Custom Exhibit Services & Booth Rental in Washington

Washington DC attracts hundreds of attendees from all over the US (and abroad) to its dynamic trade shows. If you’re looking to be a part of trade shows in Washington DC, then let Aplus Expo take care of all your display booth needs. Our expert team of designers will create customized designs for your display booths while our personal transport fleet and local constructors will make sure your display booth is set-up at the venue perfectly and on time.

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    Custom Trade Show Booth Design

    Washington DC trade shows have a lot of participants, with a customized booth from Aplus Expo you can easily stand out. Our customized booth design, layout, and graphics will represent the story of your brand in one glance.

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    Trade Show Displays Design

    Aplus Expo has state-of-the-art printing equipment for all your needs at any trade show in Washington DC. We provide all kinds of printing facilities for your booth, including banners, hanging signs, backdrops, POS displays, posters, and even specialty graphics.

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    Display Booth Installation and Dismantle

    Aplus Expo will make sure your Washington DC trade show booth is properly and quickly set up without wasting any labor, time, and cost. But we don’t stop at just that, an event supervision team will stay with you throughout the exhibit to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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    Trade Show Storage

    Aplus Expo’s in-house and onsite storage will help you a lot at your next Washington DC trade show. We have a host of local assets that are cheaper and more efficient than self-handling. Moreover, if any item needs to be repaired we will let you know well in time and fix it.

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    Transportation and Logistics

    Don't let transport make you go over-budget at Washington DC trade shows, choose Aplus Expo’s timely and cost-effective transport service. We will deal with all the packing, preparing, pulling, loading, and delivery while you focus on your customers at the Washington DC trade show.

Aplus Expo Trade Show Displays in Washington DC

A trade show at a popular location like Washington DC has its own demands – it needs fast delivery, ample storage, and affordable and attractive booths. Aplus Expo can help you achieve all this and more to make your Washington DC trade show experience a success. In addition to ideation, manufacture, and installation of your display booth, Aplus Expo also provides all booth-related hardware, lighting fixtures, greeting counter, basic furniture, carpet, and more. We can also add LED walls, TV screens, projector and screen, and other customizable components to your display booths.



Custom Booth to Present Your Products Perfectly at the Show!