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Guide to Leading Las Vegas Exhibit Companies in 2023

Tracing the Growth of Exhibit Designs in Las Vegas

Nestled within the arid embrace of the desert, Las Vegas emerges – a beacon of brilliant lights, unending energy, and limitless possibilities. This legendary city, in its glory, has observed more than the ordinary, particularly in the realm of trade shows and exhibitions. No doubt, when the topic of exhibition excellence arises, Las Vegas confidently stands at the forefront. As years rolled by, local exhibit creators have artfully transformed our perceptions of exhibitions, intertwining them with rich trends bursting with creativity and vision.

exhibit designs

Living in a time where presentation holds paramount importance, booth design artisans from the heart of Vegas merge the elegance of art with the prowess of technology. They meticulously craft booths that evolve from simple spaces into unforgettable encounters. The metamorphosis from old-school to contemporary booth styles has revolutionized brand representation. Such booths are no longer just spaces but storytellers, narrating brand tales through their detailed designs. The addition of radiant LED video walls and immersive audio-visual equipment sprinkle a touch of magic over the exhibition arenas of the city.

However, this change goes beyond mere aesthetics. These trailblazing designers navigate through alterations with finesse, marrying elegance with depth. This transformation is not just about captivating looks but also about formulating strategies that captivate and foster conversations. Every design aspect – whether it’s a graceful curve, a chosen color, or a distinct form – is picked with deliberation, resonating with the brand’s ethos and showcasing the unparalleled talent of Las Vegas’ exhibition virtuosos.

Company NameServicesRecommendation Score
AplusSpecialized solutions for custom booths, modular displays, portable exhibits, 3D designs, graphics printing, audio-visual equipment rental, exhibit storage, transportation, and logistics.★★★★★
LV Exhibit RentalsBooth design and setup with reliability and creativity★★★★
Expo ServicesCustom exhibit creation with adaptability and comprehensive customer services★★★★
Exhibit PeopleTailored booth solutions with attention to detail and exceptional client service★★★★★
Triumfo Inc.Custom booth conceptualization and creation with an international footprint and sustainability focus★★★★

Criteria for Choosing Top Exhibit Companies

Las Vegas, the epicenter of exhibitions, is brimming with stellar exhibit companies. But how do you spot the real gems? It’s not just about picking the most flashy or well-known names. We delved deep, hand-picking the crème de la crème for 2023 based on criteria that resonate with real-world needs. So, let’s pull back the curtain on what guided our choices:

1.Deep-Rooted Experience in Vegas: It’s not just about being in the game for a long time; it’s about mastering the Vegas playfield. We zoomed in on those who’ve ridden the ever-changing waves of the Vegas exhibit scene, coming out shining every time. Their tales of navigating challenges and seizing victories in Sin City caught our eye.

2.A Portfolio That Speaks Volumes: Past work often paints the clearest picture. Our top picks boast portfolios that aren’t just varied, but also echo the spirit of innovation and the pulse of current trends. These aren’t just photo albums; they’re chronicles of groundbreaking work and creative prowess.

3.Word on the Street – Client Reviews: Nothing’s more telling than real stories from real people. The companies that made our list aren’t just good on paper. They’ve won hearts, earned trust, and built reputations by going above and beyond for their clients.

4.Tech-Savviness: Today, technology is king. Our top contenders aren’t those who just tick the tech box but those who weave it effortlessly into their exhibits, turning heads and engaging senses. Be it a riveting AR experience or jaw-dropping audio-visual displays, they’re on top of it.

5.Tailor-Made Brilliance: The best exhibit isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. We’ve highlighted companies that really ‘get’ this. They take the time to really tune into a brand’s unique voice, then amplify it, ensuring it echoes loud and clear amidst the Vegas hustle.

So, as you journey through our guide, you’ll be armed with the know-how to gauge if our top 5 best trade show booth rental companies of 2023 fit the bill for you. Your brand’s story deserves a stage that does it justice, and we’re here to spotlight the best avenues for it.

Our First Pick: Aplus Expo

Meet Aplus – a shining star with years of experience in the sky of Las Vegas trade show exhibit rental company. When listing the heavyweights in the trade show display realm, it’s hard to overlook this trailblazer. Their footprint in the custom trade show booth rental is stamped with relentless pursuit of design perfection and innovation.

