7 Health and Beauty Trade Show You Need To Know 2023

Products, techniques, and trends are continuously introduced in the dynamic and ever-evolving sector of health and beauty. To stay updated, network, and showcase their innovations, professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses involved in this vibrant industry should attend trade shows. Achieving an edge over competitors and obtaining valuable insights is facilitated by its assistance. The year 2023 has several noteworthy health and beauty trade shows on the schedule that industry insiders will find essential. Trade shows such as international expos or beauty industry events provide a platform to discover the latest advancements in cosmetics, skincare, spa services and upcoming hair shows 2023 and more. Industry professionals can be networked with, emerging trends can be gained insight into, and new products can be learned about by attendees. This article will feature ten of the most highly anticipated health and makeup trade shows scheduled for 2023.

Cosmoprof North America

Cosmoprof North America
Source: Cosmoprof North America

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center

When: 11 July 2023- 13 July 2023

Why should you attend this show: At CPNA 2023, you’ll find every aspect of the beauty industry gathered together in one place where making meaningful relationships and creating lasting collaborations is easy; get ready for a new level of discovery; At the imminent 20th edition of this prestigious exhibition you are to experience what’s trending in product launches from renowned brands or novel businesses together with innovative approaches to manufacturing processes such as packaging tech advancement.

The myriad of special areas at Cosmoprof North America 2023 will include Beauty Tech and the Discover Beauty sections featuring creative companies and black-owned beauty brands in addition to Country Pavilions. The upcoming trade show is anticipated to attract a staggering 40,000 attendees and showcase the products of 1415 brand exhibitors. Among these participants are top-level executives, doctors, managers, and researchers in the healthcare and beauty industries from across the nation. This event promises a valuable opportunity to connect with key players in these fields.

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International Beauty Show 

International Beauty Show Screenshot
Source:International Beauty Show

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center

When: June 24, 2023- June 26, 2023

Why should you attend this show? One of the most established health and beauty trade shows is one most awaiting International beauty trade shows 2023, which showcases over 500 exhibitors and interactive workshops & classes. The guiding principle behind this exposition is offering an educational experience that prioritizes hands-on learning and engaging demonstrations.

The event promises to be a valuable learning opportunity on beauty with teachings from specialists and fellow peers across various categories like salon products or makeup. Additionally, industry vets with over several decades of know-how are lured into IBS – these experienced individuals offer invaluable insights you can bring back to your establishment.

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Cosmobeaute Vietnam

Cosmobeaute Vietnam
Source: Cosmobeaute Vietnam

Where: Hall A, Saigon Exhibition & Convention Centre, Ho Chi Minh City

When: Jul 27, 2023 – Jul 29, 2023

Why should you attend this show: The purpose of this skin care expos Cosmobeaute Vietnam is to provide a platform for businesses in the cosmetics industry to showcase their products and services, and annually in Ho Chi Minh City, the fair is held. This highlights diverse ranges of categories, including Makeup Skin Care options along with Nail Care amenities leading up to Salons’ essential equipment. This event creates an excellent opportunity for cosmetics industry professionals to showcase their existing and future offerings. Through this platform, one can discover reputable business associates on both a domestic and global level. Additionally, gather valuable insights about customer expectations from top manufacturers and wholesalers at an exclusive event tailored to industry professionals.

This Indochina’s top-rated platform showcases the latest cosmetic and beauty trends from neighboring countries such as Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Cambodia and is none other than Cosmobeauté Vietnam. This beauty show 2023 is expected to draw more than 8,000 visitors from around the world. With over 8,800 sqm of business space, there will be ample opportunity for more than 300 exhibitors to interact with consumers and industry experts. The event will feature top beauty brands from 24 countries and regions, making it a truly global showcase for the latest products and services in the beauty field.

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Source:10 times

Where: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

When: Oct 25, 2023 – Oct 28, 2023

Why should you attend this show: The presence of InterCHARM in the cosmetics and salon market has been critical, as the region’s largest cosmetology trade show  for industry takes place here in Russia. InterCHARM Korea is an exclusive business platform that effectively connects international brands with their ideal buyers, distributors, and retailers in the rapidly expanding beauty market. Expect to see a multitude of exhibitors at InterCHARM, ranging from large-scale suppliers to indie brands. These exhibitors will include manufacturers, retailers, and various independent professionals such as beauticians. At this iconic commercial platform, you can confidently advertise your cosmetic raw materials or packaging technology. Endorsed by both the Russian and Moscow government is a show that’s being organized by Staraya Krepost-Cosmetic Marketing. 

