CES Booth Design: All You Need to Know

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Trade shows are events used by companies to exhibit their latest innovations and market their brands. It is attended by people from various walks of life. Some trade shows are open to anyone while others only permit members of a certain industry to attend. The shows are used to promote companies and introduce new trends into the market. The event is usually broadcasted by the media hence it reaches even more people.

In this post, we are focusing on the CES show, to understand more about the show, reasons for attending, the cost of attending the show, companies that offer exhibition services for the show, and many more.

About CES Show

About CES
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The Consumer Electronics Show(CES), is a trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association. It is held annually in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas. It is the largest electronics trade show in the world. It is attended by over 4500 exhibitors and more than 180,000 audiences from across the globe. Companies like Lenovo, LG, Philips, Nvidia, Asus, Hisense, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and so on are examples of the exhibitors present at the CES show.

The attendees are only limited to those associated with the electronics industry plus the media. The show is attended by several leaders and celebrities in the industry. The CES 2021 show was held virtually from January 11 to 14 due to the COVID-19 restrictions. The show was attended by the biggest brands in the industry.

Reasons For Attending CES

Reasons for Attendance
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The CES show is the biggest technological expo in the world attended by thousands of exhibitors and attendees from all over the globe. The technological advancement at the show is futuristic and anyone in the industry should be eager to witness for themselves. If that is not reason enough, below are more reasons for you not to miss this great expo.

  • The coolest and latest products will be on display
  • To presents your products to the attendees and potential investors
  • Expands your knowledge about the electronics industry
  • To learn about the trending ideas and brands in the market
  • For exhibitors, you get a better look at your competitors to give you insight into how to better your products
  • Networking and creating long-lasting relationships
  • Interact with the industry celebrities

CES Rental

Exhibit booth design
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If you are planning to exhibit at the CES show, then renting a booth is easier. Since the event is held in Las Vegas, the home of world-class exhibits, companies such as Aplus Expo are available for you to rent booths and displays at affordable prices.

Booth and Display Rental

Trade Show Booth Rental
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Renting booths and displays requires working with an experienced company that understands the message you want to portray. Working with us at Aplus Expo guarantees you quality services that promote your brand among all the other exhibitors at the CES show. We use modern and appealing product-focused displays for your booths that will lure prospects into your space warranting a successful expo.

Benefits of Renting

Benefits of Renting
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Renting for the CES show is important since you need creative designs for your booth to be able to stand out in the fully packed event. Some of the benefits include:

CES Booth Design

Shoes booth design in trade show
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Your booth is supposed to display your brand properties so that onlookers can spot the booth from far or just by a glance and understand what your product is all about. Customization of your CES show booth is vital for the expo’s success because it distinguishes you from other booths.

Booth Layout

Booth Layout
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Booths can either be inline, corner, peninsula, or island. Depending on your budget, you can choose your layout for the CES show. Inline booths are economical compared to the rest but offer less access to the attendees. Regardless of your choice, the internal layout of the booth needs to be at par with other exhibitors. Select the best designers and organizers to arrange your booth for you to provide enough space for display and attending to prospects.

Booth Design Concept and 3D Rendering

Aplus Expo 3D Booth Design

Using 3D concepts in designing booths facilitates the creation of state-of-the-art designs that will be the talk of the show. 3D technology enhances designs and minimizes errors that may occur during the building of booths. Always select a company that is capable of using such technologies to widen your scope of designs. Aplus Expo uses 3D rendering technology and incorporating it into your design ideas while considering your budget,

Trade Show Display Designs and Manufacturing

Exhibit Manufacturing

Displays are what attracts people to your booth hence they need to represent your brand and must be very appealing to the audiences. Displays should be manufactured according to your specifications. You should choose an experienced manufacturer for your display design and manufacturing. Mistakes should not be made on displays since this will be expensive to redo them and also time-consuming.

Cost of Attending the CES Show

Cost of Attending CES Show
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Consumer Electronics Show is attended by employees and people associated with the technology electronics industry. The attendance fee for the 2021 CES show, Las Vegas was $499 for the media and industry professionals. For those who booked tickets in advance, it was $149 only. The CES shows Las Vegas is not open to the general public. However, there are ways in which you can save on the cost and reduce your expenditure;

  • Inspect your exhibit space before the event day to plan well for your booth
  • You should rent booths and display because it is cheaper
  • Book in advance to get discounts from the organizers
  • Cost-effective displays use
  • The booth/display material should be easy to handle

Finding a Trade Show Exhibit Company in Las Vegas

Aplus Expo Logo

Aplus Expo is a trade show exhibition company that deals with custom booths and display designs, exhibit rental, furniture rental, manufacturing, transportation, installation and dismantling, and many more. They are based in Las Vegas hence can easily handle your project for the CES show exhibition. There are several benefits of working with the best exhibition company;

  • They create designs for booths and displays
  • Cost-effective to work with experienced companies
  • Their services are great making things easy for you
  • Recommend and advise on exhibition trends improving your experience


Trade shows are events that help many companies in improving their sales and brand names. You have to be aggressive and innovative to be successful at the expo. Contact Aplus Expo for exhibitions, they are dedicated to quality customer service that will make your brand stand out at the CES show. They know the best Call To Action (CTA) to incorporate into your displays and booth for easy product identification by the attendees.

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