Aplus Expo

Aplus Expo:
Making Exhibition Easier

But don’t mistake their booths as just physical constructs. They’re a blend of narrative, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge tech. Many of their creations have become landmarks on the Vegas trade show floors, setting them apart from the crowd. When Aplus crafts a booth, they’re not just sketching a design; they’re weaving a brand’s essence with practicality, ensuring visitors not only ‘see’ but ‘experience’ the brand.

The real magic of Aplus? Their people. A vibrant mix of dreamers and doers – from designers who envision the future to craftsmen who bring it to life, and strategists who ensure every booth is a business masterpiece. They’ve got their fingers on the industry’s pulse and an ear to their client’s wishes. It’s no wonder so many brands vouch for Aplus when they want to steal the show in Las Vegas’s dynamic exhibit scene.

Choice 2: LV Exhibit Rentals

LV Exhibit Rentals shines brightly in the vibrant exhibition cosmos of Las Vegas. They’ve earned their stripes, becoming a trusted ally for brands eager to make a splash in the exhibition ocean. Their name echoes with reliability and creativity, making them a favorite among exhibitors aiming for impact and memorability.

LV Exhibit Rentals

Their secret sauce? A harmonious marriage of imagination and functionality. LV Exhibit Rentals crafts booths that are magnets for attention, weaving the brand’s message into every corner and curve, ensuring that visitors walk away with a vivid imprint of the brand’s essence. Their portfolio is a colorful tapestry of bespoke designs, each echoing the unique voice and vision of their clients.

But their mastery doesn’t stop at design. LV Exhibit Rentals walks with you every step of the way, from the first spark of an idea to the meticulous construction and setup of the booth, smoothing out the journey, ensuring it’s as effortless as it is exciting. Choosing LV Exhibit Rentals isn’t just about securing a booth; it’s about gaining a steadfast partner who’s as invested in your exhibition triumph as you are.

Choice 3: Expo Services

Enter Expo Services, a powerhouse of flexibility and foresight in the bustling world of exhibits. Standing tall among the custom exhibit mavens of Las Vegas, they’ve become a byword for crafting experiences that are as meaningful as they are imaginative.

Expo Services

What’s their superpower, you ask? Adaptability, without a doubt. Be it a fledgling startup in search of an affordable yet striking booth or a global juggernaut aiming for a show-stopping presence, Expo Services plays the part to perfection. They’re not just booth builders; they’re storytellers, translating the heart of a brand into captivating, spatial sagas that mesmerize and stick.

And their prowess doesn’t end at aesthetics. Expo Services is a one-stop-shop, offering a gamut of customer services that touch every cornerstone of the exhibit journey. Their squadron of pros makes sure every facet is polished to a tee, from the nitty-gritty of logistics to the finesse of perfect lighting. Opting for Expo Services means teaming up with a seasoned player who’s not just in the game but breathes it, committed to turning your exhibit dreams into tangible, unforgettable realities.

Choice 4: Exhibit People

In the bustling world of trade show spectacles, Exhibit People emerges as a beacon of excellence among the Las Vegas exhibit maestros. They’ve etched their name in the annals of exhibit history, consistently conjuring booth designs that don’t just stand but command attention. With an unerring attention to detail and an insatiable drive for perfection, they morph ordinary spaces into potent brand ambassadors.

Exhibit People

Their mantra? Tailored solutions. Exhibit People isn’t about the one-size-fits-all approach. Be it a budding startup or a towering corporate giant, they pour heart, soul, and creativity into every project, ensuring each booth stands as a testament to the brand’s spirit. Their brigade of adept designers and artisans labor with a singular focus: turning every booth into a work of art.

Yet, the crown jewel in Exhibit People’s offering is their unwavering dedication to client service. They recognize the whirlwind of emotions and challenges a trade show can bring. So, they don’t just stop at crafting booths; they handhold, guide, and support clients from the first sketch to the final reveal. With Exhibit People, you’re not just getting a booth; you’re gaining peace of mind in your next trade show journey.

Choice 5: Triumfo Inc.

Triumfo Inc. isn’t merely a participant in the Las Vegas exhibit scene; it’s a trailblazer defining new frontiers of excellence and ingenuity. With their international footprint and a staunch pledge to sustainability, they’ve rewritten the playbook to lead in the trade show rental display world. Their booths? They’re not just spaces; they’re eco-conscious marvels crafted to etch enduring memories.