Professionals within the cosmetics and beauty industry recognize this cosmetics trade shows

 as an opening to explore and better understand Russia’s local market.

This platform offers a range of opportunities for networking, discovering new prospects, and strengthening your presence in the global beauty industry. With a focus on Asia, InterCHARM Korea is the perfect venue to uncover exciting possibilities and expand your reach across all industry sectors. Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity, connect with global partners, and bring your business to a new height!

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K-Beauty Expo Korea

K-Beauty Expo Korea Scrreenshot
Source:K-Beauty Expo Korea

Where: Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia

When: Kintex Hall 4-5

Why should you attend this show:

K-beauty Expo is where you can find South Korea’s largest collection of cosmetics and beauty industry experts from renowned enterprises, and not just confined to home turf, K-beauty organizes several associated events across 7 global locations. The exhibition features participation by popular manufacturers of cosmetics and salon products every year.

Attend The K Beauty Expo Korea Trade Show to see what’s new in emerging products and top-notch technology from the Korean beauty industry, emphasizing that using natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology has given South Korea a reputation in the cosmetic industry.

Attendees will have the opportunity to meet with exhibitors, including brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors, showcasing innovative and trending products. Moreover, this trade show goes beyond exposing attendees to exciting new products; it provides a platform for learning through seminars, workshops, and educational programs led by experts in the field. These industry leaders will share their insights about cutting-edge techniques, ingredients, and emerging trends within the K-Beauty universe.

For businesses looking to grow their networks or access new markets, the K-Beauty Expo Korea Trade professional beauty shows offer unparalleled networking opportunities that allow attendees to connect with like-minded professionals and potential collaborators.

So whether you’re a manufacturer, brand or beauty professional interested in expanding your knowledge of Korean beauty products and innovations – make sure you take advantage of this exclusive event in 2023!

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Beautyworld Middle East

Beautyworld Middle East Scrreenshot
Source:Beautyworld Middle East

Where: Dubai World Trade Centre

When: Oct 30, 2023- Nov 01, 2023

Why you should attend this show: At The Beautyworld Middle East exhibition, you’ll find everything you need to look great, including health and beauty products. In 2002, Frankfurt Messe acquired the Gulf Beauty, which was later transformed into the current Fair by renaming it and changing the old Program for something brand-new.

This exhibition joins the lineup of well-received events in a worldwide series, including those held in Frankfurt and Japan, and the development of the beauty and wellness industry within this region owes much to the focus on international perspectives fostered by the fair. Connecting with a distinguished crowd is made possible by exhibiting at the yearly Dubai event that serves as The Middle East’s premier communication and information platform. Visitors, including salon owners, retailers, physiotherapists, and industry newcomers alike, can comprehensively understand the latest products and services within the industry because of its broad portfolio. This includes the latest innovations from exhibitors that showcase a variety of new offers.

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Cosmoprof Asia

Cosmoprof Asia Screenshot
Source:Cosmoprof Asia

Where: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China

When: Nov 15, 2023 – Nov 17, 2023

Why should you attend this show: Cosmoprof Asia is a must-attend event for cosmetic industry professionals in Asia. You can expect here over 2,000 exhibitors showcasing a wide range of beauty and hygiene products, nail care accessories, beauty and hairdressing products, and natural and organic offerings. With nearly 40,000 businesses attending the three-day show from around the world, Cosmoprof Asia provides an opportunity to network with key suppliers and take advantage of lucrative regional prospects. The international visibility of more than 20 national and regional pavilions adds to the show’s appeal.

Beyond product exhibitions, Cosmoprof Asia offers a diverse program that includes effective B2B tools like the Buyers Programme and Match&Meet platform. Educational opportunities are also available through the CosmoTalks series, and CosmoTrends show. Don’t forget to attend a much-awaited event—the Cosmoprofi Awards ceremony—that will keep visitors on their toes!

