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When Will Face to Face Trade Shows Resume

Note: All dates are subject to change in light of COVID-19

The trade show industry has evolved since 2019 (The pre-COVID period). The industry had to adapt to the new normal since new regulations have been put in place to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. The industry first suffered a blow during the start of the pandemic since it was a new experience for many people if not all. Companies had to change and embrace new technologies to be able to conduct business in these trying times.

Digital conferences became popular and the trade show industry was not left behind. Virtual shows were conducted all over the world. For some, this became even more convenient since they could attend the shows in the comfort of their homes. Many have predicted the time things will be back to normal but there is no way to know for sure.

Some of the predictions are; 2021 will be the year of recovery when things will revert to normalcy, the second half of 2021 will see many face-to-face trade fairs held (all preventive measures considered), people are optimistic due to the vaccine roll-out, and Las Vegas exhibition events will be back like they never left.

How Will Exhibition Organizers Hold the Fares?

How Organizers Will Hold Fares
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Organizers are thinking out of the box to ensure that trade fairs are not a thing of the past. In this period where every precaution needs to be taken, events have suffered a drawback but new ways of hosting trade shows are being created daily. Virtual trade shows have since taken center stage since the pandemic struck but people are tired of closed spaces. Plans are being made to facilitate face-to-face events in Las Vegas and beyond but with a lot of measures in place to ensure safety.

Some of the popular ways organizers will hold fares are;

  • Virtual events: virtual expos will continue until the Corona pandemic has been stopped. As much as people are tired of curfews and lockdowns, they are still concerned for their safety.
  • Hybrid events: these are events that combine both physical and virtual shows. This will help in terms of crowding since a huge number will be following the event virtually while the rest attend it physically.
  • Technology will be the trend: companies have already embraced technologies that have been innovated since the pandemic began. These technologies will be utilized to make trade fairs a success.
  • More spacing: in the wake of COVID-19, social distancing is a common phrase, organizers will think of ways of cutting traffic at face-to-face trade shows to limit the interaction of people at the event. There will be more aisle spaces and the booths will also have to be spaced.

How Will Exhibit Service Companies Design the Booths?

A Booth Design
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Exhibit service companies are formulating new ways of designing booths to ensure that safety is paramount at the event. New designs will be incorporated into the usual ones to enable all attendees to feel safe even when in the public. The changes are like:

How Will Exhibitors Attend the Show?

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Exhibitors are the foundation of trade fairs since if there are no exhibitors then there will be no show. Exhibitors have to come up with new ways of exhibiting their products to ensure their safety and that of the audiences’. There are some ways in which exhibitors can attend the show;

  • Healthcare training: exhibitors will have to undergo a training session to enable them to know first aid in case of anything at the trade fair
  • Use of sneeze guard for reception desk: since exhibitors will be meeting many people, they require all the protection they can get.

  • Healthcare facilities: health care facilities should be available at the fair for any emergencies that may arise.
  • Virtual attendance: some exhibitors will opt for hosting virtual events or organize hybrid events
  • Shortlisted: a new trend of shortlisting exhibitors who will attend a particular event is coming up where it is not about the profits but the experience they bring to the table.

How Will Audiences Expect the Trade Show?

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People are eager for things to go back to normalcy, and trade show events are among the events that were hugely attended. The experience that face-to-face trade shows offer is what is making people yearn for it even more. The main question in people’s minds is when face-to-face trade shows will resume. No one knows this but one thing for sure is that things will change tremendously. The audience will be expecting the trade shows to change in ways like;


Everybody wants things to go back to business as usual, we only don’t know when this will happen. In the meantime, life has to go on and that is why people are coming with many ideas to at least make sure things are a bit normal. Many people are saying 2021 will be the year of face-to-face trade shows. This shows optimism and also people are tired of confinements. In our company, Aplus Expo, we facilitate trade show services needed for hosting a successful event.

We customize our designs according to the new regulations and your preferences. Reach out to us for more information about us and our services.

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