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When it comes to the ranking of popular trade fairs, trade shows, or even conferences you should never miss attending then it is the USA trade shows. Because American fairs bring together top brands and buyers around the world, attending a USA trade show is your best chance to present your products/services to a wide audience and get great leads.

Are you looking for the next trade show for your business? We have come up with a list of the top industry events that help in connecting buyers to sellers and present one of the best platforms for professionals to associate with like-minded peers. Let us have a quick look at some of the major trade shows in the USA. Learn more.

International Production & Processing Expo

Source: International Production & Processing Expo

Where: Atlanta, Georgia USA

When: January 25 to 27, 2022

Why should you attend?

Through the digital International Production & Processing Expo marketplace platform, it brings the animal food, meat, and poultry markets together with over 1,100 exhibitors giving information on a number of feed and animal protein technologies and services. The International Production & Processing Expo Marketplace has a bigger attendance from 131 countries. 

While International Production & Processing Expo has been able to provide a podium that is ideal for online engagement and educational content to alert industry professionals about the most recent change in regulations and policy and innovations that will improve their businesses in 2022, there is nothing that can take over the networking and interaction accomplished at an in-person event. Make sure you observe all rules and regulations of covid 19.

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Magic Las Vegas

Source: Magic Las Vegas

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

When: 14 – 17 Feb 2022

Why should you attend?

Magic Las Vegas is an exceptional fashion experience and home to the largest selection driven by the trend and young current apparel, footwear, and accessories in the market. Blending scale with selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in an exhibition to drive commerce, creativity, and connections.

Magic Las Vegas joins a worldwide audience of retail buyers starting from big-box to boutique with experts who review products, media, and industry thought leaders. Magic Las Vegas is so influential and encouraging more than just an event. It is a deeply entrenched community and a venue that makes most brands and retailers feel at home.  

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International Salon + Spa Expo

Source: International Salon + Spa Expo

Where:  Long Beach, USA

When: 29 – 31 Jan 2022

Why should you attend?

This is a podium for Salon, Spa, and beauty industry experts, professionals in cosmetics, and instructors that is attended by different nations. It tables you the most current trends, products with the best quality, and knowledge to help you build your career and your business. 

International Salon + Spa Expo (ISSE)  event also carries out seminars and conferences to enlighten the visitors and students pursuing cosmetics, boost their knowledge and techniques through a demonstration done physically by hand. You should not miss attending such events for all spa salons, cosmetics, and beauty industries. 

You will come across different services and products for beauty trends, personal care products, packaging ideas, contract manufacturing, wellness, hair, nails, skin, and even make-up artists all are available in the show. This is one of the largest events in professional beauty that ensures visitors have the time of their lives and have a good time with the spa, pools, and other outdoor activities and know more from industry experts.

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Texworld USA

Source: Texworld USA

Where:  Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, USA

When:  25 – 27 Jan 2022

Why should you attend?

Texworld USA is one of the leading sourcing events carried out on the east coast that involves garments fabrics and the garments industry. This trade show provides new firms the best platform to spread their contacts in all parts of the world and make their brands known in a better part of the world by potential customers. 

Texworld USA also helps in accessing contacts from potential clients and network with different industries available globally. This trade show also provides a great opportunity to help in monitoring competitors and have your strategy planned appropriately to experience an overall growth in the brand status. 

You can also be one of the exhibitors by having a customized booth for your brand to showcase your products and services. At Aplus Expo, your booth will be customized to your specification and help you to dismantle the booths after the trade show is over.

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Cosmoprof North America-Las Vegas

Source: Cosmoprof North America

Where:  Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

When:   12 – 14 Jul 2022

Why should you attend?

Cosmoprof North America is one of the leading business-to-business beauty trade show events carried out mostly in North America, well known for its change in growth and exceptional programs. Cosmoprof North America trade show offers the entire industry a chance to come together, also helps in making new relationships, and strengthens collaboration between different businesses. 

This event is a very useful podium that has bigger support and availability of leading beauty businesses and main industry entities. You can station your rented booth in a prime position to have access to a good number of customers and show the world what you can offer. 

It is the best platform to learn more about what other businesses offer than what you offer and improve more on your services. You can have your book for your exhibition space early enough to avoid a last-minute rush and missing out on prime positions to have your business known.

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Atlanta Market

Source: Atlanta Market

Where:  Atlanta Convention Center, USA

When:  12 – 17 Jul 2022 

Why should you attend?