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How To Attend Trade Shows In 2023

For professionals in various industries, attending make up trade shows can be an incredibly beneficial and thrilling experience. Whether you seek to network with industry professionals, learn about emerging products and technologies, or showcase your offerings, careful preparation and organization are key to ensuring a successful trade show experience. Here’s an in-depth guide on how to effectively attend trade shows and make the most out of your time there:


The best way to guarantee you’ll make it to your trade show destination is by investigating transport options, and a key aspect in determining convenience is looking at factors like distance and cost. When traveling by plane, make sure that you look at all of the different flight options available to find one that suits your needs. Whether to rent a car or use public transportation should be considered when the conference venue is within driving range. Furthermore, check if the trade show offers shuttle options for transportation between key stops and their site. Optimizing your transportation choices by planning would ensure that you reach the trade show smoothly and in a timely manner.


When attending a trade show, it’s important to find the right accommodation that offers both comfort and convenience. Start your search by looking into local hotels and considering their proximity to the convention center, amenities, and guest reviews. Check with organizers to see if any hotels have been designated for special rates for attendees. You can also consider alternative options like rental properties or serviced apartments, which offer more space and value, especially when traveling with a group or staying for an extended period. To secure availability and potentially enjoy early bird bonuses or other discounts, be sure to book your accommodations well in advance.

Convention Center

Before attending a trade show, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the convention center where it will be held. This means obtaining a floor plan or map of the venue and studying it carefully to locate key areas such as exhibitor booths, conference rooms, seminar halls, and networking lounges. By doing this ahead of time, you’ll be able to navigate the trade show more efficiently and save valuable time. In addition to locating key areas, make sure you also identify entrances and exits, restrooms, food courts or cafes, and any other amenities that might prove useful during your time at the event.

Find A Trusted Exhibition Service Company 

If you want to make a big impact at your next trade show while minimizing the stress and logistics involved, consider partnering with an experienced exhibition service company. These companies provide comprehensive solutions for exhibitors, including booth design and construction, logistical support, and on-site assistance. Aplus Expo is an excellent example of a trusted exhibition service company that prides itself on professionalism, reliability, and exceptional customer service. They offer tailored end-to-end solutions to meet the unique needs of every client. Aplus Expo has already enabled numerous exhibitors across the country by facilitating custom booths, modular displays, portable exhibits, 3D designs graphics printing services, along with exhibit storage transportation amenities. With Aplus as your partner, you can focus all your efforts on meeting your business objectives without worrying about logistical headaches.

Aplus Expo: A Trusted Trade Show 

Aplus Expo Logo
Source: Aplus

Since its inception in 2008, Aplus Expo has been devoted to providing the best trade show experience for brands and exhibitors alike. We assist exhibitors with booth design, manufacturing, construction, and timely delivery of their customized booths. Although we are headquartered in Las Vegas, we offer location services globally. We Offer:

Personalized Booth Designs

When it comes to attracting customers to your booth, the design and uniqueness of your setup can make all the difference. With Aplus, you can trust our extensive experience in booth design and creative solutions. Our team is dedicated to seamlessly incorporating your ideas while staying true to your brand’s identity. This will not only help attract customers to your booth but also set you apart from the competition. If you have specific size requirements for your booth, we can accommodate that too. 

Onsite Support And Quick Design

At Aplus, our commitment to you continues after providing your booth. We recognize that issues can arise during a live event, and we’re there for you every step of the way to ensure that any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Our team is dedicated to minimizing disruptions so exhibitors can continue their services uninterrupted. Thanks for choosing Aplus for your event needs.

Competitive Pricing

Aplus has years of experience integrating the supply chain to establish an efficient and cost-effective exhibition service. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, we can design exhibits that focus on saving time and reducing costs. Our localized services provide convenient access for businesses looking to participate in trade shows while staying within their budget. For any brand seeking unparalleled exposure without breaking the bank, Aplus is the trusted choice.


Trade shows offer professionals a valuable opportunity to network, discover new products, and showcase their offerings. To ensure a highly successful trade show experience, meticulous planning and organization are critical. Furthermore, working with a reputable exhibition service provider such as Aplus can greatly enhance your presence while easing logistical challenges. With years of expertise in booth design, construction, logistics, and on-site support services- Aplus is the go-to for all your exhibition needs. Our team of professionals guarantees reliable customer service that will help you leave an unforgettable impression at trade shows while increasing your chances of success. Choose Aplus for unparalleled booth solutions and comprehensive support for seamless trade show experiences.

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