speakers from the leading names in pharmacovigilance.

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8. International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering Annual (ISPE) Meeting and Expo

Source: Facebook

When:November 1-4, 2020

Where:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pharmaceutical professionals from all levels are invited to attend the ISPE Annual Meeting and Expo. This event features a two-day training following the expo. The expo aims to educate the attendees on additional technical knowledge from experts in the field. It is designed to foster partnerships and build networks through educational sessions, exhibit hall, and other special events. Lastly, it’s the perfect venue to create brand awareness for your business.

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9. American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) Summer Meetings and Exhibition

Source: Facebook

When:June 6-10, 2020

Where:Seattle, Washington

Dubbed as “more than just a meeting”, the ASHP Summer Meetings and Exhibition holds four conferences that are held concurrently. You can choose whatever conference you want to attend and still be able to access all of the sessions during the event. It has boutique meetings that include Ambulatory Care Conference, Medication Safety Collaborative, Specialty Pharmacy, and Influencers and Innovators. You can choose to attend your specialization or try out other areas of interest.

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10. McKesson ideaShare Independent Pharmacy Conference

Source: Facebook

When:July 12-16, 2020

Where:Austin, Texas

If you’re an independent pharmacy, then the McKesson ideaShare conference should be on your list of expos to attend. You’ll get to make meaningful connections with 1,800 independent pharmacies, including its staff. Whether you’re a pharmacist, technician, or owner, you’ll surely gain several business insights here. 150+ exhibitors will be there to help you transform your pharmacy.

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11. Texas Pharmacy Association (TPA) Conference & Expo

Source: Facebook

When:July 24-26, 2020

Where: Austin, Texas

Pharmacy retailers and suppliers in Texas are all invited to join the TPA Conference & Expo. It’s a great way to earn continuing education credit, attend alumni events, visit the expo hall, and gain networking opportunities. The TPA certificate courses include mental health first aid and immunization delivery. There are also sessions on opioid harm reduction and self-disruption. There are even fun events like fun runs, luncheons, and self-care championships.

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12.World Pharma Week

Source: World Pharma Week

When:June 2-4, 2020

Where:Boston, Massachusetts

World Pharma Week is where technical leaders, scientists, executives, and entrepreneurs gather together to discuss pharma solutions. This conference features 12 themed conferences, 3 keynote sessions, and networking events to boost your business. They also offer sponsorships and exhibit opportunities to maximize your exposure during the event.

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13. National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) Annual Convention

Source: Facebook

When:October 17-20, 2020

Where:Nashville, Tennessee

Community pharmacy owners will have a blast attending the NCPA Annual Convention. It’s a great avenue for learning about the best business practices in the pharmaceutical industry. You can also find the best products from different exhibitors that will be present during the event. Aside from the speakers who will be providing valuable information to the attendees, educational resources are also available.

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14. National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) Annual Conference

Source: Unsplash

When: May 4-6, 2020

Where:Scottsdale, Arizona

The NCPDP aims to improve patient safety and deliver healthcare services at a low cost. Through their Annual Conference, the council wants to educate pharmaceutical professionals on effective business solutions and the latest knowledge that will help them achieve their goals. The conference features track sessions on drug pricing, healthcare policies, AI application in medication management, and a lot more. You can visit the exhibit hall or become an exhibitor yourself.

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15. Ohio Pharmacists Association (OPA) Annual Conference

Source: Facebook

When:August 28-30, 2020

Where:Columbus, Ohio

Pharmacists residing and working in Ohio are welcome to participate in the OPA Annual Conference. It’s a 3-day event with activities that are specially designed to educate the pharmacists as well as build social connections. Students are also welcome to attend since there are plenty of education programs during the conference. You can register to become an exhibitor or opt to be an attendee.

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The pharmaceutical industry is teeming with new developments and innovations. Expos and conferences are vital in keeping every professional updated with the latest news. Make a mark at the next expo by letting Aplus Expodesign and builda wonderful exhibit booth for your company.

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