Atlanta Market is a trade show that showcases different orders for gifts, furniture, and home textiles. On this platform are a good number of exhibitors coming from different states and get the opportunity to show the world the current trends, shapes, and colors of the coming season. 

Imagine what you will come across when you experience the magic of the Market. By meeting up with the makers, learning about the backstories, and rediscovering your passion. All this experience doesn’t just end here, they keep you encouraged throughout the year with trend insights, retailer profiles, updates on the industry, and product spotlights.

In case you are planning to be an exhibitor, make your display look more attractive by using graphics printing made by Aplus Expo. This display will for sure get you the most attention from the trade show and this will have a big impact on the growth of your business at large.

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New England Food Show

Source: New England Show

Where:  Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, USA

When:   03 – 05 Apr 2022

Why should you attend?

New England Food Show is a podium that brings the food industries and restaurants from all parts of the globe under the same umbrella. This trade show event puts more attention on promoting the foods and hospitality industries to gain better popularity. 

This platform also provides the best training for the younger generations and also provides an advertisement to various well-established businesses to promote and make their brand known to potential customers in all corners of the world. It is an exceptional opportunity that gives priority to food businesses and restaurant services. 

Alongside the trade show event, seminars and conferences are also conducted by well-known experts to offer training to other employees and the young generation to help in promoting the food and beverage industry at large. New members in the show can also sample various types of food along the way and know more about the recipe and procedures responsible for creating that specific delicacy.

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International Beauty Show (IBS) Las Vegas

Source: International Beauty Show (IBS) Las Vegas

Where:  Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

When: 25 – 27 Jun 2022

Why should you attend?

International Beauty Show Las Vegas is a trade show event mostly meant for members of the professional beauty industry. It is open to only licensed beauty experts and currently, the show is also attended by enrolled students studying cosmetics and educators. International Beauty Show Las Vegas has its main objective that is to educate and provide new opportunities for the beauty experts to invest in.

International Beauty Show Las Vegas is a big platform for those investing in beauty services and products. Great interaction between business persons can create a fruitful partnership to help in boosting the businesses. It is also a good platform to learn more about how other beauty experts do their work and have new ideas on how to manage your business.

International Beauty Show Las Vegas gives you an opportunity to install your customized booth and explore the market. Aplus Expo company will help you install your booth, do the transport for you and dismantle the booth when the trade show is done. Always remember to follow all rules and regulations involving the covid 19.

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Asia America Trade Show

Source: Asia America Trade Show

Where:  Miami Airport Convention Center, Miami, USA

When:  18 – 20 Jan 2022

Why should you attend?

Asia America Trade Show (AATS) is one of the major events that focus on more than one business field. The Asia America Trade Show is attended by Large and medium Latin American and Caribbean companies and from more and more associations of business to business. Sharing different ideas for different types of business will boost your confidence and motivate you to even try out other business opportunities.

Asia America Trade Show will be attended by over 25,000 company representatives all from Florida. Also, more than 6,000 exporters will be in attendance to take part in this great event of Miami and will be showcasing their exceptional highly defined technological types of machinery and consumer-friendly electronic devices and merchandise. This must be a great platform you should never miss in 2022.

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International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference

Source: International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference

Where:  Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

When: 25 – 27 Jun 2022

Why should you attend?

International Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference Las Vegas is a trade show you can’t afford to miss for spa & wellness professionals. This trade show event offers a good guide to help grow businesses and keep business people at the front line of the competitive industry in the Cosmetics and Beauty Products, Wellness, Health & Fitness industries. This trade show event will showcase the products of over 600 exhibiting companies.

It also offers the best education and dynamic show floors. Spa and wellness experts put most of their reliance on the international Esthetics, Cosmetics & Spa Conference for better advice to help them grow their businesses and give them a competitive advantage over other competitive industries. Those who will be in attendance will also come across fitness types of equipment, furniture and fixtures, hydrotherapy, massage treatment, salon types of equipment, and even beauty treatments.

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International Fashion Jewellery & Accessory

Source: International Fashion Jewellery & Accessory

Where:  Embassy Suites by Hilton Las Vegas, Las Vegas, USA

When: 12 – 15 Feb 2022

Why should you attend?

International Fashion Jewellery & Accessory Event, is generally the assembling point of a group of major manufacturers, designers, and even importers of fashion jewelry and accessories who merge together from every part around the world to provide the most unique purchasing experience and also International Fashion Jewellery & accessories in all parts of the world. 