Triumfo Inc.

Sporting years of industry savoir-faire, Triumfo Inc. has fine-tuned the craft of custom booths conceptualization and creation. Their ensemble of skilled designers and artisans infuse a rich tapestry of knowledge and inventiveness into every endeavor, ensuring every booth isn’t just visited but experienced. They perceive trade shows as stages set to amplify a brand’s prowess, and they pull out all stops to make fabrication between booths and this ethos.

However, Triumfo Inc.’s essence extends beyond booth construction. They stand as collaborators in their clients’ triumphs, proffering a spectrum of services to guarantee a frictionless, serene trade show voyage. From the intricacies of logistics and orchestration of project management to the finesse of customer relations and backing, they’re the full package, committed to turning trade show aspirations into resounding successes.

Peering into 2023, there’s a palpable excitement rippling through the exhibit design landscape. Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps when it comes to innovation, has its exhibit firms gearing up to roll out the freshest trends that promise to redefine the industry. From a renewed emphasis on green materials to the thrill of touch-and-feel technologies, we’re set for an enthralling year in exhibit designs.

A rising trend that’s hard to ignore is the earnest shift towards sustainability in booth designs. Taking a real-world example, consider ‘Green Exhibits Inc.’, a Las Vegas-based firm. They’ve garnered attention for their ingenious use of repurposed woods and energy-conserving LED lights in their booth setups. It’s not just about being eco-conscious for them; it’s about merging responsibility with artistry, ensuring that while their booths stand out, they leave the smallest carbon footprint behind.

Interactive tech, too, is making waves in the exhibit domain. Las Vegas firms are diving deep into the realms of virtual reality, augmented reality, and touch-responsive displays. One could be walking through a booth and virtually transported to a rainforest, all the while remaining in the heart of Vegas! Such technological marvels don’t just bring a ‘wow’ factor – they also serve as platforms for brands to engage meaningfully with visitors, gathering insights and fostering connections.

By the end of 2023, we might reminisce about how these trends not only transformed booths but also sculpted memorable experiences for every visitor, binding them closer to the brands they interacted with.

Maximizing ROI: Services Offered by Top Exhibit Companies

In the whirlwind of trade shows, it’s not just about having the flashiest booth. The real deal? Seeing a solid return on your investment. Las Vegas exhibit powerhouses get this, and they’re not just offering booths; they’re offering strategies to make every dollar count.

Let’s start with the booth’s design and layout. It’s the first impression, the handshake if you will. A top-notch booth does more than just turn heads; it pulls trade show attendees in and sparks conversations. The big players in Vegas have design maestros on board who don’t just think about aesthetics. They’re strategists, ensuring every corner of your booth is a hotspot for engagement, understanding the ebb and flow of visitor traffic.

Then there’s the behind-the-scenes magic: logistics. Imagine not having to fret about getting your booth to the venue, setting it up, or packing it away. The leading exhibit companies in Vegas have got you covered, offering a smooth ride from start to finish. It means you can keep your eyes on the prize: forging those all-important business connections.

And in today’s digital age, it’s all about the data. Want to know what caught your visitors’ attention or which product demo was a hit? The frontrunners in the exhibit game are tech-savvy, offering tools to gather and analyze data from your booth. It’s like having a crystal ball, giving you insights to tweak, refine, and up your game for the next show.

So, when you’re diving into the Las Vegas exhibit scene, remember it’s not just about the show; it’s about the results. And with the right partner by your side, you’re set for success.

Sustainability in Exhibitions: Leading Companies’ Approach

The clarion call for sustainability is resonating louder than ever, and the exhibition realm is keenly attuned to its notes. Las Vegas, a hub of innovation, sees its premier exhibit companies not just heeding this call but leading the march towards a greener tomorrow. This isn’t merely a fleeting trend for them; it’s a pledge to craft a more responsible future.

Every step in the exhibition process is now being scrutinized through the lens of sustainability. Consider the booths: the materials chosen, the energy that lights them up, and even the waste they generate. Recycled materials are no longer a novelty but a staple. Energy-efficient lighting systems are not just preferred for their cost-effectiveness but for their minimal carbon footprint. And the focus isn’t solely on Mother Earth. There’s a growing emphasis on nurturing a symbiotic relationship with local communities. Top exhibit firms are consciously sourcing materials and manpower locally, ensuring they bolster the local economy while upholding fair labor standards.

Beyond the booths, there’s a ripple effect. Las Vegas exhibit giants are extending their sustainable ethos to marketing collateral as well. Think brochures made of recycled paper or promotional tote bags crafted from organic materials. It’s a holistic approach, where branding meets responsibility, ensuring that while companies make a lasting impression, they also leave behind a legacy of care and consciousness.

Networking Opportunities and Events by Leading Companies

Trade shows aren’t just about the glitz of displays or the allure of products. They’re vibrant hubs where industry mavens converge, making them fertile grounds for networking. Las Vegas’ premier exhibit companies, ever attuned to the nuances of the industry, are not just stopping at booth designs. They’re curating exclusive events, ensuring their clients have the best avenues to mingle, connect, and collaborate.

Imagine the scene: post a day of bustling activity at the trade show, exhibitors and attendees gather at a chic cocktail reception, the ambiance relaxed yet charged with possibilities. Or perhaps, a more intimate private dinner where in-depth conversations can be had, and partnerships forged. These aren’t just events; they’re catalysts for forging lasting business relationships.

But the offerings don’t stop at social events. These top-tier exhibit firms are also stepping into the role of educators. They’re hosting training sessions and workshops aimed at empowering exhibitors. Whether it’s insights into crafting the perfect booth, strategies to engage visitors effectively, or the latest marketing tactics, these sessions are treasure troves of knowledge, ensuring every participant extracts the maximum value from their trade show experience.

Future Projections: Where Las Vegas Exhibit Companies Are Headed

The exhibition industry, much like a living entity, is in a perpetual state of flux and growth. Las Vegas, North America’s shining star in this sector, is on the brink of ushering in transformative innovations. As we chart the course of this dynamic realm, several key themes emerge, sketching the blueprint for the exhibit pioneers in the heart of Sin City.

Technology, especially in the domains of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), is no longer a mere buzzword. These tools are evolving into tangible assets, poised to transform trade show booths in Las Vegas into mesmerizing spaces where reality intertwines with the virtual. Leading exhibit firms, many headquartered near landmarks like the MGM Grand and the Las Vegas Convention Center, aren’t just spectators. They’re at the helm, ensuring they remain ahead in this innovation marathon.

Sustainability, a wave that’s been gaining momentum, especially in conferences held at centers like the Convention Center, is set to anchor exhibit designs. The narrative is shifting from merely reducing environmental footprints to championing ‘eco-positive’ initiatives. This vision goes beyond using green materials. It encapsulates the entire lifecycle of a booth, from its conceptualization at places like Metro Exhibits to its dismantling post-show.

recycling materials

Personalization, bolstered by advanced data analytics, is the new frontier. Imagine stepping into island booths or portable displays, tailored to resonate with your preferences, right in the heart of the bustling Las Vegas Convention Center. Or perhaps, browsing through display shelves that seem intuitively curated for you. This isn’t just about enhancing the visitor’s journey; it’s a strategy that promises deeper engagements, especially for exhibitors showcasing at events like Superzoo.

Moreover, the rental process for booths, from free design consultations to turnkey solutions, is becoming more streamlined. Rental packages now often include booth installation, accessories, and even dismantling services. With the assurance of efficient shipping to and from venues, and the proximity to major hubs like McCarran International Airport, exhibitors can focus on what they do best: showcasing their products and services.

In the age of digital connectivity, communication tools like email and platforms like Google play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth operations. Whether it’s inquiries about pricing, booth features like kiosks, or feedback post-event, the lines of communication are always open, reinforcing the hospitality that Las Vegas, NV, is renowned for in the United States.


Las Vegas stands as the pulsing core of the global exhibition scene, radiating unmatched energy, pioneering ideas, and boundless prospects. The exhibit firms in this bustling metropolis are more than mere facilitators; they’re trailblazers, carving out the industry’s future contours. They’re not just riding the wave of modern technologies and sustainability; they’re the ones setting the pace, establishing benchmarks for global exhibitions.

For any exhibitor aiming to leave an indelible imprint or an attendee with a thirst to soak in the industry’s pinnacle offerings, Las Vegas beckons. The city’s exhibit maestros, with their fusion of artistic flair, deep-rooted expertise, and unwavering pursuit of perfection, guarantee that every trade show transcends being a mere event. Instead, it becomes a memory etched in time.

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