With more than 200 lines displayed in the private showrooms provide a big platform for dedicated buying and the best opportunity to boost business relationships. Learning more from other businesses and implementing the new ideas will be a plus to your business. Trying out new ideas like putting up a colorful trade show booth to showcase your products and services will help you gain more customers for your business.

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Source: StonExpo/Marmomac

Where:  Las Vegas, USA

When:  01 – 03 Feb 2022

Why should you attend?

It is the leading stone trade show event for the stone industry experts, involving special stone and machinery areas with great displays of stone and stone supplies from seven countries, together with stone tools, all types of equipment, services, and even demos from the best manufacturers and associations. This platform is the best to exchange ideas about everything entailing the stone industry.

The StonExpo Marmomacc trade show event is attended by a good number of experts. For that matter, you are required to have all covid 19 protocols taken into account. Make your booking early if you want to be an exhibitor, have your booth done in time, transportation done and everything set for the day. All these services can be done at an affordable price if you pick on A plus Expo company.

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Fish Canada Workboat Canada 2022

Source: Fish Canada Workboat

Where: Moncton Coliseum Complex, USA

When: Jan 21-22, 2022.

Why Should You Attend?

Fish Canada Workboat Canada is a very important event that should not be missed. The event mainly focuses on those who earn their living through and around waters. Such individuals provide products and services that keep industries based on Atlantic Canada’s marine going. Fish Canada Workboat Canada is the biggest commercial marine trade show in Canada. 

The show is organized by goods and service providers dealing with Atlantic Canada’s marine. 

Attending this show will provide a good platform for anyone based on the marine industry to interact with their fellow goods and service providers. The exhibitors mainly deal with propulsion systems and engines, hardware, equipment used for safety and rescue purposes, electronics, towing and barging equipment, construction and designing equipment, onshore and onboard fishing equipment, processing and transporting, aquaculture equipment, and everything else related to marine.

 The show is attended by people from the USA and other parts of the world. The attendees can use that platform to showcase their products and partner with fellow businessmen.

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Las Vegas Market Show

Source: Las Vegas Market Show

Where: Las Vegas

When: Jan 23-27, 2022

Why Should You Attend?

The Las Vegas Market Show is organized by international market centers. It happens twice a year. The event expects a turn up of around 500,000 visitors, among them, will be 4000 exhibitors. Las Vegas Market Show is the perfect platform for individuals venturing into the home decor and furniture Industry. It is the only show related to home furnishings in the west. It is also the fastest-growing market in the nation.

 This market mainly focuses on industries dealing with home furniture, home furnishings, and home textile. Las Vegas Market provides access to beddings, lighting, furniture, flooring, gifts, and different accessories. Las Vegas Market Show mainly targets exhibitors from interior design services and products, furniture products and furniture, outdoor and indoor decorative items, packaging products, and gift items. 

Attending the show will provide a good platform for individuals from the home furnishing industry to showcase and sell their products, and generally grow their brand. 

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National Restaurant Association Show

Source: National Restaurant Association Show

Where: Chicago

When: May 21-23, 2020

Why Should You Attend?

National Restaurant Association show is an event organized by Winsight, LLC. The expected turnout in this event is about 45000 visitors and 2300 exhibitors. The event takes place annually. National Restaurant Association show is majorly a platform for learning, discovering, inspiring, connecting, and gaining tools that are essential for any food market to thrive. 

The exhibitors that will attend are going to set up trade show booths where they can showcase the products and equipment related to the food and beverage sector. Different decorations, furnishings, plastic supplies, tableware, entertainment, and technological products will also be showcased at this event. 

The National Restaurant Association show involves the participation of hospitality professionals, wholesalers, chain representatives, bar owners, restaurants, and importers. All these people involved in this field will be able to interact and share different ideas through the platform offered. 

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Toy Fair-New York

Source: Toy Fair-New York

Where: New York

When:  February 19-22,2022

Why Should You Attend?

The Toy Fair-New York show is organized by the Toy Industry Association. The estimated turnout is about 30000 visitors and 1000 exhibitors. This event is held once yearly. Visitors enjoy free entry while exhibitors pay 3500 USD. Toy Fair-New York is the biggest international toy fair. Professionals and exhibitors in the toy industry from different parts of the world will be attending. 

The event will have demonstrations of the latest technologies and innovations. Exhibitors display their services and products. Parents get the chance to relive their childhood memories while the kids enjoy the different displays. There are seminars and competitions to train new entrepreneurs and gain knowledge from different professionals. 

The event targets different manufacturers and companies that deal with arts and crafts, board games, online games, puzzles, action figures, dolls, designer art toys, sporting items, youth electronics, tech toys, robotics, and interactive gaming.

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The International Surface Event

Source: The International Surface Event

Where: Las Vegas

When: February 01-03, 2022

Why Should You Attend?

The International Surface Event is organized by Information Market Builders, USA. The estimated turnout is about 29000 visitors and 800 exhibitors. The International Surface Event is held twice every year. It is the biggest stone, tile industry, and floor covering the event in North America. 

The International Surface Event is a very important world reaching marketplace for buyers, specifiers, and influencers to buy products, gain inspiration, and generally develop their business strategies. In the International Surface Event, a number of suppliers from different industries will showcase the latest trend in the floor covering Industry. For instance, the techniques, tools, accessories, and products. 

The exhibitors will include the National plant floral, photographer, general contractor, freeman, custom broker, computer rental and so many others. Various companies will showcase their products during the event.

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Global Travel Marketplace

Source: Global Travel Marketplace

Where: Hollywood

When: July 28-30, 2022

Why Should You Attend?

The Global Travel Marketplace event is organized by Northstar Travel Media LLC. The estimated turnout is between 50,000-200,000 visitors and 500 and above exhibitors. The event happens once yearly. Global Travel Marketplace is an event that brings together influential travel advisors with global travel suppliers. They do one on one meetings and boardroom sessions. 

Attending the event will provide you a great platform for the best sellers in the industry. The sellers get encouragement to grow their global book of business and expand their supplier portfolio. Exhibitors attending will be able to showcase various products and services. For example hotels, travel services, airlines,  resorts, tours, cruises, and many more.

More information and registration.

World Of Concrete

Source: World Of Concrete

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center

When: January 18-20, 2022

Why Should You Attend?

World Of Concrete is the only international event held annually in the industry of concrete and masonry construction. The event is organized by Informa PLC. This event will be expecting approximately 60,000 visitors and 1500 exhibitors who are required to pay 38,000 USD for outdoor space and 43,000 USD for indoor space. World Of Concrete deals with outdoor and indoor exhibits as noted above. 

During the event, leading suppliers in the industry showcase new technologies, innovative products, competitions, demonstrations, and different educational programs. Different exhibitors will showcase construction equipment, safety training courses, construction machinery, innovative tools, new technologies, and the latest products in the industry of construction.

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Global Pet Expo

Source: Global Pet Expo

Where: Orlando, United States

When: March 23-25, 2022

Why Should You Attend?

Global Pet Expo is organized by the American Pet Products Association. The estimated turnout is 6000 visitors and 1100 exhibitors who need to pay an entry fee of 2550 USD. Global Pet Expo is held once a year. It is the largest international show for the pet industry. The event connects top importers, buyers, manufacturers, and pet experts with numerous business opportunities. 

The exhibitors get a platform to showcase their products, introduce buyers to trends and share different ideas concerning pet care. The Global Pet Expo is open to distributors, retailers, and other pet professionals. This event is great for companies working in the field of products and services related to pets.

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Medical Design & Manufacturing West

Source: Medical Design and Manufacturing West

Where: Anaheim, United States

When: April 12-14, 2022

Why Should You Attend?

Medical Design And Manufacturing West is the biggest platform for creating great technologies and innovations whose goal is to make medical science operations fast and convenient. It is organized by Informa Markets-Santa Monica. The event is to be attended by approximately 19000 visitors and 1900 exhibitors. 

The events major in trending technological advances, for example, new battery tech, cutting-edge medical equipment, and 3D approach used in medical science. Exhibitors will showcase services and products related to CNC machine tools, automation and robotics, custom molding, electronics, laboratory equipment and suppliers, pumps and valves, sterilization, and many more.

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Trade shows are generally meant to provide a platform for business people to interact and share new ideas, they also get to partner and do great things. Trade shows also offer the attendees a great platform to showcase their products and services. Getting booths for exhibits can be a bit hard and expensive. Aplus will provide you with one-stop exhibition services to help you attend trade shows in the USA smoothly. Purpose to attend one of the shows related to your field of work.

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